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The past couple days I've been stressed about a lot of things but tonight I've been really anxious about global warming and like I'm scared everything is hopeless because of it and the articles about how it isn't reversible at this point don't help and yeah

And an anon: i’m having a hard time finding peace of mind in wake of recent climate events and climate problems in general, to the point where reading about it sends me into anxiety. i’m not sure what to do? i think i ask for a prayer but even just some reassurance would help

Hey to both of you. I am in the same place as you are. All the news from the past few weeks combined with reading about how things are irreversible is definitely affecting my mental health for the worse – so I’m going to emphasize for you what I need to keep reminding myself: it’s okay to unplug from the news. It’s okay to put it aside and not read all the details, to pray in a more generalized way for the people suffering and helping. 

It also helps me to seek out the good news: that there are ways that can be implemented to help slow the change. That there are so many people reaching out and helping those in need. To pray in thanksgiving for those people.

Finally, I bring my worry and anxiety and grief to God. It’s so terrifying not to have the answers – to not know if things are going downhill for good, to not know which regions are going to get hit next, to not know how and when God is going to fix this all….So I take that to God. And I try to rest, to accept I can’t have the answers and that the best I can do with my grief and worry after accepting I have them is to pray that they be transformed into action and love. 

The sermon my pastor gave yesterday meant so much to me in regards to dealing with this anxiety. Her sermon was on Genesis 1, and you can listen to an audio recording of it here, or read it as a PDF here. I’ll paste some of it here:

‘… [Genesis 1] was written at a time of great upheaval though, which brings up the next part of the line, “the earth was a formless void.”

The Hebrew phrase for “formless void” isn’t actually as neat and clean as all that. I think of it more as an attempt to express a feeling than as a real set of words. The earth was all “Tohu Va-Vohu”, it says. Those words don’t really mean anything. It’s like trying to write down that things were all “gggllllaaaahhhhh,” but you don’t know how to write that, so you say there were“willy nilly” or “topsy turvy.” They were “Tohu Va-Vohu;” they were chaotic.

Most scholars think this story was written during the Babylonian exile when people’s lives were pretty Tohu Va-Vohu. All they knew was thrown into a state of chaos and they weren’t sure what to believe anymore. 

To give you a sense of their topsy turvy feeling, this story was probably written around the same time as Psalm 137, which says:

By the rivers of Babylon—
there we sat down and there we wept
when we remembered Zion. On the willows there
we hung up our harps. For there our captors
asked us for songs, and our tormentors asked for mirth,
saying, [taunting] ‘Sing us one of the songs of Zion!’

I don’t think most of us have any idea what it is like to be ruled by an oppressive foreign government, ripped from our home, unable to return (though some of us do), but all of us can look around right now at
-Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Katia;
-the worst earthquake in Mexico in 100 years;
-wildfires in California, Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, New  Mexico, and Colorado;
-the worst monsoon season in generations in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan;
-an Antarctic ice shelf the size of Delaware breaking free;

not to mention
-threats of nuclear war from North Korea and the United States;
-Rohingya Muslims fleeing from Myanmar;
-hundreds of thousands of young people here who are now living in uncertainty after one stroke of our president’s pen [talking about the scheduled end to DACA, an immigration act]

And, with all that, I think we can get the feeling of “Tohu Va-Vohu” - of the chaos of the world - as this story was written. 

To the exiles, the text of Genesis 1 declared that God’s dreams cannot be defeated by the Babylonian gods or oppressive rulers of any sort. As they sat down to cry by the river they could look at that water and think about their God ordering the water and the land, the sky and the sun - not as a matter of science, but as a matter of faith. This whole story is a faith statement that God does not run from chaos. God continues to care for the creatures and the creation that God spoke into being, the one God loves and calls good every step along the way. This was written as a pastoral statement - a declaration of belief - about a connection with God that persists, even in the face of a real historical problem that seemed to deny such a bond could still be true.

And I invite you to hear it that way today as well. Our Bible opens with good news, with the best news, that God loves us and can be trusted, even in the face of storms and fires, of deportation orders and unjust systems. That means that in the midst of the tohu va-vohu of the world or of your own life you can open to the very first page of this book and have a world painted for you in which chaos doesn’t win. You can hear the symphony of these words - the meter and repetition that brings harmony to the “tohu va-vohu” of every new beginning. It’s goal is not to ignore what is going on as the storm rages or the fire burns, but to remind you that the chaos is not the end nor the fullness of the story. So weep by the river as you must, and then get up, because God has called you “mine,” and God has called you “good.” …’

God has called this entire world Good, and God’s not going to abandon us now or ever. We will keep on fighting for this planet and its Creation with all our energy, and we will keep on hoping that God will do what we are unable to do. God promises restoration for all things – for us and our relationships, for this world and all its living things and its soil. So we won’t give up. 

