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Paterson (2016)

Directed by Jim Jarmusch

Cinematography by Frederick Elmes

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Thanks for your answer to the question on online multiplayer. If you do not mind going further into this, does the money from ps+ or xbox live actually go to servers or game servers to improve things like reliability? Do you feel that paid console online is bad or good for the industry? If I understand you correctly, you state console makers if they go back to making online free those costs would be pushed on to others such as publishers, causing issues. Is that correct?

Does the money from ps+ or xbox live actually go to servers or game servers to improve things like reliability?

XBL and PS+ don’t actually run the game servers. Game servers are handled by the respective game’s publisher. What XBL and PS+ do is provide a platform that handles matchmaking, game invites, digital distribution, financial transaction support, activating and validating software keys, tracking achievements, and providing a messaging service and friends list.

That said, XBL and PS+ have performance indicators that the executives are watching - stats like percentage growth, revenue earned, marketing data, user engagement numbers, and so on. The money they earn through subscriptions and digital sales is, in part, channeled back into the service to continue maintenance and improvement. This means reliability, yes, but also things like better performance or quality of life features.

Do you feel that paid console online is bad or good for the industry?

I don’t think a paid console online platform is necessarily good or bad. It’s just a value proposition - here are a bunch of services that Sony and Microsoft (and soon Nintendo) are offering to you at a given price. You can decide, like me, that the annual cost isn’t worth it and not subscribe to the service. Or you can decide, like many friends of mine, that the value is there, and pay for the service. There are clearly enough people out there that view it as a worthwhile exchange. Who am I to tell them that they shouldn’t?

If console makers go back to making online free, the associated costs would be pushed on to others such as publishers, causing issues… right?

It is certainly one possibility. Other ways could be lowering costs for maintenance or development, selling advertisements, or selling user data to advertisers. Any sort of online gaming platform could do this. In fact, they could be doing any or all of these already and you’d probably never know.

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the beginners guide to cosplay is yelling for 23 hours whilst trying to insert contacts into your eyes and then screaming for a further few days bc ur wig cap keeps getting stuck in your gajillion ear piercings


Silence (2016)

Directed by Martin Scorsese

Cinematography by Rodrigo Prieto

when you see someone on pokefarm whose username is your birthname


Hey lovelies (that haven’t followed/found me yet)

I figured I’d do a mini ‘about me’ before my classes formally start on 1May17.  I recently discovered “studyblr” and I was surprised to find how much I loved looking through them. the colors and organization is absolutely lovely!

Some basics about me:

* Ray

* 24 year old - Scorpio/Year of the Monkey!

* Female - as far as I’m aware :P

* Married - he’s also a full time student but he’s going for a Bachelors in Emergency Management. Oh the study binges we’ll have

* Mother - its pretty awesome

* Active duty Navy - Sonar Technician (mostly listens to whales)

* Full Time Student - my courses are accelerated into 8-weeks so I can take 5 each semester without dying D:

* Associates of Science - in Counter-Terrorism. I didn’t even know that was a degree but omg I’m so excited to start

* Distance Learning - due to my time schedule and inability to attend formal classes, strictly online was a better fit for me

* Future college goals - I really would love to attend a physical college (ULL) to get a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice with a focus in Forensics.

* Hobbies - I love drawing and sketching so Im sure any notes I post will be full of side doodles ^_^“

I ADORE studyblrs! if you follow me, Ill try to follow back! Feel free to PM any advice you might have for a new college student ;) <3

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I've been googling this but can't seem to find any answers. What type of company in France would sponsor work permits for Americans? I'm having a very hard time finding any jobs in my country (the US) and have interned in France and would love to live there. All of the places I've applied though do not sponsor work permits and since I have no EU citizenship it makes it harder

I’m not gonna lie, it’s very hard to find sponsors for work permits. To find one, your abilities have to compensate the cost of such a visa. You have to justify that no one in France is able to provide the same knowledge as yours and that you are a game changer for the company. Scientists, teachers, or students mostly benefit from such agreements. 
My best advice would be to find an American company which needs Americans citizens to achieve whatever work they do. You should contact your embassy or look online for American expats associations that you could contact and that could provide more information. 


