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Paterson (2016)

Directed by Jim Jarmusch

Cinematography by Frederick Elmes


Silence (2016)

Directed by Martin Scorsese

Cinematography by Rodrigo Prieto

Chakras 101

Chakras are energetic centers in the body. Each one is responsible for different areas of our lives. They can become unbalanced by certain emotions and habits.

There are 7 main chakras. Each one has a color associated with it. Focusing on the color or wearing clothes that are the same color can also help you balance it.
So here they are:

1. Root Chakra (Red color) - Located at the base of the spine. When it is balanced, you feel grounded, secure, and safe. If it’s unbalanced, you may begin to feel anxious, fearful, lost in your thoughts, and even dizzy. It gets blocked/unbalanced by fear. Laying on grass, walking on grass, putting hands in the soil, and doing yoga are all great ways to balance it.

2. Sacral Chakra (Orange) - Located two inches below the belly button. When it is balanced, you feel joyful, creative, passionate for life, have balanced relationships, your feelings flow freely, and you go with the flow easily. If it is unbalanced, you might be stiff and unemotional. It gets blocked/unbalanced by guilt. Avoid that feeling at all costs by remembering that you are always doing your best with the information that you have. Dancing, having fun, making time for yourself, and doing what brings you joy are all great ways to balance this chakra.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow) - Located about 3 inches above the belly button. When it is balanced, you feel confident and empowered. When it is unbalanced, you may feel insecure, not be able to say no when you want to, follow the crowd, and have very little self-discipline. It gets blocked/unbalanced by shame. To balance this chakra, I recommend consistently asking yourself what you actually want and doing that. Listen to your intuition.

4. Heart Chakra (Green) - Located in the middle of the chest. When it is balanced, you feel love, compassion, and work at creating harmonious relationships. When it is unbalanced, you feel cold and distant. It gets blocked/unbalanced by grief. To balance this chakra, I recommend sending love to yourself and others. You can do so by imagining bright light coming from your heart center and filling and surrounding yourself & them.

5. Throat chakra: (Light Blue) - Located in the throat area. When it is balanced, you have no problems expressing yourself and your words flow freely. When it is unbalanced, you may tend to not speak much and feel afraid to share what you have to say. This chakra gets blocked/unbalanced by telling lies. You’d be surprised how great things turn out when you tell the truth. To balance this chakra, I recommend speaking your truth, sharing what is important to you, and singing (alone if you are shy, haha).

6. Third Eye Chakra (Indigo) - Located between the eyebrows. When it is balanced, you can visualize easily, feel clarity, and have great intuition. When it gets unbalanced, you may feel confused easily, have frequent headaches, not be good at thinking for yourself, and rely on other people’s beliefs. It gets blocked/unbalanced by believing in illusions, such as all that exists is only what your current senses show you. To balance this chakra, begin listening to your intuition and meditate by focusing on the space between your eyebrows.

7. Crown Chakra (Violet) - Located at the top of the head. When it is balanced, you have an open mind, see that anything can be possible, that everything connects, and receive wisdom from various sources (such as spiritual books). When it is unbalanced, you might be rigid in your thinking and have many limiting beliefs. This chakra gets blocked by earthly or ego attachment. The best way to balance this chakra is to meditate. Of course, you can also get some spiritual books like The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and Conversations with God. They can help open the mind.

Try tuning into your body and feeling where there is tension. You may find that it is in one of the chakra locations.

P.S. If your chakra is really unbalanced or blocked, it can also turn into a physical problem such as frequent sore throats (throat chakra) or stomach problems (solar plexus chakra). If you have any physical problems, you can look up which chakras they are associated with online and work on them.


Certain Women (2016)

Directed by Kelly Reichardt

Cinematography by Christopher Blauvelt

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So, what does everyone equip in MMO? Armor, weapons, enchanted items like jewelry?

Yoosung - Paladin

  • Armor - Defender’s Hauberk, a heavy set of armor complete with a giant tower shield. Yoosung looks like he could take a lot of damage! 
  • Weapons - Lion’s Roar, a one-handed sword that is said to only be equippable someone with the brave, true heart of a lion. Yoosung adores it’s lore.
  • Special items of note - Betrothal Necklace, an odd necklace that actually becomes more powerful if you give half of it to another person. He’s been waiting for the right person, okay?