Things are so scary, things have been scary for a long time. There have always been natural disasters. There has always been suffering and pain. And while I know I for one often struggle to make sense of that, to find God in that suffering, I know that I can trust God is there. God is here, and God will restore this Good world. 

Followers, what helps comfort you in this time? 

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Photographer Richard Brocken’s ”meditative images of daughter Eva capture the quiet introspection behind our personal evolution.”

They knew everything about us though we couldn’t fathom them at all. We knew finally that the girls were really woman in disguise.” -Jeffrey Eugenides

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Hey I was wondering if you knew any free online resources for learning Arabic?

Yes! I think that the following masterposts are great

These Arabic Language Apps, alphabet resources

Free Online Courses:

Today is the day for the global online premiere of The Fourth Phase! Watch these guys go snowboard at 9pm local time on!

This photo of Travis Rice, Ben Ferguson, and Pat Moore seen here was taken by Vans Snow photographer Aaron Blatt. His work and others can be found in The Fourth Phase book from Asymbol.

Photo: Aaron Blatt


Pozycja w zespole: Sub vocal, visual 

Data urodzenia: 30.12.1995

Miasto rodzinne: Daegu

Rodzina: Tata, mama, młodsza siostra, młodszy brat i pies Soonshim

Wzrost: 178cm

Waga: 62kg

Życiorys + pre-debiut: Tae mieszkał na wsi (i farmie) do 12 roku życia. Gdy zaczął marzyć o tym, by zostać piosenkarzem jego tata powiedział, że piosenkarz powinien umieć grać co najmniej na jednym instrumencie - głównie dlatego Taehyung podjął się nauki grania na saksofonie, która trwała 3 lata. Zaciekawił się również tańcem. Jak dostał się do Big Hit? Jego kolega brał udział w audycji (Daegu), którą Taehyung oglądał. Gdy wychodził ktoś go zaczepił i zaproponował, by sam też spróbował. Tae nie miał nic do stracenia, więc wziął udział i jako jedyna osoba z Daegu przeszedł audycję. Tae był tzw. sekretnym członkiem zespołu i nie był ujawniany aż do momentu wydania jego teaserowych zdjęć. Bardzo przygnębiające było to, że inni mogli robić vlogi i je publikować - Tae również robił vlogi, ale dla zabawy, bo nie mógł ich publikować i pokazać fanom. Big Hit po prostu go ukrywało i aktualnie na internecie jest wiele teorii dlaczego było tak, a nie inaczej. Taehyung był bardzo “inny” niż reszta, tak jak sam mówił, był bardzo przekonany, że może wszystko, miał dużo ambicji i pewności siebie, a jego charakter się wyróżniał (Po debiucie jego pewność siebie trochę zmalała i w głowie zaczęły pojawiać się mu pytania takie jak “Czy dam radę?”, “Czy jestem w stanie to zrobić? Czy powinienem więcej trenować?”). Możliwe, że wytwórnia go ukrywała, by reszta mogła się bardziej oswoić i by Taehyung nie zasłonił ich swoją urokliwą osobowością, a żeby zespół był w miarę ujednolicony. Również jest przypuszczenie, że Big Hit nie do końca wiedziało co zrobić z Taehyungiem i jego niskim głosem. Taehyung zdradził, że gdy był trainee bał się, że zostanie wylany z wytwórni właśnie przez jego dziwną osobowość i to, że “nie potrafił mówić”. Wydaje mi się, że chodzi o tzw. kosmitowy język - czasami palnie coś, co trudno zrozumieć i ktoś z BTS musi tłumaczyć jego słowa, zdarza się to Taehyungowi aż do teraz. Suga na początku nie do końca za nim przepadał, myślał, że jego dziwny charakter jest udawany. Ale gdy zobaczył Taehyunga, który gada sam do siebie podczas robienia prania uświadomił sobie, że Tae po prostu już taki jest. W okresie 2 klasy liceum (Daegu) przeniósł się do Seulskiego liceum artystycznego, do tego samego liceum, co Jimin, z którym jest najbliższej z całego BTS. Kiedy on i Jimin skończyli liceum na SoundCloud BTS pojawiła się piosenka 95 graduation by Jimin & V of BTS, wcześniej również pojawiło się Graduation Song w wykonaniu Jimina, Jungkooka i Hobiego. Taehyung pochodzi mniej więcej z takiej samej rodziny jak Suga, nie za biednej ani nie za bogatej, chociaż biorąc pod uwagę to, że jego mama kupiła mu drogą kurtkę, by zrobić dobre wrażenie na reszcie chłopaków może świadczyć inaczej, niektórzy sądzą, że jednak pochodzi z biednej rodziny. Taehyung jest bardzo rodzinny (jego rodzina jest dla niego bardzo ważna + kocha dzieci) i przyjacielski. Przez długi okres czasu wychowywała go babcia, która zmarła w 2016 roku. Jest osobą bardzo towarzyską i z łatwością nabywa dużo przyjaciół, dlatego właśnie ma dużo znajomości u idoli i nawet aktorów. Przyjaźni się między innymi z Suho, Baekhyunem (EXO), Park Bogumem, Sungjaem (BTOB), Minjae i wiele wiele innymi, lista jest na prawdę długa i w sumie całe BTS są bardzo przyjaźni i kumplują się z wieloma idolami/zespołami (nawet z Super Junior czy Shinhwa). Taehyung zdradził, że ma bardzo dobrą przemianę materii i nieważne ile i co zje to jakoś zbytnio nie grubnie - nawet jadał hamburgery przed snem (a co do samego jedzenia - jest czarną dziurą w gotowaniu, kompletnie nie umie gotować i zazwyczaj podjada podczas gotowania) Mówi płynnie w języku japońskim, ukończył liceum i studia online Global Cyber University. Kiedyś na internecie pojawiły się plotki, że Taehyung nie lubi, gdy ktoś nazywa go 4D/Kosmitą - jest to w 100% nieprawda, ponieważ nie ma żadnego wywiadu ani innego źródła, które by to potwierdzało. Boi się pszczół, wysokości, obrzydliwych rzeczy i duchów.