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

Directed by David Yates

Cinematography by Philippe Rousselot

Identity of the African Diaspora: An Evolution of Identifying Terms

The terms used to describe members of the African Diaspora have evolved throughout the last couple of centuries. Identities have taken shape often based on the region in which African descendants currently live. The majority of people, who used to be categorized solely as ‘black’, are in search of a term which identifies them as people who are part of a larger culture and not one that necessarily reflects their race and skin color. 

The modern debate over an identifying name took shape during the African slave trade when the first Africans were shipped to the Americas and the Caribbean. The vast majority of Africans wanted to be referred to as African. However the non-African population referred to Africans either as slaves or free. Thus began the reference to people as an adjective and not a noun. Soon Africans and African descendants rejected the term 'African’ because a negative connotation evolved through the ideas of European descendants. 'African’ came to symbolize a sub-human identity because Africans were seen as 'barbaric’ and 'ape-like’. With the end of the nineteenth century, adjectives started to transform into nouns as identifying terms for African descendants. The term 'Colored’ became customary when describing all people who were 'non-white’. However this was replaced with the term 'Negro’ in the early twentieth century due to the fact that segregation was on a rise and signs above public facilities appeared all over the United States indicating which facility could be used by the 'Colored’ or by the 'Whites’. Segregation fueled racism and the terms, 'Colored’ and 'Negro’, were perceived as racist by the time of the 1950s and 60s’ Civil Rights Movement. Currently the only acceptable use of the term 'Colored’ is in the organizational title of the NAACP (the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). 

In the 1960s many African Americans were rediscovering their African roots. Hairstyles such as the Afro were becoming popular and slogans such as 'Black is Beautiful’ were chanted by many. “Say It Loud: I’m Black and I’m Proud”, was a song by James Brown which demonstrated the rise of 'Black Pride’ in the 1960s. With this rise of Black awareness, the distinction on who was 'Black’ changed. Although 'Black’ still referred to the color of one’s skin, now it referred only to African descendants and no longer encompassed dark-skinned individuals such as Italians or Mexicans. However, this remained problematic because it referred to anyone originating from African descendants, such as people from the Caribbean, even though these possessed a highly distinct culture. Not all African descendants welcomed the surfacing of the term 'Black’ because they felt it was similar to the term 'Negro’ which was now seen as a racist term. But for the most part many accepted the term 'Black’ and it is still considered acceptable in the USA and other parts of the world today. 

The term 'Afro-American’ developed during the rise of hyphenated terms to describe American minority groups in the 1970s and 1980s. Soon the term evolved into 'African-American’ and finally into 'African American’ with it losing the hyphen. The hyphen was removed because many believed that it implied a sub-category. 'African American’ was adopted quickly by many because many African descendants in the USA did not identify themselves as 'Black’. However, this terminology does not satisfy everyone because many also believe that there is nothing African about them. It is now widely accepted as the politically correct terminology for Americans of African descendant although it is understood that one term cannot contain all the information required to accurately represent a population of over forty million people. 

Today, members of the African Diaspora associate themselves with Africa through the terms with which they identify. Many African descendants believe that the usage of 'African’ when being identified is a way of circling back to their roots of Africa which carried a stigma for a long time. When polled by the online Village forum associated with the Blacknet website, 40% of African descendants living in Great Britain wished to be called African British while almost half that number, 24%, wished to be called Black. Many believe that the English language has oppressed African people by constantly using adjectives instead of nouns when referring to an ethnic group. With the desire to be recognized and connected with their heritage and not described according to their skin color, many prefer the reference to Africa when identifying them. 

Afro-Latinos acknowledge their black identity but do not accept it as a means of identification. Although many people would expect Afro-Dominicans to share the same level of identification with blackness as African Americans do, many Afro-Dominicans believe that being black places them into the same social category which African Americans associate with racism and discrimination. Afro-Latinos in the USA also do not identify with the African Americans. For many Afro-Latinos, African American means that someone is born in the USA with African ancestry and not Hispanic heritage. However, the longer an Afro-Latino remains in the USA, the more likely he/she will identify him/herself as being black just like the African American. 

