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Actual online Star Wars experience

Me: (blah blah reasons, evidence, blah blah) and thats why I think Reylo would be such an epic and interesting way for this trilogy’s story to go in, not to mention all the set up I feel was present in TFA for something more substantial to develop in ep 8 and 9

Other Star Wars fan: Hm I guess the whole light and dark side romance would be pretty cool, kinda like Bastilla and Revan! But what about the age gap? Isn’t Kylo like 30 and rey’s only 19 wouldn’t he be robbing the cradle hard, not sure Disney would do that lmao

Me: well interesting you brought that up. Leia was 19 in ANH, like Rey was in TFA , and Han was 29 at that time, like Kylo in TFA. Han and Leia have the exact same age gap it really wouldn’t be the first time in the saga there was a 10 year age difference between characters in a relationship.

Other Star Wars fan: is that so, huh, you got me there I suppose. I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I disliked the Reylo theory because of the age difference but still loved the Han/Leia romance, maybe Kylo and Rey will get to-

Anti who staggers into our conversation: TWINS, Rey and Kylo could be twins, in fact they definitely are don’t you remember in the EU Han and Leia had twins, Rey and Kylo will be exactly like Jaina and Jacen, so obvious #incest ship, THATS GROSS, when will Reylo end y'all nasty


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I have a question and maybe your followers can answer. what is the "typical" online dating experience like? are people generally asked really sexual questions right off the bat, or end up having really in depth (pretty lovely, actually) conversations? I'm always met with one extreme or another. sometimes they don't even say hello, they'll just ask me to have sex. Or I will have a really wonderful, human to human conversation where they get really open and genuine? there's no small talk for me.

I think what you’ve described is probably pretty typical…
I think a lot of online dating is people looking for something real and serious and a lot of it is people looking for easy hookups.

I think the type of site you’re on and the membership you have also determines a lot of what you experience.
I think free sites or free memberships are going to be more hookup oriented and people who aren’t necessarily as invested as people who are willing to pay for a membership to a site.

Obviously I’m really generalizing here. But as far as my experience goes and the experiences of people I know this is what’s “normal”.

I think also, like “real world” dating and the bar scene, you have to weed through a lot of people that just aren’t what you’re looking for before you find someone you click with (pun totally intended).

Anyone else have a different experience or advice?


A husband and wife each published an article. It became a case study in online harassment.

Online harassment is a universal problem, but it definitely falls harder on some people than others. In a recent Guardian study of abusive comments on its own articles, eight of its top 10 most abused writers were women, and two were men of color.

Almost everyone experiences some online abuse, but not everyone experiences the same level or intensity of it. For some, online harassment is a nuisance that’s easily shrugged off. For others, it’s not so easy.

That’s why it’s important to step into someone else’s shoes every now and then, like Washington Post pop music critic Chris Richards did. When Richards and his wife each had articles published on the same page of the Post, what happened was almost a perfect A/B test proving how disproportionate harassment works.

It’s easy for some to be skeptical that online harassment is that big a deal, or that it’s worse for people who aren’t white men. It’s easy to say something like, “It’s not because you’re a woman, it’s because they disagree with you,” or, “Whatever, it’s the internet, people are going to be jerks.”

And yes, people disagree and are jerks. But they also tend to be much bigger, nastier jerks to women, people of color, and folks in other marginalized groups.

Women and people of color can shrug off harassment too, of course, and often do. But they also tend to face more, and more vicious, attacks, including attacks that are specifically targeted at their gender or their race. All of that can wear down even those with the thickest skin, and its long-term harms can sneak up on you over time.

This is especially true of journalists and commentators with public platforms who write about controversial topics. And as Amanda Taub pointed out for Vox, this means online harassment can have real harms on journalism if it makes women and people of color reluctant to cover controversial issues.

For some things, print will always be more powerful than the online experience. The New York Times has devoted two full pages to listing the 281 people, places and things insulted by Donald Trump on Twitter. You can read the whole list here.

So, I read this absolutely DELIGHTFUL LoZ OoT series by  BetterBeMeta which I loved (Gerudo ladies! Zelda being a punk 12-year-old! Fixing the issue of the only dark-skinned dude in the game being declared unambiguously evil!).

