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the comments on any slightly creative thing online: omg 😂 what drugs were they on 👌🤣👌🤣  they were so high when they made this xD


I wanted to share this with you guys. Last summer I tried to kickstart my book. I put my everything into my kickstarter campaign. I had a flyer made and everything. My project was featured on several different blogs and I had a pretty fierce marketing campaign. I even paid for one of those kickstarter advertisment things where they will tweet and post about your campaign every single day. Despite all of that I only raised $671 dollars in 30 days. I was completly distraught. I was so upset with myself. I had all of these posters in my room and a stack of bookmarks,the only printout I could afford to produce were my bookmarks. I left my manuscript and all of my kickstarter stuff alone for a long time. I couldnt even look at it. I cant pin point when it happened but I decided to try agian. My heart had healed and I felt like I should try agian. I had no idea what was going to happen but I knew I would never know unless I tried. I learned from my mistakes and I relaunched my project on Indiegogo. Last night was the final night for my project and not only did I reach my goal but I raised extra money as well. I hope that anyone reading this who’s a creative person will gain strength from this. If you fail the first time,its ok! You can try agian! Regroup yourself,keep networking,keep trying new things and when you feel better try agian. You never know what will happen if you try agian. I did and now I’m in the process of publishing my first scifi novel as an e-book.

Self-Promotion Shouldn’t Be a Dirty Word

There’s something I’d like to discuss with you guys – something a lot of us feel guilty for doing, but something that all of us should do – self-promotion. Specifically, I want to talk about promoting your content. 

Most of the people I follow on this site, I follow for their excellent writing, or their beautiful art, or their fantastic graphics. Tumblr, for all its flaws, is a platform that lends itself to sharing your preferred means of creative expression. I also follow people for their great taste. Tumblr lends itself very well to content curation – sharing things that you like with other people you think will like them. And no blog consists of just created content – everyone needs to curate, too. 

Therefore, it’s important both to content creators – people who make pretty stuff – and content curators – people who collect pretty stuff – to see all the good stuff you make. Now – how do you make sure your followers see that art you made or that fic you wrote or the meta you came up with or that rec list you put together – so that they can enjoy it, and share it with their followers, too?

That’s right – you promote that shit. Not all your followers are online at the same time. Any content you create needs to be shared multiple times, during different times of day. Some of your followers might not be online every day, so that means promoting it a few more times after the initial posting day. If your creative online presence goes across multiple platforms, share on all of them! That means you share the story you posted on AO3 on tumblr, and that you share the painting you posted on Tumblr on Twitter, so on, and so forth. 

Now, my point thus far has been that your followers want to see your stuff – but that’s not the only reason you should feel comfortable promoting your work. It’s your work. You made it. You spent time and energy and effort on it. You should be comfortable putting that out there. And if you’re not comfortable, it’s good fucking practice. 

I know we’ve all been told that it’s bad to want attention – especially the women and teenage girls among us – but when it comes to your professional life, especially if you intend to go down a less-than-conventional path, asking for attention is sort of a necessity. It’s how you get feedback from people who are more experienced than you; it’s how you get mentorship; it’s how you get someone to see you and give you a chance. 

So yeah – reblog your drawing or your story or your graphic or your playlist one more time. Your followers want to see. But more importantly, it’s good practice. 

SciShow/SciShow Kids Video Maker Wanted

Missoula-based production company seeks a talented, smart, and creative full-time video maker to help us share educational content with the world through SciShow Kids, SciShow, SciShow Space, and SciShow Psychology: a group of YouTube channels with over 600 million views and 4.5 million subscribers. We’re expanding and sharing more content with more people and we’re looking for great personalities to help us.

Here’s some of what we’re looking for:

  • Confidence in working with the Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Premiere and After Effects 
  • Experience working on a film set and anticipating needs
  • Confidence in explaining and animating complex concepts
  • Familiarity with SciShow and online education content
  • Passion for creative projects, and for accuracy and clarity in scientific communication
  • Interest in writing scripts a plus
  • Local to Missoula, MT or willing to relocate to Missoula
  • Ability to work independently and on a team
  • Flexibility and ability to take direction
  • Sense of humor and willingness to share ideas
  • Ambition to grow as a video maker and animator
  • Nerds of all sort encouraged to apply

Accepted applications through April 15, 2017.

Two polar opposite fandoms I am in are currently (both) having drama over the age difference of fans…sixteen year olds and 27 year olds and 30+ year olds are trying to both enjoy content on the same platform…their paths are bound to cross. Is it okay for the 27 to 30+ year olds to follow the blogs of sixteen year olds? To see the content reblogged or posted? Should they reply to posts? Should they comment? Should they allow sixteen year olds to follow their blogs?