Zen - Bard

  • Armor - Gentleman’s Apparel, a charmingly roguish set complete with a broad-brimmed, feathered hat and knee-high boots. Zen knows how to look stylish! …Though its stats aren’t the best… Good looks are more important than fighting power, right?
  • Weapons - Lyrcia’s Lute, an item gained by befriending Lyrcia, the woman of the lake who is the highest level bard trainer. Befriending her means helping her court the Moonwatcher on the Mountain of Starlight, and Zen loved helping two pixelated gals become the Best of Pals. The instrument is rabbit themed.
  • Special items of note - Ruby Earrings, all in the name of style.

Jaehee - Priest

  • Armor - Cherry Blossom Habit. The primary diety in the fictional world of Mystic Message Online is thematically associated with cherry blossoms, and most priest equipment reflects that. Isn’t it interesting, that the world of MMO worships a thing associated with death and rebirth…?
  • Weapons - Merciful Bludgeon, a frightening, spiked mace with a highly tongue-in-cheek name. Perhaps this is an item that’ll put you out of your mercy.
  • Special items of note - She constantly carries healing items like Panacea and Healing Ointment on her, just in case she needs them. Who’s going to heal the healer if things get bad?

Jumin - Wizard

  • Armor - Dapper Suit, which technically functions as a cloth item, but it looks significantly different than most wizard robes. It’s a very charming, eighteenth-centuryesque set.
  • Weapons - Staff of Fortune, an item that confers a pretty significant luck boost to the player. Jumin finds it very helpful with farming rare items, and luck is a strange stat that has a number of bizarre effects on gameplay. Jumin has the most luck among all of the members of the RFA.
  • Special items of note - Collar of Elizabeth the III, the item that Jumin uses to summon his familiar.

707 - Mechanic

  • Armor -  Augmented Armor, which is a leather set (including a spiffy leather coat and fancy leather hat) that’s covered in various mechanical bits and bobs. It feels like Seven could pull anything out of his coat.
  • Weapons - Snake Eyes, a par of pistols with a devastating accuracy buff. They used to be Rika’s signature item, but near the end of her life, she said she wanted Seven to have them.
  • Special items of note - Mechanic’s Toolbelt, a badass looking accessory that includes pouches for bullets and other miscellaneous items. It increases the character’s storage capacity. 

V -  Ilusionist

  • Armor - Dreamweave Robe, a surprisingly plain garment in the darkness, but when exposed to light, it shimmers with the iridescence of a butterfly wing. It’s an item that’s often considered more worthwhile cosmetically than stats-wise.
  • Weapons - Luminescent Staff, a weapon that Rika initially pitched and helped V design. It’s a reward from a very obscure quest, but of course, V knows exactly how to do it. It’s kind of his key character item, and the thing everyone associates with him. It glows like the sun when he’s casting magic.
  • Special items of note - He still wears a ring that Rika crafted for him…

Unknown - C̵͍͚̎͊ú̸͔͌l̶͚͘t̷̹̄í̶̘̲s̸̟̈́t̴͈͌́

  • Armor - The Eyes of Truth, light cloth garment with an eye motif. It seems to be a modified version of the typical Mint Eye garb. Stats - unknown.
  • Weapons - The Auger of Truth, a staff with a  frightening drill-like attachment. It seems very good at conducting explosive magic.
  • Special items of note - He has a never-ending supply of treats for animals.

Vanderwood - Assassin

  • Armor - Willowwatcher Hide, a set of fashionable, black-leather armor that gives the player the ability to completely camouflage themselves for fifteen seconds along with giving a passive boost to agility. One of the things needed to make it drops very rarely from a mini-boss called the Illusion Drake that only spawns in the Lilac Grotto, a strange place full of willow trees that grow purple blossoms.
  • Weapons - Static Shockers, a pair of knives imbued with a powerful electricity enchantment that gives a chance of paralyzing the target with each hit. Often, bosses have enough armor that this is completely ineffective… but it’s a pretty good item for a PKer.
  • Special items of note - They have a glamour effect that removes all blood effects from their daggers. No matter who or how much they attack, their weapons never get dirty.

So APPARENTLY I can’t post things I find funny about Hillary Clinton because SOMEHOW by whatever feat of gravity defying logic, it is about this guy.

Listen, Daniel, if I’m going to say something about you, like now, I will announce it.

My blog is not dedicated to you. I don’t like you or hate you enough to spend that much time on you. What I do like and hate enough to blog about are politics, abortion, Hillary Clinton, and racial tensions.

All of which are phenomenally more important than you will ever, ever, ever be in my life.

