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Still enchanted by Kimi no Na Wa! So I made some phone wallpapers as followed:

The first image is for the Note 5 (1440x2560)

The second is for the iPhone 7 Plus (1080x1920)

The third is for the iPhone 7 (750x1334)

The final image is the original I took the croppings from. IT IS NOT MY ART. I could not find the author’s name or handle online. If this is you, or someone you follow/know please message me, I really want to see their other work and help them share some of it!


I hope you enjoy!

Noodle’s Electronic Beats Bio

Hajimemashite! That means “nice to meet you” in Japanese. Noodle here from Gorillaz. Of course you know that, but I have to check, because recently I did a Facebook quiz called Which Member of Gorillaz Are You? and I got Russel! WTF? He doesn’t like octopus and he’s not even a Libra.

So I will set the records straight, as they say. I play guitar, sing and write songs. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall, wear size 36 boots and am trained in most medium and heavy caliber weaponry. My hobbies are hot yoga, quantum physics, manga, shoe design and online gaming (handle: EatMyRocketLauncher). My musical influences include Swarrrm, Sigh, Blood Stain Child and, um, Backstreet Boys (I know, I know, but I was just a girl).

Being in Gorillaz is like riding a roller-coaster every day: ups and downs, thrills, dizziness, some head-on crashes, and always a pile of sick somewhere. I was only 10 when I joined the band, despite England’s child labour laws. But it has been a good education. I’ve battled hell demons, killed zombies (when it was still cool), staged my own death and been replaced by a cyborg. A really cute one. At first I was jealous because Cyborg Noodle could shoot bullets from her mouth, but the experience taught me to be true to myself. I would say the best thing about being in Gorillaz has been the chance to see the world. The worst thing is Murdoc in the mornings. Or when he’s drunk. Or hungover. And also every other time of the day.

Even though I’m the youngest, you could say I’m the big sister of the band. I comfort 2D when he has a bad dream, and Murdoc when he has a bad trip. I calm Russell down when he gets angry about the world’s problems. I have to remember to look after myself, though. Usually I make a bowl of okayu, a kind of chicken soup, or just oil my mini-gun. Both are very soothing.

Some say I can be cold. It’s not true—I just take a while to warm up to people. Maybe it’s because I was raised in a super-soldier program and never knew my parents. All those covert night ops meant no bedtime stories. But those skills saved my skin recently when I accidentally released a shape-shifting hell demon from a pearl shell. Oops, my bad. I tracked that monster across Japan, and finally, in his secret Tokyo crime den, I had him. In the heat of battle, I kept my head and fought bravely. He didn’t. So now I have his head. On a shelf next to my Hello Kitty alarm clock (vintage, quite valuable). I put a red bulb in the mouth, kind of like a lava lamp. It’s a conversation starter.

So you see, being in Gorillaz has shaped me into the woman you see today: a feminist-anarchist-avenging-angel-intellectual-soul-sister-of-mercy. Who also likes cute hamster butts (it’s a Japanese thing, Google it). Is that enough about me? I could go on, but I have to go terminate somebody. Only joking. I’ll just scare them a little bit. Kiss.

A Flirt

For the Anon who requested “a crossover of Criminal Minds and NCIS where the reader is married to Morgan and while meeting Gibbs’ team for the case Tony flirts with Reader and Morgan yells at Tony and started to being protective of reader around tony” 

You sat at your desk file open in front of you, fingers flying as you entered data points into a grid before transferring them to an online map. Reid usually handled the whole profile ‘map’ thing, but since he was in Vegas seeing his mother, and since you were still in Quantico on a home case you figured you’d give it a shot.

“I am the man!” You whooped, spinning around in your chair, with the intention of announcing your victory to your husband, Emily, and any other team members passing through. Instead you were met with several people you’d never seen before, all wearing visitor badges.

Your hands dropped from their victory stance and your mouth opened slightly as you cheeks flushed. You quickly stood from your seat, coming around the desk, trying to regain an air of professionalism.

“I, uh, Agent (Y/N) Morgan” You offered, looking the group over, “Can I help you with something?” You asked voice going up slightly in the end. No one told you that people were coming in for questioning.

“Why yes you are, and yes you can.” One of the men offered, giving you a charming grin. You raised an eyebrow him momentarily noting the the handsome face and at ease demeanor. A player for sure.

