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need opinions once more!

I’m wondering how feasible risograph pet portrait commissions are? they’d be super fun to do.

here are two examples, w a complex print above & a simpler print below. for a 9x12 print, it’d cost me 15-20 CAD to print, and another 8 CAD to mail the result (10-20 copies of the print, depending on the size). 

would folk be willing to drop ~$100 CAD on a commission like this?
Amandla Stenberg Is a Voice for the Future
Neo-feminist, biracial, post-gender . . . eighteen-year-old actress and commentator Amandla Stenberg is an inspired, eloquent voice for the future.

“I don’t think gender even exists.” It’s a sunny day in Los Angeles, and the eighteen-year-old actor Amandla Stenberg is sitting under a flowering tree in the backyard of her rented bungalow in West L.A., very much living up to her reputation as the wokest teenager alive. “My sexuality’s very fluid and my gender is very fluid,” says Stenberg, who is petite and cherubic at five feet three, dressed in black denim overalls and a purple-and-white thrift-store shirt, her hair cropped short for her latest movie. “I don’t think of myself as statically a girl.”

Stenberg was already known for playing Rue in 2012’s The Hunger Games when, two years ago, a video she made for a high school class went viral online. Titled “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows,” it’s a romping Internet mash-up in which Stenberg delivers a thesis worthy of an American-studies dissertation in four and a half minutes flat: The adoption of the hairstyle by non-black pop stars such as Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry is part of a larger appropriation of black culture that divorces its aesthetics from the struggle that produced them. Narrating on-camera with the confidence of a trial lawyer, Stenberg closes her case with a pointed question: “What would America be like if we loved black people as much as we love black culture?”

Read the full piece here

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Niobe: She Is Life by Amandla Steberg and Sebastian A. Jones



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Completed inspirational/gift headshots of Nix, Ghatz and Rumm for @x-men-headcannons, @saberghatz, and @awesome-reading-bitch ~

Got bored during my free lab day in MGD in college/AVP so I had a few ideas and went with it and just got these done today during choir practice~ Also wanted to mess around with a few new tools I found on Art Studio since it’s becoming more like Photoshop in some ways~ I will message each of ya, your character’s headshot without my name and with it as well~ Along with better quality since my iPad quality didn’t come out that well with trying to resize it and crop each picture but I’m working on it~ 

Anyway hope ya’ll enjoy them~ I had fun doing these and doing more in the future~

IF I get my online card or whatever to help get me cash online, I will most likely take commissions over the summer since I’m almost on Summer Break~ 

Characters - @x-men-headcannons, @saberghatz, and @awesome-reading-bitch

Art - Me


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Wise Guy Costume


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