online fashion retailer

For ASOS, the online fashion retailer, digital advertising and social media are stitched (ah ha!) right into the fabric of the brand. And as a major destination for teens and twenty-somethings, Tumblr plays a key role in that strategy.

We recently helped them design and execute a paid media campaign around a t-shirt design contest for artists on Tumblr. Here’s how it went.

Challenge: Deepen connections with influencers and tastemakers

ASOS wanted to do more to engage with creators in the fashion and design communities on Tumblr. From a creative perspective, Tumblr users can add a fresh point of view but they also advocate for the brand on their personal blogs which is critical when 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising.

Solution: Ask artists on Tumblr to design a shirt ASOS could sell in their store

Here’s an ASOS spokesperson on their strategy:

“Tumblr is a key platform for our twenty-something audience and for the first time, we’re really focused on engaging our creative community. The T-shirt competition in particular had a real, tangible benefit to the winning Tumblr designers, as we were able to showcase their designs and sell their T-shirts on site.”

The contest was publicized with Sponsored Posts and other paid media, which also helped ASOS raise the profile on their Tumblrs and attract new followers.

Results: The four final designs sold out in ten hours

If ASOS’s t-shirt design contest speaks to the brand’s understanding of their audience, the shirt designs speak to the creativity of Tumblr’s users. Of the 900 designs ASOS received, they decided to produce four. Within 10 hours every one of them was sold out.

“The T-shirts were a great success! They flew off the shelf without any other media spend behind them. It was just a really great story and an opportunity for our customers to influence the products they see on-site.”
—ASOS spokesperson

Based on the success of the t-shirts—commercially and for the brand—you can expect to see more Tumblr collaborations soon:

“We’re already talking about doing a design your own swimwear short for next year.”
—ASOS spokesperson