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ok not stardew related but i need to bitch for a hot second

ever just think about the fact that, in the united states at least, that people are basically punished for being good at art and rewarded for being good at math and science?

i think about how the job markets between these skill sets differ so starkly and it like really pisses me off. i’m graduating college next semester but i’m struggling to find future work aLL BECAUSE I SUCK AT MATH AND SCIENCE BUT NOBODY HIRES FOR ART. WHY IS THIS. (rhetorical question, obviously)

i get so heated bc nowadays a 4 year degree doesn’t mean shit and you STILL won’t get hired unless you have a master’s because you still gotta rise above the rest, right? (but who has money for that ?)

nobody ever told me this when i was in high school but it’s a real thing and it’s v frustrating. i just want to write and make a living on it you know? i don’t get why my best friend is scooped up immediately fresh outta her two year engineering program and she’ll be making twice as much as i will when i’m out of my GRADUATE program. all because she’s got a science brain and i’ve got an art brain. -__-

whoo, anyway, yeah. 

that’s all, thanks for listening friendz.

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