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Name: Grace
Age: 16
Country: United States of America

Hi, I’m Grace! I’m 16 years old and I live in Kentucky! I’m looking for someone to chat with online, whether it be texting, emailing, or whatever else.
I love world history! The Roman Empire, Middle Ages, and American Revolution are my absolute favorites. I also love writing and I write my own stories whenever I can. I play the clarinet and sing alto in my school choir. I love broadway and hope to be in a broadway show sometime!!
I love languages and religion!! I speak fluent English and Korean, but I’m learning Spanish and French.
Please contact me, I love making friends!

Preferences: Preferably people 14-17, but anyone will do!

Operation Pirate Law

So, I answered the call to write a fic for the CSSV for someone who didn’t receive one. Imagine my delight when I discovered that it was for none other than @lenfaz! So, here you are Lena, I hope you enjoy. It may not take place during Valentine, but it does include two meddlesome boys trying to act like cupid! 

Thanks to @emmandhook for letting me be involved and a BIG thank you to @captndevil for being my amazing last minute beta!


All of Liam’s efforts to get his older brother together with the town Deputy are not having the desired effect. Maybe he needs to change tactics and find himself an accomplice? Fortunately, the Deputy’s son has the same idea, and together they put into action – Operation Pirate Law.

Word count: ~7000

Rating: general audiences

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Killian Jones let out a deep sigh as he approached the Storybrooke Sheriff Station. He and his younger brother, Liam, had only been in town a few weeks, and although they’d had a rough few months leading up to this point, Killian thought Liam was past this sort of behavior. He supposes nothing should surprise him anymore.

It wasn’t until five months ago that Killian was even aware that he had a younger brother. His father, Brennan Jones, had passed back in England and the executor had been sent to America to both notify Killian of his father’s passing and to inquire whether or not he would accept guardianship over his half brother, per his father’s wishes. Killian hadn’t seen or heard from his father in nearly twenty-five years, and he wasn’t sure which had been the biggest shock, the news of Brennan’s death, the news that he had a half brother, or the fact that his younger brother shared the same name as his deceased older brother.

At first, Killian’s anger towards the man who had abandoned him, his older brother, and his mother had caused him to refuse taking responsibility of the younger Liam. For a brief few days Killian justified his refusal to uphold his father’s last wish as a way to somehow get back at the man who’d walked out on them and then, apparently, replaced them with another family, but then that voice of reason (which always sounded like his brother, Liam - his older brother, Liam) had prevailed. Within a week, the younger Liam had arrived and Killian found himself in the role of part brother, part parent to a thirteen-year-old boy whose entire world had been turned upside down.

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Also today really sucks being ndn bc like why do yall expect latin and black ndns to spend all of our time teaching yall and explaining shit yall hate non ndns do ??? Or why do yall still gas yall self so much abt how ndns “proctect xy and z for future generations” when yall womt proctect the youth of today??? In fact why the fuck was the only people trying to procect the youth several years ago just fucking me and other minors at the time? Why the fuck was all yall fake ass acivistes just sit by when we were (and still are) talkimg about our experience and trying to break the assumlation within our own communities and yall still targert minnors and try to liken them to chirst as in a sacrifice???

lephrasia  asked:

How about Saeran headcanons of how he confesses his love for the mc? O3o

Oh my goodness I’m in love with this request! I love Saeran so much so I made this fluffy with a pinch of feels. Thank you for the great request and I hope that you enjoy! :3

- This poor boy is a nervous wreck

- It had been about a year since Saeran was saved from Mint Eye and things have been tough for him

- He was so unstable at first but he’s made progress slowly but surely

- You would often go to Saeyoung’s house to visit both him and Saeran, mainly to try and help Saeran go back into society

- At first, Saeran really didn’t like you, he couldn’t understand why the person who he had tried to ruin her life and to take to Mint Eye would help him get over his past

- When Saeran was having a bad day or felt like he was going to relapse, he would send you a quick text and you would be over right away

- Even though all of the RFA members welcomed him with open arms, Saeran only felt comfortable around you and Saeyoung

- So after a while, Saeran noticed that once he was around you, his heart beat rose and he never wanted you to leave

- He thought that he was sick but he soon realized that he had fallen in love with you

- But Saeran thought that you don’t deserve a messed up guy like him, he was broken, unstable, and the thought of hurting you made his heart hurt

- Saeran remembered in his youth when his mother would yell at him telling him how he should have never been born and he didn’t deserve love

- Despite all of his emotions, and even though he assumed that you would reject him, Saeran decided that he wanted to confess his feelings for you

- Saeran didn’t know how to go about confessing his feelings and there was no way that he was going to ask his idiot brother for advice

- After looking through your online shopping history, Saeran found the perfect gift to show his feelings for you

- One day after his therapy session ended, you had met up with Saeran to get some ice cream

- Saeran asked you to take a walk with him through a small park to which you happily agreed

- Once the two of you finished your ice creams, Saeran turned to you saying “I need to tell you something important MC so pay attention.”