Użyte źródła: Prawdziwe wypowiedzi Taehyunga z wywiadów i radia (wywiad SLA, itd.), programy w których wziął udział (Celebrity Bromance, etc.), wypowiedzi innych członków.

[Nie zezwalam na kopiowanie/przerabianie]

Announcing the Weakness Cup Online Competition

Be on guard in the Weakness Cup Online Competition, where every Pokémon in battle is weak to at least five types. Trainers will assemble a team from a limited list of Pokémon, and go head-to-head in Double Battles where an unexpected attack could mean an instant knockout. The battles will take place in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. Pokémon brought in via Poké Transporter are permitted in battle. All Pokémon will be set to Lv. 50 for the duration of each match. The complete list of eligible Pokémon will be available in the competition regulations.

All qualified Trainers who play in at least three battles will earn Ampharosite, Altarianite, Latiosite, and Latiasite Mega Stones, the items needed to make Ampharos, Altaria, and the Legendary Pokémon Latios and Latias Mega Evolve in battle.

Registration for the Weakness Cup begins Thursday, July 20, 2017, at 00:00 UTC. The competition goes from Friday, July 28, at 00:00 UTC, until Sunday, July 30, at 23:59 UTC. Trainers will be limited to 15 battles per day.

You’ll need a Pokémon Trainer Club account and your own Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon video game with a party of eligible Pokémon. And you’ll need to read and accept the regulations on the Pokémon Global Link before the battle period begins.

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dungeon fighter online: female mage 2nd awakenings
    ★ overmind, ashtarte, eclipse, geniewiz

thanks to hell-freezer for extracting the frames for me! i could find a lot of second awakening cut-in gifs but none that were spectacular quality so i decided to make my own!

please ask me if you’d like to repost anywhere!

[STARCAST] “Mai stati così curiosi per DNA”. Gli esclusivi tre giorni con i BTS

Dietro questo scatto A


Scatto B

Scatto C

E scatto D

Tutto verrà rivelato oggi.

Un servizio di 3 giorni per


Il primo luogo è

Una sala giochi a Seoul.

Le Gif sono pronte

Per oggi.


Si stanno divertendo molto!

Non realizzano

Quanto tempo è passato

E sono impegnati

A giocare.

