online classes are the best thing ever

I saw a post online, one of those “write the saddest story you can in 4 words” one woman’s story was “two kids with autism” is that really the saddest thing you can think of? Me and my best friend, both autistic, driving around in the middle of the night laughing at everything, stopping at some fast food joint at midnight. Two autistic best friends muttering terrible puns under our breath during class and trying to pretend they aren’t funny. Weird conversations only the two of us understand. Two people who know each other so well we can have a conversation without ever saying a word. This isn’t sad, we aren’t some horror story for you to tell you friends we are “two kids with autism” sharing unfunny jokes and exasperated sighs. We are “two kids with autism” who both think that the other is the smart one and neither one of us is the funny one, but we laugh anyway. We are “two kids with autism” who each have our own lives and goals and dreams. We are “two kids with autism” who are both going to college but are still a little unsure. We are “two kids with autism” and we are sick of this shit, we are not a tragedy, we are not broken, WE ARE NOT YOUR SAD STORY. We are “two kids with autism” who just want to be ourselves.  

the stars on my ceiling

Philip lays next to him, and Lukas is sure he can feel the tension radiating off of him.

“I wish you would stop worrying about it,” Philip says.

“I’m not worrying about it,” Lukas says, through his haze of fear and panic. Worry is so far down on his list that he actually feels like he’s telling the truth. He’s been ready to puke about this for months now. Since Philip got his acceptance letter.

“I applied a lot earlier than you did,” Philip says. “That’s why your response isn’t here yet. Helen and Gabe were on me to get it out right away and I had basically decided on NYU while you were still going through your options.”

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Imagine the world where 98% of the population is autistic, and allism is a disorder. Imagine the world that was built for autistic people and doesn’t support allistic people. Imagine the world where allism is a disability. Imagine a world where an autistic mum finds out that her only son is allistic. Imagine…
A Very Weird World Indeed

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Appreciation post for my professor

- She absolutely loves her job and regularly shows her excitement on facebook, calling it best job ever

- this one time she intives us to her apartment to bake Norwegian cakes for the 17th of May. She had a Kaizers Orchestra playlist on, ordered pizza, took a picture of us eating it on the floor and sent it to her husband excited that she has hippies in her apartment

- password to one of her courses online was Nick Cave’s new album title

- classes with her are the best thing ever

- seriously, i was super stressed about my first simultanous translation and she made me feel less anxious

- i am not sure if it’s true ( @aprillka pls confirm) but i think she took a smol figurine of George Bush from our other professor’s office and started a facebook fanpage of him (figurine, not prof). I think she deleted it now tho

- she also owns a figurine of Tommy Wiseau

- i will never forget what a saksbehandler is because for some reason she would explain it every other class our first semester. you can wake me up at 2 am and ask me and i may forget my name but i will remember that saksbehandler is urzędnik odpowiedzialny za sprawę.

- puts up with all of us, even when we are annoying. she is nice to everyone and FAIR. i don’t think she ever yelled at us or behaved in a rude way

- in her previous job when she couldn’t understand the person on the phone because of some weird Norwegian dialect they spoke, she would pretend the phone connection broke and mail them - this is so relatable and calmed me down because it means that others have no idea what they do as well

- shares anecdotes and personal stories and they are funny


- she would skip controversial discussion topics suggested by our books because she didn’t want us to fight, but to LEARN HOW TO SPEAK NORWEGIAN

- i am doing my work experience with her and I SUCK because i take so much time to finish everything and she always replies super fast and gives me great feedback and is affirmative and i feel so much better and want to improve

- after david bowie died i had to go to her office for some oral exam and there was a note that said: “Every student willing to have an appointment with [her name] on days [date] is obliged to say something nice about David Bowie” both in Polish and Norwegian. i have a picture of it somewhere

- my friend posted on facebook that he will spend next weeks watching Twin Peaks and she commented “you have an exam in three weeks. just sayin’.” if any other prof did it, it would be cringy, but not her.

- she is pretty

Stay the Night

I saw this prompt the other day and was just really inspired to write my own version after reading @ofstagsanddoes version which you can find here.

It was stupid really. How it all went down. He’d never had any problems with interviews before. After all, he was James Potter, and James Potter had a way with words. Except for that one day, that one day he made a big mistake.

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Sci's Comics List
Universal Comics Rec List for Sci.

Hey, guys!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what comics I read/what I’d recommend.  I’ve handled this by setting up a comic rec list under Amazon’s wish list feature.  You can find it by clicking the link, or searching for sciwritesfic at gmail dot com, my fic email address.

THIS IS NOT SO PEOPLE WILL BUY ME STUFF.  DO NOT DO THIS THING.  There is no address attached to the account, and I own most of these things! It would be silly to buy me these things, so do not do it!  This is so people can go to a central place and read more information about books I have enjoyed.  Your milage may vary, but I’ve tried to include a variety of books for a variety of ages and topics.  There are a lot of super hero books, of course, but there’s also some travelogues, stories and family histories. 

I do not claim these books are without their flaws, but they are things I enjoy, most of which have a strong female focus and what I consider good writing.  Art, to me, is less important, but I still flinch from reccing books that are horrible with the cheescake art and objectification.  Not saying a panel or two won’t pop up, but there’s a reason Fearless Defenders is not on this list.  I loved the writing, but the art creeped me out so much I cannot, in good conscience, recommend it.

I’ll be updating it as I think of things, and as I read new things.

Disclaimer: if you can, buy from your local comic shop!  That is, of course, if they are not jerks!  Do not give jerks your money!  Or your time!  But if you have a nice comic shop, they’re usually more than happy to order whatever you want, and it helps them keep the doors open.

If you do not have a local comic shop, comixology (edit: Owned by Amazon, sigh…) and Marvel and DC have many of these comics available for digital download!  I know that money is tight and some comics are plain old unavailable in some places around the world, but please, support books that you enjoy, support creators you enjoy.  

It’s all well and good for everyone online to be running in circles screaming that a series is the BEST THING EVER, if no one buys it, the comic companies are going to cancel it, and they’re not going to stay with what’s safe.  What their core audience (read: 18-40 year old cis het white middle class males) will buy. 

Comics are a luxury, and I do know that, but consider supporting one or two, in any way you can, and that includes picking up a copy, encouraging your local library to buy it, picking up one or two copies of the floppies, or talking it up when you can, spreading the word to people who do have the disposable income to support it. 8)