I realized that I am old. I am 27…almost 28. I am an adult. I’ve been conditioned from the age of 12 to seek friendship, comfort, escape, and creativity online. I grew up with the internet. I grew up with fandoms and online friendship. My first instinct is to reach out to usernames/blogs/artists/writers and befriend them. Squeal over fandom stuff with them. Enjoy the thing we both love. But those people have always been ages similar to mine…until now…now…now I am thinking I can’t do that any more. And I am at a loss. 

Am I not allowed that escape? That comfort? Where is a place for me? Do I need to unfollow blogs that are run by teens but produce awesome content? I don’t know these answers and it’s kind of flummoxed me. I am the old one so I should be the adult. I am the mature one so I need to do what should be done. But…I don’t know what that is? Have I behaved in a way that would have made someone uncomfortable? My age is in my description but not everyone looks at it so am I responsible for making it known that I am a “mature” blog? Even if any interaction I do initiate or receive is professional? Or a tiny bit of squee-ing over the thing we both enjoy?

I am lost. Being the older one means I have to do the hard thing and pull away. I have to grow up. Because I am grown. But I don’t feel like a grownup. I don’t feel like an adult. I don’t want to grow up. I want to love things and get excited about things and share that love with other people but everything is so complicated now.

TL;DR - I am having a existential crises about my age and whether or not I have to “grow up” and start screening who I follow and who follows me so that I  don’t interact with teens


I love looking back at all the costumes I’ve made! I really think I’ve improved, at least a bit! These are some of my favorite costumes💕 I can’t wait to keep on crocheting new cosplays!
Also, I just wanted to share some of my products I currently have up on my Etsy,( )! I truly love making new cosplays, but I can’t afford supplies without sales from my Etsy shop. It’d mean a lot to me if you checked out my shop and it’d mean the world to me if you shared my shop with your friends!
Let’s make summer 2k17 the best one yet for cosplay! 😚😚😚

Attention boys!
Are you of the male kind and introverted? Or maybe struggling with mental illness? We are an upcoming online magazine called The Wallflowers. Our blog is made up of submissions by our introverted crowd. They can send their art/literature/videos/articles which ever way they choose to express their introversion creatively. We will post it and then create a safe, online space for introverts to share and uplift each other.
Right now our team consists of creatively strong women but as introversion is an universal thing we would love to get some male perspective on the website. Boys can be Wallflowers too!
Check out our project on The Wallflowers Magazine Facebook site and instagram @wallflowersmag.

Please share!!! Spread the words! And let’s break the taboo of introversion and mental illnesses together!

Betty’s a serpent (part 4)

(part 1) (part 2)  (part 3)

The final chapter is finally here!! 

It’s shorter than the others but I hope you all still enjoy. Please let me know what you think and thank you for all the support whilst writing this.

bughead fanfiction


Kevin nodded whilst Archie said “Yeah, I think we are”


After that the five started hanging around more. They had two meeting places; Pop’s or Scorpion although having the sheriff’s kid hanging around with a bunch of serpents wasn’t exactly ideal so for the most part, burgers and milkshakes were the choice meal. It’s normally in the evening just before curfew but just after Pop closes up that they manage to sneak in. Jughead being a very loyal customer had managed to convince Pop to keep the diner open on certain days for an hour more after team practice.

What no one had expected was the rain which caused the entire football team and cheerleading squad to tumble in, Veronica, Archie & Betty towards the back with apologetic looks. Jughead had been waiting with his milkshake and a plate of now cold fries and he knew Betty was going to meet him so he waited it out.

When the bell rang he looked up expecting to see his wife and best friends but was instead greeted by a soaking Chuck Clayton & Reggie Mantle as the rest of the team was piling in behind followed by the River Vixens. “Look what we have here” Chuck said walking towards him “our very own serpent traitor.”

Jughead didn’t respond and instead locked eyes with his wife who he could tell was getting angry.

“Come on Jones what you looking at?” Chuck followed his line of sight to Betty “ah yes, the good little Cooper girl. You know Betty, you sure aren’t as much fun as Polly” he’d now turned towards her.

“Leave her alone Chuck, it’s me you have a problem with” Jughead jumped up “or are you too much of a coward you have to pick on girls because you’re not man enough to fight me.”

Still looking at Betty, Chuck continued “Nah come on Cooper. You’re not still dating this southside idiot are you?”

Holding her composure the blonde replied “No Chuck we’re not dating anymore” she looked to Jughead who gave her a slight nod as Veronica (who was standing to her right) held her hand for support “we’re married actually so it’s Cooper-Jones now” she left Veronica’s hand, approached Jughead and kissed him before he handed her back her wedding rings. Putting them on she smiled and held her hand up in the boys now very confused face “so get your facts straight.” Veronica, Archie & Kevin also walked over to where Betty & Jughead were standing.