Ma quando il servizio fotografico inizia

Finiscono in foto in HD (non rivelate)

“Fantastico DNA” (JIN, SUGA, JUNG KOOK)

“Suga è in pericolo (Danger)” SUGA)

“Fi- Fi- Fischio” (JUNG KOOK)

“I veri sono qui” (JIN)

La loro destinazione successiva è

Una pizzeria a Gangnam.

A chi sta facendo le foto V?

“RAP MONSTER sta posando per un ritratto?”

“SUGA perso nei suoi pensieri”


“Il vero handsome boy”

“Voglio vedere quelle foto” (JUNG KOOK)

Il servizio continua il giorno dopo in uno studio.

Il segreto di questa foto piena di swag!

“RAP MONSTER si sta muovendo”

“Il loro vero servizio”

“Siamo dei pro!”

※Bonus Speciale※

Il look naughty dei ragazzi

Preparato solo per gli ARMY

E finalmente è il loro ultimo giorno!

Questa è una delle strade a Hongdae.

Potete notare

La loro intesa

I loro look migliori

“Lasciami scattare delle foto” (JIMIN)

“Vi siete innamorati di noi?” (JIN)

Questa è la fine del servizio fotografico per l’album ‘Love Yourself: Her’. Con il nuovo singolo ‘DNA’ stanno raggiungendo nuovi record.

▼Hanno superato i loro stessi record▼

- conteggio finale dei preordini: 1,122,946 (traguardo più alto tra gli artisti coreani)
- #1 nella ‘Top Album Chart’ di iTunes in 73 paesi (traguardo più alto tra gli artisti coreani)
- #4 nella principale ‘Song Chart’ di iTunes US
- #41 della ‘Global Top 50’ di Spotify e #34 della ‘US Top 50’ (prima volta per un artista coreano)
- l’account twitter ufficiale del canale di notizie americano CNN presenta i BTS
- l’Apple global online store usa le canzoni dei BTS come musica di sottofondo
- il ‘New York Times’ presenta i BTS
- la radio americana ‘Hits 92 Chicago’ crea un nuovo spazio nello show e presenta i BTS
- #14 nella ‘UK Album Chart’, #90 nella ‘UK Singles Chart’ (due volte consecutive, prima volta tra gli artisti coreani)
- le visualizzazioni di YouTube superano i 50 milioni (traguardo raggiunto in minor tempo tra gli artisti coreani)
- #1 tra le vendite degli album idol con un totale di 759,263 nella prima settimana (traguardo più alto tra gli artisti coreani)
- nuovo record in Asia: #7 nella ‘Billboard 200’ (prima volta per un artista coreano)
- 5 album entrati nella ‘Billboard 200’ consecutivamente (prima volta per un artista coreano)

Ecco qua alcune foto del dietro le quinte!








Traduzione a cura di Bangtan Italian Channel Subs (©CiHope) | ©Dispatch

Ryan Hewett-“Contrary to the tradition of verisimilitude, for Hewett the portrait is not about capturing an external likeness of a subject; but rather as a portal to an inner journey of self-exploration. Hewett does not use sitters or models in an effort to produce a realistic depiction. Although photographs constitute his starting point, he relies principally on the free-flowing processes of memory and creative imagination. His portraits encapsulate the truism: that the subject matter of all art is, ultimately, the self. “Many of the works start out as self-portraits, but I try not to paint with any preconception – the images need to evolve on the canvas.”In the twelve years that he has practiced as a full-time artist, Hewett’s technique has evolved from the tightly wrought pencil drawings of his earlier work into the looser, layered surfaces of his more recent paintings. This is due to his accomplished handling of oil paint that he applies to the canvas with quick, almost brutal splashes of the palette knife. Through blending, building, edging, detailing and scraping off painterly layers, Hewett’s imagery is textured and richly hued, conveying both complexity and raw emotion.Morphing from realism to abstraction, his portraits evoke a tension between external representation and what lies beneath. As such, Hewett explores the polarities inherent in the internal and external components of portraiture. He embraces the binaries between self and other, revealing that always the twain shall meet.”

Title: Caught Between- 170x130cm

dungeon fighter online: male gunner 2nd awakenings
   ★ commander, raven, prime, destroyer

thanks to hell-freezer for extracting the frames for me! i could find a lot of second awakening cut-in gifs but none that were spectacular quality so i decided to make my own!

please ask me if you’d like to repost anywhere!