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I never thought I’d get to see club penguin’s iceberg tip but here we are, probably 10 years since I stopped believing it was possible, and dreams have come true. (Excuse the sniff in the middle - I was holding back tears)


Net neutrality is in danger —  and it could affect your ability to play games online

  • The days of playing online games on your standard internet plan may be in danger if a new proposal from the Federal Communications Commission is passed.
  • Under the FCC chairman’s proposed rollback of net neutrality rules enacted in 2015, cable and internet providers might theoretically be able to charge more based on how you use the internet — and it would have big implications for the gaming world.
  • Recently, the FCC’s chairman, Ajit Pai, proposed a rollback for a number of regulations enacted in 2015 intended to keep the internet “open and fair,” according to CNN.
  • These regulations are meant to preserve net neutrality — the idea that your internet provider can’t charge more based on the sites people visit and services they use. Pai’s proposition, if enacted, would get rid of those regulations.
  • If Pai has his way, regulations that prevent your internet service provider from charging you according to the online services you use will go away.
  • If that happens, your ISP might start looking for ways to milk more money out of you. For example, it could theoretically throttle your download speeds from Steam or make your internet connection to slower once you hit a certain data cap. Read more (5/10/17)

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News: SnK x Dragons Dogma Online (DDON) Collaboration (2017)

Original Release Date: July 27th, 2017
Retail Price: N/A

CAPCOM’s Playstation/PC game Dragons Dogma Online has announced an upcoming collaboration with SnK! Other than being able to use characters like Eren, special 3DMG equipment and “puppet” versions of Mikasa and Levi can be acquired, whether through multiple victories or completing collaborative missions!


King’s Gaming Ladies event canceled following targeted online harassment campaign

  • Game developer King — makers of Candy Crush Saga — planned to host a women-only developers conference and networking event.
  • But a targeted harassment campaign organized by internet trolls apparently forced its organizers to cancel it.
  • The Barcelona event, called Gaming Ladies, was intended to create a safe space for female game developers, a demographic that’s woefully underrepresented in the gaming world.
  • In response, a small, vitriolic group plotted on the forum ForoCoches (an invite-only car forum that’s basically a Spanish-language 4chan) to pretend to be transgender women in order to gain access to the conference and disrupt it. Read more (6/27/17)

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Mass Moving Horses & Instant Foals

Mass-Move Horses in Divisions

You can now move horses en masse from one division to another.  To do this, there is a new “Edit” button in the top right of the page.  When you click this, you will have checkboxes appear next to ALL horse names within the divisions, and the division dropdown at the bottom.

Clicking on “Move All Horses” only applies to the horses in that division, not all horses you own.

In addition to this, the dropdown has been removed from your Unassigned division on the main page - to move horses from your Unassigned division you will need to click Edit.

This has been a very popular suggestion in the past few months so I hope that how this is implemented is convenient :)

Mare Gestation
* Mare gestation has been removed from the game, foals will now be born instantly when you breed horses.
* Any foals that have not yet been born will be instantly born on your next rollover.
* Mares should no longer display as being pregnant, but the normal breeding cooldown of 7 days will remain.
* Gestation Rush has been removed as an item from the game.  If you have a Gestation Rush in your inventory, please transfer it to me (#1) and I will refund you the 3 credits it was worth.

Smaller Updates
* Social media buttons for Equiverse have now been added to the bottom of every news post on its article page.
* The chance of white markings (face and leg markings) being passed down from parents to foal has been increased.  Additionally, the chances of new face and leg markings being generated on foals without a marking for each slot has been introduced.
* The breeding Preview Foal option now includes face and leg marking possibilities and, if both parents have had their genotype revealed, it will now print the possible foal’s genotype.
* The Item Catalog page has been updated to be more organised and include item descriptions where necessary.
* In an effort to stop the Rescue Center being used as an easy dumping ground for mass-created horses, it now costs money to leave a horse.   This is subject to change in future again, but for now it will be staying.
* I have added additional text to the Preview Foal feature to clarify that it is not guaranteed that you will get the foal that shows in the preview, it’s just an example of what is possible with that breeding pair.

Clubs in August
I am slightly behind on club coding for August, however July elections will still determine who owns the club when we move forward.

I will be disabling clubs from the 1st August so that I can finish coding the new clubs system.  It should hopefully not be too much longer after that until we re-open clubs again.  I aim to have it ready within the first few days of August at the latest, although I will hopefully be ready for the 1st regardless.

Hope everyone is ready for it! :)


SXSW cancels online harassment and GamerGate panels after threats of violence

The annual South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, has canceled two panels related to the gaming industry: one centered on sexist harassment, the other hosted by allies of the controversial group GamerGate. Some are criticizing SXSW for its treatment of the panels as two opposing sides of an argument. Additionally, SXSW’s latest refusal has only added insult to injury. 


‘Destiny 2′ has a plan to root out online harassment and trolls

  • When Destiny 2 launches this fall, it will introduce a new story, new worlds and new capabilities to the massively multiplayer online first-person shooter, which reached 30 million players in 2016.
  • But the biggest change to the series may be the introduction of “guided games,” a new feature designed to create a civil space for online gaming that’s free from harassment and trolls.
  • Will it work? Mic talked to Destiny 2 community manager David “DeeJ” Dague about how guided games will work, what makes the Destiny community so special and why Bungie, the developer behind Destiny and the original Halo series, won’t commit to a tool for reporting harassment in the new game just yet. Read more (8/7/17)

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Sony Reveals Streaming Service: PlayStation Now

At CES today, Sony finally unveiled their long-gestating streaming service: Playstation Now. The streaming client will be offered as a subscription-based service, while you will also be able to rent individual titles without a subscription.

Playstation Now promises to offer “classic” Playstation games across its library of previous consoles and will support trophies and online-multiplayer for its Playstation 3 titles. While the size and specific catalog of available games wasn’t confirmed, The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls were revealed to be available at the service’s launch.

External image

After Sony spent $380 million purchasing the streaming service Gaikai in the summer of 2012, it became apparent that Playstation would be offering its own video game streaming service, similar to what Gaikai and OnLive had been offering prior. Sony confirmed last year that a streaming service would be coming to the PlayStation 4, but wouldn’t reveal any details about it until after the system’s launch.

The service begins closed-beta later this month, and will be launched fully on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this summer.


Metal Gear Online trailer released!

Metal Gear Online gets a new trailer showing off some of the game play elements of the game as well as the appearance of a few familiar faces. The game play seen in the trailer seems to incorporate the stealth action seen in the single player titles along side vehicle use and various traps, which seems like a good base to start with if your taking the stealth action Metal Gear Solid series to the multiplayer route.

check out the trailer here.


GTA Online Heists Revealed, Coming Early 2015

GTA Online Heists are coming early in 2015 - check out the new trailer for the four-player co-op mode for Grand Theft Auto Online that allows players to plan, prepare and execute multi-tiered Heists across Los Santos and Blaine County. These will require tight communication and coordination, with players taking on specified roles at each point to accomplish multiple objectives on the way to each Heist’s epic finale. Featuring new gameplay, new vehicles, new weapons, new clothing and much more.

Head over to IGN for an in-depth interview that details exactly how Heists will work… and why they’ve taken a little more time than originally expected.