“I am.” You nodded, “And I will. But first I need to know who you are.” You replied easily, earning a smirk from the rest of the group. The man closest to you (not the flirt) was obviously the oldest, he nodded his head at you, producing a badge, holding it up for you to inspect.

“We’re NCIS. I spoke to your director earlier, about the Mulaney case.” You nodded, mouth going into a small ‘o’ as you glanced in the direction of Hotch’s office.

“Well, apparently I am the last to know, however, the man you’re probably looking for Agent…”


“Agent Gibbs, that’s his office there.” You pointed towards Hotch’s closed door and smiled, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. You expected Gibbs and his entire team to head in the direction you pointed them, and was slightly surprised when the other three people held back, looking around your office curiously.

“I didn’t know they let beautiful woman like you work for the FBI.” The flirty one grinned, leaning casually on the desk you’d previously been sitting at.

“They do when they’re as smart as she is,” Someone said from behind you and you rolled your eyes, feeling lips connect with your cheek, “Got you coffee, and a sandwich, baby girl. I don’t see us getting much down time so eat now.” You chuckled at the cheek kiss. Derek was not usually affectionate at work, but god he couldn’t miss an opportunity to stake his claim. “Hello, I’m Agent Derek /Morgan/.” He practically growled. offering his hand to the flirty man, causing his two teammates to grin and snicker.

“Agent DiNozzo..” He mumbled taking the hand, and you watched as Derek, you sweet loving and ever caring husband asserted his dominance over some poor man who never had a chance.

“Now if you’re done eyeing my wife, we’ll be holding a briefing in the conference room.” 

Turns out the NCIS team was going to be joining you on this case, and for most of the week it went as thus. DiNozzo purposely ignoring you. You purposely being extra friendly and attentive with DiNozzo, because you thought it was funny.  And Derek practically breathing down the poor man’s neck.

“I want (Y/N) and DiNozzo to go back and recheck all of the alibis, dig a little deeper, see if anything overlaps.” Hotch announced tossing an SUV key at you, which you caught with ease (thank you softball.)

“Hotch.” Derek grumbled, “I think it would be better if I went, let DiNozzo here take Reid to the morgue.”

“Yes.” Tony nodded, and you smirked, rolling your eyes. You put a hand on Derek’s arm, squeezing briefly, shaking your head.

“I’m fine, Hotch, we’re fine. Right DiNozzo?” You asked, and he again nodded his head.

“Yes, of course.”

“Right Morgan?” You asked, turning around and giving a smirk to your big old overprotective husband. He didn’t answer for a moment and you raised your eyebrow, challenging him to say no and admit he was being jealous.

“Of course, dear.” You laughed.

“Good.” You grinned, turning and starting towards the cars, “Come on DiNozzo.” With one more slightly worried look in Derek’s direction Tony took off at a jog after you, eyes focused completely above your head of course. Nowhere else. Never.

btw for those of u who have been (intelligently) avoiding gaia for the past few years and want an update on how the ridiculous inflation problem is going:

gaia is now giving people items that cost real money - for free. you get them every time you log in. the more days in a row you log in, the better the items are. they’ve been doing this since about january, i think? and it doesn’t have anything to do with how long you’ve been on the site, or any seasonal event. they’re just giving away shit for free.

im not sure what they thought the result of this would be - perhaps that, if the items were less rare, the rules of supply and demand would push the prices back down - but it sure fucking has not. instead, everything costs the same, except that now everyone has that much money. i literally just sold a number of these (now free) items and made about 20,000,000,000 gold over the weekend.

gaia is crashing in on itself hard and its almost funny but also like…just…kind of sad lmao

Hunter’s considering making a video game blog/channel with me, but I’m having trouble thinking up an online handle for us… Anyone have any ideas for a “couple playing random games together” thing?

The only thing I can think of to mention is that whenever we play single-player games (especially horror games) he wants me to do research on them ahead of time, so I can talk about the lore of the games while he’s playing them. Which I am more than okay with cuz God knows I’m too much of a chicken to actually be the one at the controls. lol :P


New oblique workout - it’s time to lose those love handles!

anonymous asked:

Unfortunately the blog breastforce and her friends started a crusade against one of the bigger blogs in this fandom. They even got a storyboarder involved who said adult fans are "creeps". Oh yea, and these people also (and are still) starting shit with starco shippers.

