Nepetasprite is Online!

NEPETASPRITE: Ok so I probably should let you guys know…

NEPETASPRITE: My foot could probably turn into cat food any day now…

NEPETASPRITE: Anyone know how to make a fake foot? Or at the very least crutches?

NEPETASPRITE: Maybe if I had actual bandages and wasn’t using a goddamn blanket I wouldn’t be in this mess…

  • Gryffindor online description:brave, noble, chivalrous, a little arrogant and reckless at times, but an all around hero
  • Gryffindor actual description:"TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?" *sees spider and screams*
  • Ravenclaw online description:witty, intelligent, tends to be eccentric, very smart and pretty nerdy,
  • Ravenclaw actual description:hasn't left the house in six days, is down to one square of toilet paper but doesn't notice because they're so deep into the Internet
  • Slytherin online description:cunning, clever, resourceful, can be ruthless and tends to be a villain on the worst days, but loyal to those they love
  • Slytherin actual description:gets hit in the head with a dodgeball in p.e. because they were busy thinking of ways to overthrow the government
  • Hufflepuff online description:kind, sweet, tends to be soft spoken, can be a pushover, loyal, hardworking, overly nice sometimes
  • Hufflepuff actual description:smiles a lot thinks about food 24/7 until someone disses their friend, then all hell breaks loose

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#SayHerName + #InHerHonor

Today is the ‪#‎SayHerName‬ National Day of Action!

On this day, we are standing in solidarity with all Black women (cis and trans), girls, and femmes in efforts to shed light on the abuse that they endure under systems of anti-Black misogyny.

As part of the national #SayHerName day of action, we are asking folks to participate in lifting up women and femmes who are no longer with us, and/or those who inspire us in our everyday lives.

Using the the Black Lives Matter #SayHerName Toolkit (, you can upload an image, graphic or photograph of someone you want to lift up, using either #SayHerName to honor women and femmes who have been taken from us by state or intimate partner violence, and ‪#‎InHerHonor‬ to lift up women in our everyday lives who are fighting and thriving in the face of adversity or who died from natural causes.

Seeing the lives of Black and Brown folks being treated without regard at an alarming rate in this country and throughout the world continues to prove why it is imperative we lift up these names on the path to getting us all free. Our stories deserve to be told. Join in today.


Sem caô, quero paz e amor. ☮❤️

Respire, foque e realize. ✌️🍃

Esvazia a tua mente e enche a tua alma. 🌼

Deus, obrigada por ser sempre fiel comigo.👌✌✨

Bora sorrir mais pra vida. 🍀😊

A liberdade é um navio sem âncora. ⚓️🌊

Só quero a paz de um riso sem razão. 😄🍁

Entre o bem e o mal, fico com a paz. ⚓

Se o final valer a pena, o caminho não importa. 👣💞

Se há invejosos, é porque estou fazendo o certo.🍃🍂

A noite é uma criança, a madrugada é um brinquedo. Não sou eu quem dorme tarde, é o sol que nasce cedo. 🙏🌇☀️

Quero paz, tranquilidade, quero tudo aquilo que venha e faça bem de verdade. 🍀

Viva a vida, ignore a negatividade e não deixe ninguém roubar a sua felicidade. 🌹🍂🌟

Se você não tiver esperança, qual o sentido de se viver? 🌄🍃🌱

Mente firme, alma limpa e pensamento positivo sempre. ☀⚓

Nova semana, nova meta, nova missão, que tudo de bom se aproxime e que o mal seja desviado pra bem longe. 🙏🙌❤

Desistir é pros fracos, os fortes lutam e quebram a cara, erguem a cabeça e continuam. 🙏 👌

Livrai-me da falta de sorriso, proteja-me da inveja, guia-me pelos caminhos do bem e deixa todos meus dias repletos de alegria. Amém! 🙏

Deus, ilumine esse novo dia, afaste quem não acrescenta, aproxime pessoas que chegam para somar. Amém! 🙏🙌❤️

Hey y’all! This is my very first masterpost and I hope you’re going to like it. Well, I wish I’d find these pages earlier maybe one or two years before. I have to state that I’m very thirsty for knowledge but also I’m also very stingy so I always explore the Internet for free materials and stuff. So I made a masterpost of these results. Umm, there are some of them which can give you a certificate for a certain amount of money but you can also enroll the course without doing this. 

1. DUOLINGO - this must be the most famous one for learning languages, I know you know everything about this one so I won’t explain anything sry guys

pro: almost 1 000 video courses with tests in 10 topics, available mobile app
contra: you have to register

pro: 1 200 free video/audio courses
contra: it is hard to find what you’re searching for

4.EDX -
pro: available mobile app, circa 1 000 video courses
contra: you have to wait until the starting date & register

5. ALISON - this one seems sympathic
pro: wide range of topics
contra: you have to register

pro: has a collection of magazines to each topic
contra: haven’t found any

7. KHAN ACADEMY  - must be good for high schoolers I think
pro:  provided tests for topics, available mobile app
contra: lack of variety

8. BYJU’S - from 6th to 12th class
pro: available mobile app, you can select which class you’re attending
contra: haven’t found any

So I think thats all! Sorry for my bad English and I hope this was useful. Bye babes, xo

Edit: I deleted Skillshare because I realised that it isn’t free :(