- You nodded since you were always ready to listen to Saeran, but as you looked into Saeran’s eyes, he felt himself start to blush and get nervous

- Saeran turned his head away and said “Well you see… It’s just that… When I’m around you… I get… Uh happy… And um…”

- He ran a frustrated hand through his hair saying “Dammit why does this gotta be so difficult?”

- You gently touched his shoulders, making him tense up but calm somewhat down as you smiled and said “It’s okay Saeran, you know that you can tell me anything.”

- Saeran huffed then grabbed your hands and with sincerity said “Look I like you- no I love you MC. I know that I’m unstable and that I’m the equivalent of a monster but… I really love you. You’re always there for me and you know what calms me down. Even though I can be a jerk to you, you’re always by my side and I always want to be there for you. I’m really grateful to have you in my life. So here you go.”

- Saeran pulled out a tiny box from his pocket and opened it to reveal a promise ring

- When he saw your eyes widen and you didn’t respond, Saeran frowned saying “S-sorry I guess it must be awkward for you since you don’t like me back. You can keep the ring if you want but we can stop hanging out-”

- Saeran stopped when your wrapped your arms around him and rested your head on his chest saying “Saeran I love you too! I was just a little surprised is all. I really care about you and I’m so happy that you shared your feelings with me.”

- He gave a small smile as he gently put the promise ring on your finger

- Saeran hesitantly held your hand and as the two of you started walking back home, Saeran said “Thank you MC. I promise to always protect you and love you forever.”

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Check Please Plays D&D

It’s one in the morning, I just finished a horrible project that I never want to deal with again, and I just need to write something. So:

I saw some Tweets by Her Excellency Lady Ngozi Ukazu earlier tonight (this post) where Jack’s internal monologue sounded disturbingly similar to the instant messaging method of my Dungeon Master. Naturally, I told @a-canker-in-a-hedge, who screamed, and then I screamed, and then we spent half an hour talking about how SMH would play D&D. All of this is, of course, her fault.

So, without further ado, SMH plays D&D.

  • Starting off with Jack, my history nerd son, who is the Dungeon Master of a 5e game. He learned how to DM from the older siblings of his peewee players, who would talk about their campaign while they waited for the smol babbies. He was Intrigued™
  • Naturally Jack “110%” Zimmermann, when he got involved with D&D, immediately went full nerd on it. He read so many 3.5 books, guys. He was so confused by Pathfinder, and still sometimes falls back on 3.5 rules rather than 5e ones
  • He didn’t… mean to DM. He moved away from his old campaign when he came to Samwell, and the Fantasy Club at Samwell has a D&D group, but their sessions coincided with practices, and Shitty found out that he played, and then things sort of snowballed
  • And if he’s gonna do it, he’s gonna do it his way. So… in his first year, Jack wrote up his own setting. It’s got all the standard D&D stuff in it, it’s just not exactly the setting from the books. Gives more verisimilitude to the players, right?
  • Also lets Jack put in all the history nerd stuff
  • Every battle in both of the world wars is referenced somewhere in his setting
  • So, yeah, in that first year, Johnson and Shitty were his main players, with a sort of steady cycle of any other guys they could convince to play a session with them
  • Jack considered inviting Camilla Collins to play, but decided against it because she wasn’t super interested and also you never DM for a romantic/sexual partner unless it’s a really solid relationship. That Way Lies Disaster
  • There were standard characters that they got handed to fill out the party
  • Shitty was the leader of the group (which he calls “Shits and Giggles”) an elven bard with so much hair. Guys. Just. So much beautiful flow
  • The description of the character changes depending on a) how much clothing Shitty is wearing and b) how high he is, but there is so much hair. Just. Godiva up in here
  • And so much Cha. Shitty knows what he’s doing, and what he’s doing is making it so no one will ever hit him because they’re too busy being in awe of him
  • Why yes, he does use and abuse Charm Person
  • Johnson plays a human fighter. When Shitty asked him why he was playing such a standard character, he said, “Well, the writers didn’t actually think about me when they were screaming about this little offshoot of canon, and anyway it’s pretty meta that I’m a fictional person playing a game as a fictional version of me, so, well, *shrug*”
  • Shitty will never know how he created asterisks in speech

Okay, this is going under a cut:

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So funny story about Yugioh Vrains

Yuusaku is a hacker, and although that doesn’t directly imply he participates in illegal activities (yes despite what you may think a lot of hacking procedure is legal due to vaguely worded laws until recently), I was curious to see what Japan’s actual cyber security laws look like

Lo and behold, Japan had incredibly lax cyber security laws until 2014
Not only that, but personal management of private servers was very lacking as well

Traditionally, Japan did not combat cyber crime in any meaningful manner prior to the 2010s. Servers were heavily attacked with a large loss of private info and Japan is one of the main reasons why Yahoo is such an unsecure email server in the first place. Japan is targeted for a lot of cyber crime due to it being a center of technology and big business, but both private and public attempts to combat cyber crime.

