Intoroducing FASHION71!  Fashion71 is one of my favourite online shops! They are now officially one of my newest sponsors and I am really happy about it. First off, let’s get to know Fashion71! is one of Chinese leading wholesale clothing distributors dedicated to wholesale of women’s clothing.They currently have the biggest range of the hottest clothing for sale. No matter you want to buy tops, halter tops, strap tops, skirts ,dresses, t-shirts,or Jackets, you will always find an ideal place to go. They provide women’s apparel from  tops, halter tops, to strap tops, from skirts to dresses, from  Jackets to t-shirts, will never let you down.

The first item I received is this loose retro denim hoodie. I love how it fits on me. It’s definitely a comfy piece to have. It is very affordable as well.

It was only 12 dollars. I love the quality and how you can style it with anything. This has definitely been one of my favorite jacket. ♥

The nest item is this thin woolen coat perfect for the spring weather! I must say that the material is great and very light weight. I love the color as well. It comes with a detachable hood.

I adore all the items I received from FASHION71. 

Overall, is one of the best online site to shop with. Their products are worthbuying and everything is affordable. Truly, they bring you the best customer service and online shopping at its finest.


Eight years ago, you stumbled into my life due to a random click of a button. I never imagined that we would be here today, or that any single being could mean so much to me. You make my life a blessing when it is a living hell. Thank you. I love you, sir. ❤️