“Hold up. Your mom actually let you get married? To a serpent?” Chuck asked still trying to understand.

“Well I for one think it’s sweet, don’t you?” Cheryl asked her River Vixens who all agreed. “Chuck maybe you should think about finding a girlfriend too or at least stop harassing my squad and my niece and nephews aunt.” She walked over to the couple and offered her sincere congratulations as some of the other vixens followed.

The rain had started to calm down so people were beginning to leave but Betty stopped Cheryl “Hey, do you wanna join us?”

The redhead looked between the five friends “If you’re all okay with it?” to which everyone nodded. Cheryl slid into a booth next to Veronica and Kevin whilst Archie had pulled up a chair from the opposite table and Jughead & Betty sat opposite, her leaning into him.

Pop’s dropped off six milkshakes and a basket of fries. “A toast” Veronica declared raising her glass up “even though they’ve been married for ages without telling us, I hope you continue to make each other as happy as you do now. May you have a long, healthy and happy marriage. To Betty and Jughead.”

“Betty and Jughead” everyone repeated clinking their glasses together.


To say married life was easy would be a lie but they always managed pulled through.

Despite many arguments both Betty and Jughead had decided to attend college online, Jughead majored in creative writing whilst Betty majored in journalism. With their positions in the Serpents, neither wanted to leave Riverdale so both had looked for jobs they could do from home.

After three months of hunting and thanks to her parents extensive contacts in the journalism industry, Betty had managed to secure a job as a junior writer for an online magazine. Sure it’s not the type of work she thought she’d be writing but her serpent lifestyle was exciting enough that her writing became an escape. As for Jughead, the boy had talent and everyone knew it. He had managed to self publish a book under the name J. C. Jones that had quickly became a bestseller which led to his getting an agent and a hell of a lot more money for this work.

Jackie and Alice were now helping the younger members of the Southside community learn various forms of self defence. The elder serpent was also tutoring the younger children in other subjects something which Betty had encouraged all crew members to take part in and as she had them all wrapped around her finger, they did just that.

The most significant change in their lives happened two years ago, when Betty gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Charlotte ‘Cherry’ Cooper-Jones was born in the early hours of a December morning. She had her mother’s piercing green eyes, father’s raven hair and the entirety of the Cooper’s, Jones’ and Southside Serpents smitten.

It was a rare occasion that everyone got together now. Archie was now a famous singer and was either on tour or recording in LA, Veronica was the head of a global fashion and lifestyle magazine and was engaged to Archie. They had become quite the power couple on social media.
After a couple of years, Kevin was reunited with Joaquin and the two had moved to Sydney to enjoy a less dramatic life. Joaquin was now a chef and owned his own very exclusive restaurant whilst Kevin helped out Veronica with the Australian edition of her magazine. Cheryl had offered to be the head editor in England as a way of starting a new life. She had married a socialite but the two had decided to live in the suburbs so they could give their children the quiet lives they didn’t have.

Every Christmas everyone would fly back to Riverdale where Jughead and Betty would host a Christmas party. Archie had some exciting news that was a surprise for everyone which no one, not even Veronica knew what it was, so as everyone sat round one of the bigger tables in Scorpion, Archie stood up and pulled out his phone. “Something I’ve been wanting to write for a while was a song for you all. My manager just text me letting me know that it’s number one in the Christmas charts so it seems like a good time to share it with you all.” He had connected his phone to the bar’s bluetooth speakers and the sound of a soft guitar started to play. 

The chorus and hook echoed through the bar, everyone had memorised the words by the end;

Doesn’t matter who or where you’re from,
The people that stick beside you help you know, oh,
Your family is who you choose,
From the lonely boy to the girl with tattoos,
They’re always there for you…

[old conversations]

I used to carry a peach around in my pocket
the size of two fists combined,
thinking one day I’d be strong enough
to lay the bruised fruit on the table
and give voice to all our hurt.

You and I left things unsaid, so
imagine this poem as an unsent letter,
an old I love you,
that says
I miss letting your palm lines
imprint themselves on me
like love lines.

We’ve left conversations tied to fence posts
like a wild animal left to die,
left to fester for days in the sun,
and when we came back to them they were unrecognizable,
or if we were lucky, they had decomposed back into the earth
and a flower had grown in its place.

