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There’s a huge interest in “low-key” corporate blogs/social media presences (Denny’s, NBC Hannibal, Taco Bell) but the thing is that these corporate blogs are being run by adults who are good at imitating the way teens talk and make jokes online, but once you isolate the actual content that they’re producing it’s just okay. They rely more on the IDEA of Denny’s saying something a teen would say instead of making sure that what they’re saying is actually funny

Still this marketing strategy is INFINITELY more appealing than the usual awkward, forced, “you like this boring thing because now there’s a hashtag for it” tactic that corporations usually employ, and it’s pretty much the way to go as far as I’m concerned. The key I think is getting, you know, people who really know their stuff on board to produce funny content instead of bombarding people’s dashboards with things you think are relevant  and awkwardly slapping your brand on it

Nintendo’s marketing strategy has been pretty uninspired and they haven’t really struck gold since the “Wii would like to play” ads back in ‘06. Since then it’s been an chain of attempts at viral videos that never make it off their youtube page, failed news programs (Nintendo Week, Nintendo Show 3D, Nintendo Minute is still going but who knows how long that’ll last), and ads that air on Cartoon Network that half their fans won’t ever see. They’d benefit greatly from an online marketing strategy that engages consumers without being patronizing or stiff, knows how to entertain tumblr’s userbase as well as Nintendo fans, actively participates in fandom activity, and remains funny and approachable