online dating blows

I honestly can’t imagine being in a serious, committed relationship with someone who has political views that conflict with and are different than my own. Like, that’s the way you view the world. Those are your values. We have to be on the same page with all of that if we are going to live together and have a healthy relationship.

Fifth Times the Charm (1/1)

A/N: HAPPY (one day late) BIRTHDAY  @annytecture !!!!!!!!!! I dont know if all of you know this, but Ann lives a life of one fic trope after another. This fic is loosely based off a recent date she went on. This was a co-write between myself and @zengoalie

Summary:  We went to the arcade and spent hours there because you wanted to win me something - and I walked home with a hello kitty plushie

Words: 2100

Rated: F for fluffy

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She swore this was the last chance she was giving the stupid online dating app. After four different guys crashing and burning Emma was at her wits end.

The first guy had seemed nice and they’d ended up getting hot and heavy before they called it a night. But after sending her dick pictures and then completely rejecting her, she was not as enthusiastic about the dating scene.

Guy Number Two was nice enough, but zero chemistry, and a bit of a bore as far as conversation went.

I’ll just be a spinster - she decided. Dating just didn’t seem worth it anymore. But then she figured she’d give the latest guy a shot. He was pretty cute on his profile picture. Killian sounded like a nice name too.

They had agreed to meet up at the local Dave and Busters. After past fiascos she had learned a lesson about driving herself there - giving her an easy opportunity to make an excuse and get the hell out of there if the date went south. As she walked through the doors she was met with the loud noise of adults having child-like fun.

She hadn’t been to a D&B in ages, and was looking forward to playing some arcade games, she just hoped Killian would be fun to hang out with and wouldn’t be late like her last date was. She wandered up to the bar, looking for the recognizable mop of dark hair from his profile pictures.

It didn’t take her long to find him, he had struck up a conversation with the man working behind the bar. His warm laughter drifted towards her as she made her way through the crowd and she felt a rush of anticipation. He was actually on time if not early, and that laugh was something she was looking forward to hearing again.

Please don’t suck - she begged internally before moving to tap him on the shoulder.

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How About We RT’d my horribly written tweet last night!

You may remember my first HAW date with this dude. I wrote extensivly about it because it was my very first online dating experience and I felt the need to share every little detail.   

And one year later here I am. Tweeting about it and back at square one.

Maybe I should re-activate my HAW account? … Meh. 

Dinner 1/25:

  • Cereal
  • Chips