—  [old conversations] by Alex Lenkei published in The Dinner Table Review. Find them at their tumblr, typewriterdaily

I’m just always baffled by articles that make fanfic into something weird, because by time I was 16 years old I had archived 150,000 words of original fanfic online and had developed genuine writing and researching skills that have done nothing but help me as I’ve gotten older so… why not applaud people who want to share their creativity online for the sheer fun of it because it’s amazing

10 Things Successful People Don’t Do

I wrote this article for Yogi Approved, check them out for tips on yoga and so much more :)

The best way to cultivate success in your life is to observe how the people who you look up to live, act, and handle their own lives. Studying the habits of successful people helps us follow the same path for our own version of success.

Success comes in many forms and doesn’t equate to just money — these successful traits and habits can translate over into any pursuit that you want to thrive in.

The first step in becoming successful is to find someone who’s already successful on a similar path. As an example, I follow a few individuals for guidance on success: Gary Vaynerchuk, who in five years, took his family business from $3 million to $60 million a year in revenue; and Chase Jarvis, who created the world’s largest online teaching platform for creative skills (Creative Live).

All successful people maintain the mindset that being successful is a marathon and not a sprint.

We’re all aware of certain habits and tendencies that successful people share, but what about the things that successful people don’t do? These things can be very revealing about how we conduct our own lives and path to success — do you do the things listed below? Read on to find out …

Here are 10 things that successful people don’t do:

1. They don’t speak negatively

Whether it’s about themselves or their competition, successful people stay determined on all levels. You’re only as powerful as your thoughts, so it pays to stay upbeat, positive, and motivated in not only the words you speak, but in the thoughts you think. The most successful people have a killer sense of self-awareness and personal empowerment — because if you can’t be your biggest fan, why would anyone else want to?

2. They don’t allow for distractions

Success is largely based on the amount of time you put into your craft, because anything that distracts you from putting in the hours will prevent you from reaching your goal. Successful people understand that their craft is the priority and make arrangements to ensure they aren’t distracted — whether that’s muting your cell phone notifications or scheduling a set time for meetings, phone calls, etc.

3. They don’t forget appointments

From checking email, work hours, time on social media, and even down to taking a shower — everything is scheduled. If you feel overwhelmed by your workload and you aren’t getting enough done, dedicate a block of time to one task. Writing down and scheduling out your daily to-do’s will help you feel more organized, which in turn will reduce stress and help you feel more productive and capable of reaching your goals.

4. They don’t watch what others do

Successful people are focused on what they are trying to build — they keep their eye on the prize. When you watch the competition, you playing the comparison game instead of focusing on your own unique path to success. And when you try to emulate what others are doing, you risk losing your originality. Successful people follow their own intuition and stick to what feels right for them, regardless of what other people think or say.

5. They don’t live on social media

Social media is great and can be used for networking and growing your brand — but it can quickly become a major distraction and time drain. Successful people know the difference between using social media effectively vs. endlessly scrolling through feeds to make themselves feel busy.

6. They don’t complain

Complaining indicates that the individual has time on their hands and in a successful person’s life there is no such thing as “free time.” Therefore, if you want to be successful, check yourself. Are you complaining? If so, see that you could be using that time to change your situation instead of reinforcing the idea of how bad it is. The universe is always responding to what you are putting out — if you complain about your life, you will be given more to complain about.

7. They don’t fall out of balance

Balancing your work time with downtime is essential to avoid burn-out. Of course, there is always more work that can be done, but it’s important to acknowledge that you need time to step back and decompress. Down-time is important to reconnect with yourself — whether it’s exercise or rest, or a weekend away. Maintaining a strong work/life balance is a great way to avoid burn-out and stay motivated.

8. They don’t focus on lack

Successful people are grateful for what they have and practice gratitude to attract more of what they have into their lives, as opposed to focusing on what they don’t have and wishing they had more. It is imperative to your success that you practice gratitude throughout your journey so you stay positive, motivated, and also able to recognize (and celebrate!) all that you have to be grateful for.

9. They don’t skip celebrating

Successful people understand the importance of celebrating small victories. When we’re first starting out on our journey, it’s easy to want to jump ahead the end results or the final outcome. Yet this sets unrealistic expectations which in turn increase our risk of feeling defeated. Instead, map out your goal for success one manageable step at a time. Once you accomplish a step, take time to celebrate your success! Then move on to the next step feeling capable, confident, and ready to take it on.

10. They don’t give up

Successful people only became successful because they refused to give up on their dream. They got to where they are by being resilient — this means pushing forward despite not seeing any immediate results. This means doing the same thing day in and day out without losing enthusiasm or needing to see some short-term gain (revisit #9). This means keeping the mindset that being successful is a marathon and not a sprint.

Here’s a bonus tip — successful people know that there is no such thing as an overnight success. They know it takes time and dedication to get to where they want to be and they keep this in mind when they are hustling while others are partying. Thank you for reading and we hope you’ve found some value here and that these tips help you along your journey to success.

Peace & positive vibes.