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Adam Hilarie (27) met Hailey Rose Bustos (18) in the dating site PlentyofFish and they hit it off. On their first date, he took her bowling and introduced her to his roommate. On the second, he was murdered.

Unfortunately, Adam, who was a single father of a 5 year old girl, was the victim of a setup. On his second date with Hailey, on August 19th, 2016, she was supposed to meet him at his house. And she did, but showed up with three other men who attacked Adam. Even though he didn’t put any resistance, according to the police report, they still shot him in the head in his kitchen, killing him. Then they stole things from the house Hailey had noticed on her first visit. By the way, for her “assistance” in this crime, she was paid the staggering amount of $50.

The four suspects, that aside from Hailey include Andre Warner (26), Gary Gray (31), and Joshua Ellington (26) are now under custody.
ChristianMingle must allow same-sex matches, after discrimination lawsuit
Company Agrees to Let People Search for Same-Sex Partners

The dating site can no longer ban individuals of the same gender from matching up, following a lawsuit alleging discrimination. 

From now on, the site will only ask a person’s gender – with man or woman unfortunately being the only options – and will soon roll out more features specific to people seeking same-gender partners.

A California judge ruled Thursday Spark Networks, which also operates CatholicMingle, AdventistSinglesConnection, and BlackSingles, must treat people looking for same-sex partners equally.

The ruling is the result of a three-year long class action lawsuit brought by two gay men who charged the company was operating in a discriminatory manner, violating California’s anti-discrimination law, The Wall Street Journal reports.

“The Unruh Civil Rights Act, requires ‘business establishments’ to offer 'full and equal accommodations’ to people regardless of their sexual orientation,” the Journal explains.

It’s almost as if LGBT+ Christian singles exist! Wowee. 

I went on a date tonight (it was good, he was quite adorable) and we were chatting with the waitress and mentioned it was our first date, and when he went to the bathroom she came back over to me and first said how cute he was and whatnot, and then was like, if you start to feel uncomfortable and need me to call you a cab, our safe word will be “can I get some more bread?” and honestly that was just the nicest thing and I hope she gets everything she wants in life.


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