That’s part of what sparked my rant. It’s so disappointing. Why can’t people just let other people enjoy what they like? Not everything has to be a moral crusade.

The show is aimed at teens. It airs on a channel specifically made to appeal to a slightly older audience than the main Disney Channel. The vast majority of people watching are old enough and savvy enough to handle themselves online. Treating people like fragile dolls that need everything sterilized for them is asinine.

I just hope everything turns out alright and nobody is ostracized over this.

hi everyone!! my best pal @4dcs4 and i are putting together a mcgenji fanzine. we’ve wanted to make this project happen for a while now, and in light of the recent election, it seemed like a great time to get started. all proceeds as a result will be donated to support lgbtq+ efforts in the states. we are looking closely at the lgbtq+ task force as of now but would be open to other ideas!

we hope to celebrate the relationship between mccree and genji while also celebrating happy, healthy and valid queer relationships. we’re looking for submissions that are happy, empowering, and uplifting! this is a positivity zine and we’d like to stay away from things that are a little too sad (because there’s plenty of that in the overwatch canon already, right!?)

if you’re interested in participating, all you need to do is send the following to

name (preffered AND online handle would be great!)

tumblr (for crediting purposes later!)

and one or two sketch ideas of what you’d like to submit to us! they don’t have to be complete but a rough comp is necessary for us to see what we’ve got.

the submission deadline is December 9, 2016 (a month from today!) and decisions will go out shortly after! thank you so so much for your interest. :)

EDIT: i can’t believe i forgot to mention (thanks for those who asked) – we’re looking at a size of 5.5in x 8.5in for both print and pdf. and when you are drawing your image ideas please keep them PG-13 or SAFER. thank you!!

Online art sale...

My sister (@noctemus) is interested in selling some of her artworks online, either as prints, or on products, and I was wondering if any of my followers have any recommendation for online services that handle printing, payment, shipment ect that don’t fleece the artist? 

I have no idea where to even start looking or how to get started.

Any help would be appreciated. Obligatory question mark?

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I’m not tagging anyone because honestly as far as these kinds of posts go it’s not even that interesting, do it if ya want to though

name: yes i blatantly acknowledge my name on here but i’m still not going to just post it labeled as such

nickname: honestly I never get nicknames, unless online handles count, in which case it would be Riant

zodiac sign: Cancer 

height: fuck if i know. let’s say around “tall” but way beneath “whoa”

orientation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ somewhere between hetero and aro

ethnicity: white af

favorite fruit: green grapes

favorite season: Spring. Fuck the heat of summer and fuck the cold death of winter. Alternatively as a runner-up, Fall/Autumn.

favorite book: My general default answer for this is House of Leaves

favorite color: either cyan or a dark purple right now

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: hot chocolate, both because i love it and also just process of elimination

average sleep hours: I think like… 7?

cat or dog person: what kind of question is this dogs

favorite fictional character: At this point, Megumin

number of blankets I sleep with: just a comforter

dream trip: not really feeling Big Travel right now, so probably picking up a few friends and road tripping to random locations in the midwest and farther, just looking around for weird places and enjoying the trip

blog created: April of 2012 apparently, please kill me

number of followers: i’m so tempted to manually count the number of bots but i’m not feeling the energy. 614.

rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better!

tagged by @phantastus kind of

nickname: Ieva! It’s been my online handle since high school and it’s just kind of stuck.

star sign: Virgo

height: 5′4″

time right now: 12:36 AM

last thing you googled: “Wire wrapped bottles how to” because learning to do that sounded interesting!

favorite music artist: I DUNNO I’m indecisive and I listen to a lot of different things.

songs stuck in my head: The Ducktales themesong, because there’s that new show coming out and now that I’ve remembered it I just can’t stop.

last movie i watched: Pete’s Dragon

last tv show i watched: Great British Bake-Off

what i’m wearing right now: A tanktop and some blue pajama pants with owls on them.

when i created this blog:  June 2016 because my girlfriend and good friend literally forced me to. They were horrified by my system where I was following at least ten blogs by visiting their urls manually because I don’t know why.