So if you’re going to take me to court, since you’re feeling so froggy, jump right on that. I would love to see the look on a judge’s face while you try to explain how so many of my political posts and posts about people actually IN my life are SOMEHOW about you.

Otherwise, shut up and play with your own blog.

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Thanks for your answer to the question on online multiplayer. If you do not mind going further into this, does the money from ps+ or xbox live actually go to servers or game servers to improve things like reliability? Do you feel that paid console online is bad or good for the industry? If I understand you correctly, you state console makers if they go back to making online free those costs would be pushed on to others such as publishers, causing issues. Is that correct?

Does the money from ps+ or xbox live actually go to servers or game servers to improve things like reliability?

XBL and PS+ don’t actually run the game servers. Game servers are handled by the respective game’s publisher. What XBL and PS+ do is provide a platform that handles matchmaking, game invites, digital distribution, financial transaction support, activating and validating software keys, tracking achievements, and providing a messaging service and friends list.

That said, XBL and PS+ have performance indicators that the executives are watching - stats like percentage growth, revenue earned, marketing data, user engagement numbers, and so on. The money they earn through subscriptions and digital sales is, in part, channeled back into the service to continue maintenance and improvement. This means reliability, yes, but also things like better performance or quality of life features.

Do you feel that paid console online is bad or good for the industry?

I don’t think a paid console online platform is necessarily good or bad. It’s just a value proposition - here are a bunch of services that Sony and Microsoft (and soon Nintendo) are offering to you at a given price. You can decide, like me, that the annual cost isn’t worth it and not subscribe to the service. Or you can decide, like many friends of mine, that the value is there, and pay for the service. There are clearly enough people out there that view it as a worthwhile exchange. Who am I to tell them that they shouldn’t?

If console makers go back to making online free, the associated costs would be pushed on to others such as publishers, causing issues… right?

It is certainly one possibility. Other ways could be lowering costs for maintenance or development, selling advertisements, or selling user data to advertisers. Any sort of online gaming platform could do this. In fact, they could be doing any or all of these already and you’d probably never know.

Got a burning question you want answered?


Blade Runner (1982)

Directed by Ridley Scott

Cinematography by Jordan Cronenweth

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I have to come out to 4 parents, and I'm really nervous (even though I'm probably not doing it until college). Even though I know this isn't what the blog's about, do you have any methods to calm the coming out anxiety?

1) First build a reliable circle of friends who you feel safe falling back on, if things ever go sour. This can be in real life, or online associates. It will go a long ways in making you feel less alone.

2) Remind yourself that their approval or acceptance of you is not any hallmark of your personal happiness. You’re graciously giving them information about you, and it’s on them to accept it for what it is.

3) And if things do get rough, that doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way forever! Everyone has the potential to grow and change!

- Fae

75% of the respondents mentioned that they first learned about their condition by proactively searching their daydreaming behavior.  This statistic suggests that as opposed to running into information online, and consequently associating the condition with one’s self; instead a majority of the maladaptive daydreamers observed particular patterns in their behavior that related to maladaptive daydreaming. [05]

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Hi reylorobyn2011 <3 I saw your post about Tomb Reyder and I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry that I took down my story without telling anyone... I got doxxed by someone on tumblr and so to protect my RL I deleted everything online associated with my 'iamlokilocked'/'coyoterey' accounts. I am so sorry to have lost all the wonderful comments and support from the Reylo community, I panicked after I was doxxed.

Omg. Well that is totally understandable! I’m sorry that happened to you ❤️ you have quite a few fans of tomb reyder and we just really loved your story. Thank you for reaching out!!!


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

Directed by David Yates

Cinematography by Philippe Rousselot

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I hate the V/////////tron fandom toooo, I'm glad I'm not alone smh

((The reason why i hate V///oltron was because it was literally EVERYWHERE and it came to the point that it annoyed the shit out of me.

Not only that but people both IRL and Online associated with the fandom broke me emotionally, and it came to the point where I even had to go through THERAPY and the mere MENTION of the fandom brings me into a total breakdown. I was an emotionally unstable piece of shit for 7 FUCKING MONTHS because of those people.

I am STILL trying to find some tolerance for the fandom without finding myself shaking at the stress I got into. but no. SOME people decide to use it as a way to tease me to annoy me just to see my reaction to something that reminds me of how much my fucking life is a mess. Now, I get PISSED when it gets mentioned.

so dont FUCKING EVER bring that shit back up