Now, this provides a very interesting background for Yuusaku. As the VR Link system becomes an integrated part of dueling and society, people are going to have their minds and personal info put online. Because of Japan’s history, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume there aren’t many regulations in place at the inception of the system to protect people, allowing for the rise of the Knights of Hanoi and other malicious figures to use their system. 

Now, another interesting fact is that in December of 2014 (There was an addendum in 2016 but besides the point), Japan enacted the Cybersecurity Basic Act that required the federal government and corporations to take better measures to protect themselves from cyber attacks. It also restructured the Information Security Policy Council and National Security Information Center. Now, you would think that this dates Vrains a little if Japan is shaping up it’s cyber laws, but actually no! While the laws do require agencies and corporations to report cyber attacks, there are still multitudes of cases since the laws enactment of single entities stealing millions of accounts and breaking into servers (See the Hello Kitty Sanrio database leak incident) 

This would create an incredibly interesting story element of a false sense of security for the public and duelists even though the effectiveness of the anti-hacker methods that Japan has taken aren’t enough.

I’m excited to see what Vrains brings when it airs in May!

Operation TouRING

A Sequel to Operation Pirate Law

Summary: It hadn’t been long after Killian had first met Emma Swan that he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his days with her. Everything about their lives just fit together so naturally, and she and Henry were every bit as much family to him as his younger brother, Liam, was, and he was ready to make it official. There was just one thing he needed to do first. Convince the lads to help him with Operation TouRING.

Notes: A BIG THANK YOU to @looselipswontsinkships being an incredible beta and helping me overcome my dry spell/writer’s block. You’re the best!!

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General Audience rating / Word Count: ~5400

Henry didn’t think a day could go by any slower, but there he sat, in the desk next to his best friend anxiously waiting for the last bell of the last school day to ring. What a year it had been! When he thinks back to the beginning of the school year, he’s struck with just how much had changed in his life in the past nine months.

For starters, he has a best friend. He wasn’t too sure about Liam Jones when he’d first arrived in Storybrooke with his older brother. An older brother that is quite literally…older. Older and owns a pirate ship. Older, owns a pirate ship, and was currently dating Henry’s mom, something he and Liam had a hand in making happen.

Liam had seen the potential romance between his brother, Killian, and Henry’s mom, from the get go. He’d gotten into a spot of trouble that had gotten him hauled into the Sheriff station; that’s how Killian and Henry’s mom, the town Deputy, had first met. After the sparks of that initial meeting Liam kept getting into trouble, hoping the forced interaction between guardian and Deputy would lead to something. It wasn’t until Henry had gotten involved, and launched Operation Pirate Law, that’s when things finally started to happen.

He and Liam had worked to get the two together in various social and volunteer situations, and it was obvious that the two adults definitely had a thing for each other. It wasn’t until he and Liam had finally thrown subtlety out the window and conned their guardians into a romantic, candle lit dinner on Killian’s ship, The Jolly Roger, that the two ultimately became an official couple.

Now, nearly seven months later, the four of them were almost like a family. Killian and Liam had celebrated Christmas with Henry and his mom (the first Christmas for Liam without his father, whose passing had caused Liam to come live with Killian in the first place), and they all rang in the New Year together on The Roger. His mom and Killian had been nearly unbearable to be around during Valentine’s. He’d never thought of his mom as a gushy, romantic type, but he guessed when you’re in love all those hearts, flowers, sonnets and glaring public displays of affection seem necessary. (They’re not.)

Spring Break had been awesome, with Killian taking them down the coast on his ship. Killian and Liam had been teaching him the finer points of sailing, and that had been the first time they’d taken him out on the open seas. It was also when the topic of he and his mom joining the Jones brothers on their summer tour had first come up.

Killian was an online History professor, but had a side job of touring his replica 1770’s Brig to various ports during the summer. He’d visit different festivals, educating visitors about maritime life in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, while also teaching the young men and women he’d hire on as crew all about sailing.

This summer Killian wanted Henry and his mom to come with them. It had taken some convincing (and begging, pleading, and possibly bribery), but his mom had agreed and managed to get an old friend to come in and cover for her as Deputy while they were gone.

Now they were just hours away from casting off and starting a grand adventure that would take them from their little town in Maine all the way down to Florida, and possibly even the Caribbean, if time and weather allowed. Tonight they’d all be staying on the ship, ready to set sail at dawn, and Henry was bursting with excitement.

When the bell sounded he and Liam practically sprinted out the door, into the hall, and towards their lockers to grab their things. They said quick goodbyes to their classmates and then they were gone. Off to The Jolly Roger.

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