These diversities and complexities pertinent to members of the African Diaspora make it difficult to claim a common identity. Although many share broad similarities, African descendants do not believe these similarities are enough to associate all under the same umbrella. Every region of the world that African descendants live in has unique aspects for understanding the logic behind the terminology desired by them. History, culture, and political institutions have all been factors which have shaped racial identities throughout the world.

Character Question of the Day: How does your character act when they haven’t slept in a while? Do they get really cranky? Really loopy? How long are they able to stay up before they crash?

Some Benefits to Play Poker

Now day’s online pokers have in huge demand around the world. It is one of the most popular games played online and gives huge benefits to the players. The people play this game for many reasons may be for living or just for hobby. The reason may be any thing; it must give benefits for all those who play. So some of the benefits are:

  • No need to interact

If you are an experienced online poker player, playing on internet can make you win much more money. One of the best parts is that there is no need to leave your house, meaning there is no need to travel. There is no time limit to play, can take your own time. You can wake up at nay time and play straight away. So there are several benefits associated to online poker.

  • Play as a hobby

Thousands of people world wide play this game as a hobby. They play this game to relax and also to have fun at the same time. Though it can turn into an expensive hobby, many show interest in enjoying the game despite of losing it.

  • Number of games

We can fine number of games at online poker room, which you may not find at a real casino. As thousands are playing all over the world as different times, so there is also a game available at any time you wish to play. This is very useful for the player who may work at abnormal times.

  • Gives people opportunities

Many high stakes players use the game as their main source of income as they are professional players. One of the benefit why people go for online poker is that, they can spend time with there families at home while earning enough money for there livelihood. There are very few jobs available in the market that would allow a person the chance to do so.

  • Poker bonus

When you signup into the online poker room you will get a sign up bonus. This bonus will help you to make money even though if you loss a small amount. So you can have a good livelihood by just playing poker.


idk how the argument “asexuality made me confused when i was younger because i thought i was asexual but i was wrong and it was internalized homophobia because i was actually gay” holds any weight against asexuality because like

i figured out i was asexual when i was 12. because i found the word online and i associated it with myself since i never had a crush in my life, because at the time in the online community i was at– asexuality and aromanticism kinda went hand in hand, and that’s kinda why i still only refer to myself as just asexual to this day, since the SAM doesn’t apply to me.  but anyway

i thought i was bi/lesbian (kinda flipped between them, this was before i learned about the word transgender) when i was 9-12, i sure as hell was confused, i figured i MUST be bi because i like everyone the same!! but no wait maybe i was a lesbian specifically because if i HAD to be with someone i’d prefer to be with a girl?? NOPE i was asexual!!

like of course people can absolutely be confused about their orientation and label themselves wrong. that doesn’t mean the orientations they mislabeled as are inherently bad or toxic. i don’t shit on bisexuality cuz i thought i was bi before i learned i was asexual, i don’t shit on lesbians because i thought i was a lesbian before i figured out i was ftm. 

don’t shit on an entire group of people for their orientation just because you mislabeled yours. 

AOA's Seolhyun Chosen As Most Photogenic Star Of The Year

AOA’s Seolhyun Chosen As Most Photogenic Star Of The Year

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AOA’s Seolhyun was chosen as the most photogenic star of the year by online press photographers.

The 2017 KOPA & Nikon Press Photo Awards, organized by the Korea Online Press Photographers Association (KOPA) and sponsored by Nikon Imaging Korea, was held on May 15 at 11 a.m. KST in Seoul. The ceremony was attended by the CEO of Nikon Imaging Korea, the president and vice president of KOPA, and…

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Hello, my name is Steven . I’m a 19 year old freelance model based in the Washington D.C. “DMV” metropolitan area. I recently got in contact with one of the online associates “Kyrs”( Kyrstan) on the American apparel website and she directed me to this email to the team for models. I’m really interested in modeling for the brand. You guys are more then welcome to Check out my IG for more work @melaninboy.

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#blackmodelsmatter (too) 😉✊🏾
I hope to hear from them soon!
, Cheers ✨