the kind of stuff i post: A lot of recipes, fandom stuff, aesthetic things I like looking at, and also dinosaurs.

do i do asks regularly: Sometimes but honestly I’m really bad about answering them, especially if I lose track of time and have let them sit SORRY.

why did i choose my url: It’s my username almost everywhere because it is never taken.


pokemon team:  Absol, Lapras, Tyranitar, Tropius, Flygon, and Manectric.

favorite color: Blue

lucky number: 21

favorite characters: MANY. Again, I’m indecisive. My weakness is reformed villains who have to grudgingly work with the heroes and form a bond with them. Show me that character and they are my favorite. I also super like Envy from FMA03 but who could have guessed that.

dream job: can I just live in a hut with wifi and write

number of blankets i sleep with: one comforter no matter the time of year

followers: 46 and I think many are porn bots

tag: do I even know 20 people on here if you see this feel free


This is mainly for deviantart, but I’m officially changing my online handle from Tyshea to Dyemelikeasunset. The username Tyshea was chosen very arbitrarily and I’ve never been very attached to it. I’d even say it was always a little embarrassing because I felt like I should’ve put more thought into it.

All these years, I’ve avoided changing it because online identity is important. But I think after almost a decade of being active online, it’s time for a re-branding.

I might’ve talked about it before, but sunset is my favorite time of day because I love the colors in the sky, the quiet, and the long shadows that completely change familiar landscape. I wanted that feeling for my blog, the feeling of something coming to an end, but the promise of a bustling nightlife once the quiet was over. I put the “dye me” at the beginning since, well, I’m an artist, but I also felt an imperative statement would give the feeling of involvement. I want my followers to learn and grow WITH me, not just experience from a distance.

“Dye me like a sunset” is an offer for an interactive experience.

Character questionnaire, because why not?
Send a character/OC name and a number (or 10) in an ask.

1: What song would they sing at a karaoke bar?
2: What would their identifying ringtone be (set by themselves or by a friend)?
3: What would their conversation heart say?
4: Are they allergic to anything? Have any allergies?
5: If they could have any kind of pet, fictional or not, what would it be?
6: Do they have a favorite holiday (major or minor)?
7: What toppings do they like on their pizza?
8: What’s their online handle? Or what would their online handle be?
9: How well do they handle using a smart phone?
10: What’s their favorite guilty pleasure?
11: Are they the person that eats only the marshmallows out of cereal?
12: Name three songs they’d have on their MP3 player.
13: Do they ever bite their fingernails?
14: Do they enjoy singing in the shower?
15: What’s an average Sunday night like for them?
16: Do they enjoy cooking with another person or alone?
17: Frozen yogurt, ice cream, or gelato?
18: How well do they handle the sight of blood?
19: How do they feel about needles? Tattoo needles, getting shots, ect ect.
20: Do they have a favorite kind of food? Thai, Mexican, German, ect ect.
21: What’s their favorite mixed drink? If not for taste, than for the name.
22: Would they prefer to live in the city or the country?
23: What would they consider to be an interesting date activity?
24: Do they get lonely easily?
25: How do they feel about public displays of affection?

Who’s ready for more Understuck stuff? Cause I finally got another bit done and ready, this time it’s the characters online handles! I, of course, use the Homestuck style of arranging them. 

But before we get to that I’d like to thank everyone that seems interested in this! I hope y’all continue to enjoy it!


Frisk: determinedScamp

Toriel: cordialMender

Sans: skulltimatePrankster

Papyrus: spaghettiConnoisseur

Undyne: gallantPunk

Alphys: animeHeroine

Mettaton: glamorousSuperstar

Asgore: amiableRegent

Flowey: exanimateMagnate

Chara: guilefulDeathseeker

Kid: exuberantSidekick

W.D. Gaster: etherealEnigma

I kinda toiled over Chara and Kid’s handles for awhile. Frisk, Sans, and Papyrus were among the first I came up with! I’d also like to thank @thetransformingnoodlederg for all the help! They’ve helped me with handles and Mythological Roles and Planets and Sprites! Thanks agains Mitzy! :D 

And listened to my crazy plot ideas as well, that’s certainly worthy of note since I have a lot of them! XD 

Fake AH Headcanons that you didn’t ask for!

