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Title: Contagious

Description: You (the reader) and Spencer Reid are in an established relationship. Reid’s nightmares are getting worse, and one night while you are comforting him, you finally get him to open up about what happens in the nightmares.

A/N: Warning because this is pretty graphic, although not anymore than the show itself. Probably much less graphic actually, because there’s no actual visual.

You woke up in the middle of the night, wondering what had disturbed your rest. You quickly realized that Spencer was sitting up in bed and breathing hard.

“Another nightmare?” you asked, rolling over to face him. He winced.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.” His voice was strained and shaky.

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防弾少年団 – 血、汗、涙 -Japanese Ver.- (Official MV)              

[ 16/100 DAYS OF PRODUCTIVITY • 27.11.16 ]
guess who’s back from 台湾 :D I bought those sticky notes you see from this place called 誠品书店, their stuff are nice but can be a lil pricey :0
side note of recommendation: if you go to taiwan, be sure to check out this place 墊腳石, they have super nice stuff at affordable prices! :)
anyway, as you can see I’m trying to learn korean aha (a bit late to the k-wave) my main motivation was basically watching and understanding things without subtitles :0 I started with korean I think, because I took japanese once, keyword once being I gave it up afterwards as I found it too difficult ㅠ_ㅠ there are like way too many characters haha and I might confuse them with chinese characters if I’m not careful (since I’m a native chinese speaker)
afterwards I tried taking up other languages like french or swedish but ahhh those were pretty half-hearted attempts :’) for now at least, 한굴(?)(did I spell that right I hope I did) seems easier as it has a lot less characters, so I was able to move on pretty fast to things like particles, sentence structure etc. after like 2/3? days of getting the hang of the alphabet :)
If any of you are fluent in korean!!!or are korean!!!or are learning korean!!!! I am always open to be helped :’) pls share your knowledge with this absolute beginner haha
anyway :^) hope yall had a great thanksgiving, and got some gr9 black friday steals (online or in-store whatever)

First of all, sorry for the slow responses! I forgot that I had to work a shift today, so I wasn’t around all afternoon. Which didn’t leave much time for me to write, but here I am, so lets do this (until I inevitably disappear to get some sleep)! Also I’ve gotten some very lovely asks but I wanted to write this down before I forgot. I thought of this headcanon while I was working and it’s too damn good not to share:

Alright, this happens at some point after CW but before Thanos shows up. The team (without Bucky, who’s still in Wakanda, working on getting his head cleared) is back in the US, having signed some form of revised accords. Steve is no longer team leader, but otherwise they’ve gotten off fairly easily with little repercussions. The tension between the old and new Avengers is obvious and especially Tony is met with outright hostility. It doesn’t help that Rhodey still isn’t in any shape to join the fights and is rarely around.

One day Clint signs Tony up for a parenting class. It’s another not-nicely-meant joke because of all the criticism Tony’s gotten for letting Peter fight. Only, the thing nobody expected? Tony actually goes. Because apparently he’s just that masochistic (apparently part of him still desperately wants to fix, to work things out between them). It earns him a lot of harsh ridicule, but Tony finishes it all the same.

Thing is, the Team Cap is so busy making fun of him, they don’t even notice when things start changing. Little things. When Steve walks into an argument between Clint and Tony and asks the latter “What have you done now?” disappointedly, Tony doesn’t snap something, get defensive or flee. He says “Have you ever noticed that you’re always immediately assuming I’m the one who has done something?”. It earns him another hurtful comment from Clint, and the incident is forgotten.

Until. Until, one day, during a debrief, Steve snaps. “She’s just a kid, Tony!” he yells when Tony keeps insisting on harder training for Wanda.

There’s a moment of silence, before, “Oh. Really? Does everyone agree with that?”

“You’re still not done catching up, Stark? So much for the futurist,” Clint sneers, and the matter is dropped. Or so it appears.

For the rest of the meeting, Tony is quiet. Thoughtful. In retrospect, they should’ve taken it for the warning it was.

That evening, when Wanda orders a new dress online, FRIDAY dispassionately informs her the transaction is impossible, as the price goes beyond her monthly allowance.

After a fruitless shouting match with the AI, she goes to Steve. Who (after a just as fruitless shouting match) goes to Tony. Who shrugs. “You told me she’s just a kid. Nobody, not even she herself, disagreed. I’m treating her like one.”

Suddenly, M-rated movies are inaccessible whenever Wanda is in the room. Once her curfew is reached, all electric devices go into sleeping modus (unless in case of an emergency of course). Talking with Tony, screaming at Tony, proves to be completely useless. Tony refuses to budge. Repeats lessons from his parenting class, about enforcing rules and teaching children boundaries.

And it doesn’t end there. The entire team is cut off from Tony’s money–Steve has to admit, he’s entitled to that, and maybe the team has gotten a bit too used to throwing Tony’s money around. That’s not the bad part anyways, they all have their own salaries from the government, they can still live. Just maybe a little more limited than before.

But suddenly the services they’ve become accustomed to are cancelled. They have to buy groceries themselves. There is no cleaning crew after Wanda throws a temper tantrum–she has to clean it herself or one of her ‘staunch defenders’, as Tony calls them, has to do it for her. New furniture doesn’t magically appear out of thin air, they have to buy it. And suddenly–suddenly the costs are starting to add up.

There’s a list pinned to the fridge one morning–on paper even–with their chores, going from doing the dishes to the laundry, that rotate every week. Who hasn’t fulfilled his one has to do all the chores the next week. FRIDAY keeps track of it, and barring missions and injuries, there are no exceptions.

Being grounded is an honest to god possibility now, including all electronics, for when they break one of the House Rules. And they are all enforced ruthlessly.

They all try to talk to Tony about it–they aren’t children, they don’t have to put up with this shit, it wasn’t funny to begin with, when is he gonna stop this already–but he remains unmoved.

It’s all “You told me Wanda is a kid,” and “I am allowed to set rules, considering you’re living under my roof. And there really is no excuse for breaking them, you are all aware they exist and why. They’re reasonable and you know it.”

And the most damning of them all. “If you’re so grown up and independent, you know where the door is. Walk out. This isn’t a prison, and you’re always welcome back, provided that you’re following the rules. You can walk away any time you want.”

Suffice to say, Clint is getting a lot of shit for signing Tony up for that parenting class. (Tony tells him he really appreciates it because clear communication is important.)


Favorite Reads Of 2015: I wanted to present you my top 15 books but it was impossible to narrow this list down. All these books are special to me in their own way. For a full reading list click here. I hope you’ll find some new titles for your own reading list.

anonymous asked:

Whic of the Blacksad-books is your favorite?

I really like the first one because of the tragic murderous lizard man (low key favorite character), and Arctic Nation has the most detailed art and best overall feeling in my opinion. A Silent Hell has a really interesting setting and the dark and surreal drug iconography is very fascinating. To me personally, Red Soul and Amarillo are the least memorable ones, although the stories themselves were pretty good I think? They’re still wonderful and inspiring albums. I enjoyed the annoying dalmatian in Red Soul. The hyena guy in Amarillo was awesome and made me terribly sad. I think my order of favoritism is 2-1-4-3-5.


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So I’m really sorry I’ve been pretty inactive this week! I’ve been revising for exams for next week, so this blog has been running of the queue. I won’t have Internet either this weekend so if I seem like I’m ignoring you/ abandoned this blog it’s not true!! Have a great weekend everyoneeee 💕