The end of the lil’ coda-sequel made me cackle and involved Ganondorf scooping Zelda up ‘to perch on his shoulder like a finch’ and that image was TOO CUTE. Also there’s the implication that he’s going to teach her to be very sneakily seditious and not get in trouble next time and I just.

I really wish there was more, but as it is, I’m delighted and needed to Draw A Thing because authors who make me giggle myself out of the grumps deserve fanart.


My first time completing the White-Gold Tower! \o/

 lmao i don’t feel bad for pewdiepie seeing as how he’s one of those youtubers that does the whole ‘TriIEGGERED!!11!!!!” thing and is one of the biggest fucking reasons why mentally ill people can’t talk about their experiences online without someone making jokes into it. im glad disney dropped him lmao 

For the past ten years or so I’ve maintained a genealogy/reunion website for my father-in-law. Once I got it redesigned (which was a TREMENDOUS pain), it’s not been particularly labour-intensive as a general rule, due to the fact that they only do reunions once every two years. Still, when it’s reunion time, it becomes a real pain in my ass, in part because I find the subject matter and presentation to be … let’s just say not of my personal style. And in part because the people involved in this family reunion stuff have absolutely no concept of what I do, and so are eternally unhelpful in the doing of it.

Such as this rather lengthy list of names I’ve been provided to put on the website to identify everyone in the family reunion photo.

Which was sent to me in PDF form instead of easily-copied text document. And you KNOW someone had to convert that shit, this was plain fucking text once upon a time, but no, PDF was FOR REASONS I CANNOT COMPREHEND determined to be the best method of communicating this information to me and I could smack the entire universe in the ear for this right now.

when people say ‘big larries are manipulative tyrants’ i feel like screaming. people born in religious countries can grow to be agnostic, kids raised in conservative and homophobic households can be liberal pro-lgbt people when they’re adults, people form their own opinions continuously regardless and despite the environment they live in, so if you can’t have your own opinion on a website structured to make your experience online as personalised as possible because someone with more followers than you think differently maybe the problem is you and not them 

Space Balls

Recently I’ve been playing with wet on wet watercolor techniques.  This watercolor technique works wonders with creating backgrounds, skies, water, and space.  By wetting your work area first with water, you can create organic shapes and water movement that mimic things you would find in nature.  Make sure you only wet areas you want the colors to flow with clean water.  Or your painting will become muddy and washed out.

This is step one.  Filling in the area with color.  If you experience pooling you can either:

1. Mop it up with a brush/towel/paper

2. Tilt your paper to evenly distribute the water but risk muddying colors

3. Let it dry for a darker effect but risk getting bleeding 

Experiment with different color combinations.  You can look up galaxies, nebulas, and stars online but just experimenting works even better.  

Possible color combos that worked:

1. Warm colors: reds/oranges/pinks/yellow

2. Cool colors: Blue/purple/green

3. Mix it up, if you add in just cool colors, you can add a pop/drop of red to really give it a pop.

Now we need to darken up the borders and around the organic color flows you have created.  Let it dry slightly and then mix up very dark purple with a base of blue.

Fill in edges and then go back and get high paint to water ratios of your colors (orange) and dip your brush in those areas.  Watch the color bleed into the dark purple.  Add and experiment as desired.

Check out that bleeding action!  It’s exactly what you want.  

Now take a white gel pen/white gouache/white watered down acrylic paint and tap your brush with a pencil to get nice star variations.  I even used silver calligraphy ink to add even more dimension to the stars.  Not all stars are white.  You can make them silver, gold, light blue, light yellow, cream or anything that works for you.

What I did next is scan some of my “space balls” into my computer, cut them out into perfect circles and arrange them as a print.  You can check it out below.

Experiment and enjoy!  I think this picture “tutorial” is okay but a video would definitely convey some of the technique better.  Look forward to that.



just saying “asexuality” isn’t a white concept, it is only the term asexuality that was created by a white man. people in other parts of the world discover “asexuality”, in terms of not feeling sexual attraction, and look up their experiences online, and find that there is already a word that many people use to identify with and an online community.

So they identify as ace/asexual and go with the already established community. It isn’t because asexuality is a filthy ~western~ concept, it’s because there’s already a large following of the term, and it would be difficult to start an online community in less developed nations.