- Geoff is the kinda asshole who leaves everything everywhere. From clothes on the floor, booze in the bathroom, to highly incriminating evidence in the bank they just robbed; he’s an honest to God mess.

- If you think Matt and Jeremy have matching Hello Kitty footie pajamas you are absolutely right and your prize is a high five my friend.

- Before Gavin came along their go to computer nerds were Matt and Kdin. Matt specialized in security, protecting their digital files and making sure no pictures of them (taken from security cameras) made it to the cops, and Kdin handled their online finances and watched their backs on heists.

- Ryan is hella fit.

- But he doesn’t hit the gym.

- Ever

- And his diet consists of diet coke and fritos.

- You think he goes to the gym at 8 o’ clock every morning? Wrong. He sits there in bed grumbling and groaning as Gavin stands in the doorway demanding he get up it’s just the gym Ryan come on don’t be a baby!

- Matt, Jeremy, and Kdin are no longer allowed to host Christmas

- Not after what happened with the dumpster fire

- And the bat

- And the snowballs

- Sometimes Ray will show up to a heist with a bouquet of roses that he’ll give to whoever their robbing and say “sorry we’re robbing you, have this”

a few things i’ve learned as an artist on the internet that may help other artists that publish their work:

  • write your name and/or website address on EVERYTHING. some artists sign with their legal name, others with an online handle, but be sure to put it on your work where it’s clearly visible.
  • if you think your signature is going to obstruct or “ruin” your work, put it there anyway. if you have your signature flying in some easy-to-erase section of your piece it could get erased by someone who doesn’t care about sourcing their content. (I has someone recently erase the signature off of my shiny giratina print for a video)
  • watermarks are an artist’s best friend if you don’t want people to use your work - period. deviantART has a feature that allows you to add a watermark with your URL over the print. it’ll be partially transparent so you’ll still be able to clearly see your work under it.
  • having a secure source is the best possible thing. have a furaffinity? great! pixiv? fantastic! most art websites display the date of your posting and that’s the best thing to have on hand. tumblr’s great and all, but sometimes it can be hard to locate the date with some theme layouts.
  • if you think your old stuff is embarrassing and you want to get rid of it all: don’t. five years down the road when you see someone using your work without your permission, even if it’s some five-minute cruddy doodle you’ll need that source to prove that you drew that print.

feel free to add on to this, it just really stresses me out when people publish their work without signatures on it.

Some handy tips for helping protect your friends' privacy online

1. If their Facebook posts are friends-only, do not share them with people outside of their friends list without permission!

2. If your friend’s public-facing accounts clearly only use their first name (I am an example of this), then do not publicly reference those accounts with their full name! Nobody needs to know your friend’s last name if they choose not to publicize it!

3. If your friend uses a pseudonym as their online handle on some platform (this can be either an alternate name or a made-up handle like many people have on Twitter), then only reference their presence on that platform using that pseudonym! As a general rule of thumb, just refer to the person however they refer to themselves in a given space.

4. NEVER share screencaps from a closed/secret Facebook group (as opposed to an open group, in which all posts are public) without permission. I don’t care if someone annoyed you.

5. Don’t let the ridiculous furor over “vaguebooking” keep you from guarding someone’s privacy. One person’s “vaguebooking” is another person’s “sharing personal frustrations or problems without dragging another person out for public shaming.” It’s perfectly legitimate to just post, “I saw a post that conflated being bi with being someone who cheats, and here’s what I think about that…”

6. Even if someone’s posts are public/findable, be careful about sharing them if you have a much larger online following than them, wield disproportionate influence, and/or know that you have trolls or bigots among your following. You may be The Best Person Ever but your followers might not be. Be honest with yourself about this and don’t get defensive. Help keep your friends from being deluged with online harassment and threats.

7. If you want to share screencaps, even of a public post, ask first, because there’s something about screencaps that many people find uncomfortable and a little creepy even if the original post was public.

8. If unsure, just ask. Safe is definitely better than sorry when it comes to privacy, especially for marginalized people, especially for marginalized people who are not “out” in some significant way, and especially for people who may have abusers or stalkers. We already have to deal with malicious people trying to destroy our privacy, so we should be able to count on not having our friends destroy it carelessly because they didn’t stop and think before posting.