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Elsword History Lesson 101

Henir, God of Darkness
Elia, God of Light 

  • Creates the physical world 
    • Demon world is created as a reaction of that
    • Demons spew out of the dimensional portal in the north sometimes

Ismael, Goddess who follows Elia

  • Bestows El to the physical world
    • Names the continent Elrios, meaning “Blessed land where El exists”
    • Gives the ability to control the power of El to people who are born near El

Elian: Race who can control the power of El

  • Devrian: Elians who are adept at El energy
    • Genius Devrian named “Adrian Nasod” creates a technology with AI running on El energy
      • Names them Nasod after his own name
  • Rubenian: Race with immense El power

In time Elians and Nasods start a war over El

  • Elians invent Alterasia
  • Lost Devrians and remaining Nasod forces escape to a different dimension and creates a sky city called Elysion
    • Some ancient Nasods frozen in preservation device

El’s power begin to wane.
Goddess Ismael descend upon one girl to help.
The girl sacrifices herself to restore the power of El.
People call her the Lady of El. 

  • Throws Harmony Festival (called Festival of Coexistence in Korean) every three years as a memorial for the sacrifice of the Lady of El and to circulate the power of El

To control the power of El, successors to the Lady of El and 6 different Masters of elements are elected:

  • Master of the Sun, Solace
  • Master of the Moon, Ebalon
  • Master of Fire, Rosso
  • Master of Water, Denip
  • Master of Wind, Ventus
  • Master of Earth, Gaia
  • And also El priestesses who support the Lady of El and the Masters

Solace thought it’s a terrible fate to dedicate one’s life to control the flow of El, “decides” to kidnap the Lady of El at the time (Harnier) on the day of the Harmony Festival.

  • During this festival, Lady of El and the Giant El almost become one

After the disappearance of the Lady of El, the Giant El explodes and destroys the contient:

  • Elrios is divided into Lurencia and Fluone as a result
  • Cultures that thrived and depended on El’s power begin to wane
  • Nasods who were coexisting with humans stop all function

The remaining 5 Masters move to where the shards of the Giant El are and sacrifices themselves to restore the power of the El:

  • Other survivors join and found kingdoms around these El shards

Adventure Starts for Players


Sean Spicer didn’t pay $8 to hide his WHOIS data, exposing his info and tie business

  • White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who during the campaign spearheaded  attacks on Hillary Clinton’s unsecured private email server, apparently left unsecured domain registration data exposing parts of his online history.
  • According to Mashable, Spicer left unsecured WHOIS web registration data that would have cost just $7.99 annually to keep anonymous.
  • As a result, Spicer’s personal information “including his home address, and his personal phone number,” a Yahoo email address, and an old tie business, were all left publicly available information as of Monday. Read more

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Tutoring services offered

Hey everyone! I’m really short on money and as the new semester has started, I have fees that I cannot afford. My college tuition and housing is mostly paid for by scholarships, but I have a few extra things that I cannot pay out of pocket (textbooks, groceries, leftover tuition that wasn’t covered, and transportation to and from work).

My current job is an after school teacher, where I work 9 hours a week. Recently they demoted me to substitute teacher due to low enrollment, which means they only schedule me when they need a shift coverage. This is my only source of income and it’s not even guaranteed. I also haven’t been making any money from SW, which is harmful for my mental health anyway, so i can’t rely on that.

Instead of outright asking for donations, which hasn’t really worked in the past, I am offering services in tutoring, exam prep, and essay writing/editing.

Here are the subjects I can tutor in:
- AP Language & Comp
- AP Literature
- AP European History
- AP Psychology
- AP U.S. Government
- AP U.S. History
- AP World History
- American Government/Civics
- World History
- American History
- Psychology
- Geography
- World/Comparative Religions
- German I & II

I can also provide AP exam help, homework help, and essay writing and editing.

- Teachers assistant with summer school and after school program, working with K-8 students; provided tutoring, homework help, and taught lessons
- Online tutor with these websites: TutorMe, Chegg, and Wyzant
- Pursuing a bachelor’s in secondary education (social studies)
- Studying social studies formally since 2014
- Passed AP exams in high school with scores of 4 and above
- Knowledge of educational accommodations to successfully teach students with disabilities

I am charging $15 an hour for this service, which is pretty reasonable considering professional tutors charge anywhere from $25-$50 an hour. I am available via text, phone call, video chat, email, tumblr–whatever works best for you.

If this is something you’re interested in, or know someone who needs an online tutor, please feel free to contact me. We can further discuss scheduling and payment.

Even if you don’t need this services, a simple signal boost would be extremely helpful! Thank you!

I’m scared of your reaction when you’ll know how broken and torn apart I’m from the inside…
“Will you take me as I am, love me as I am even with all those scars I have on me…will you???”
—  Angl55
( I live for the pain)

Ask photography curator Sarah Meister about her job today on Quora Sessions!

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Today being the last day of classes before exams, I decided to go treat myself this afternoon. This involved going to the linguistics section of one of my university libraries and reading for an entire afternoon instead of studying for my finals. 

There was lots of cool stuff, though, so it was totally worth it.

Didn't think you needed to protest the US government yet? Check this out:

Online art school friend just got this email from their college. The feds are taking away federal grant and loan funding for programs that don’t “fit their specs”. Programs that include film, photography, media arts, and audio. So basically if you are an art major you are screwed unless you can afford to pay for school yourself. Fuck that.

When I told them, an online history major friend said, “Part of a fascist régime is getting rid of art. It’s like, playbook stuff. Get rid of arts, cripple education, do everything possible to keep the lower classes from rising, villainize a whole group, etc.”

This cannot stand. We need to get out and vote and march and get these jackasses out of power.

“That’s pretty much the one thing we as Americans still have is the ability to protest and freely exchange information.”

They think they can keep us down? They think they can take away everything good about this country? Well they are in for a surprise.

Let’s just try to stay strong, South Park fans. I know everyone’s disappointed The Fractured but Whole got delayed again, but just try to think of it like this: Stick of Truth was originally supposed to be released in 2012, but came out in 2014. However, when it WAS released, it got online critical acclaim. If history repeats itself, I think it’ll all be worth it once the game finally comes out, especially considering Matt and Trey have more experience making video games now.

Plus, last time it was delayed it was because time was needed for “additional polishing”, so maybe that means they’re close to done with it and it won’t be too far into fiscal 2017?

Update + Looking for new followers!

Hey guys!

So after a looooong mental health break, I am preparing to go back to uni at the end of this month and come back into the studyblr community!

As you may know, last year I began university studying English Lit and Classics, but soon had a breakdown and have spent the last year working on my mental health, even going to hospital.

This year I’m starting off slow with two classes that I’m doing online. They are “History of the Supernatural” and “Intro to Philosophy”.

Next semester I’ll be going back to campus and studying history again, but this is a good way for me to start out.

I’m really looking forward to talking to you guys again and sharing my humble little tips with you.

If you’re a studyblr and I don’t follow you, please reblog this!

I’m especially looking for people who study HISTORY, LATIN OR GREEK, ENGLISH, LITERATURE, LANGUAGES, STUDIES OF RELIGION, PHILOSOPHY, or other humanities subjects. If you study one of these, talk to me, I’d love to make friends!

Thanks! I can’t wait to get back into this community.


(PS- I’m also on Instagram: notyethermione)