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Another Pink Diamond Theory.. sorta

A stupid thought came to me while re watching back to the moon.

Pink Diamond’s mural is drastically different from the murals of the other three diamonds.

White, yellow and Blue all have an ethereal floating stance. 

Pink’s mural is standing almost as if she’s freshly bursting out of the ground. To me it looks like a mural of a newly emerged diamond.

Stewing on that thought I wondered where she was and what she was doing as her “sisters” gained control of so many planets. Then the thought hit me. What if the Earth was truly hers. Diamonds are quite large and are supposed to have a lot of power. A planet that had enough life to bring a diamond to life might truly be rare. A planet that was lush with life to the extreme and have vast resources would be needed.

Considering the size and power of a diamond I can imagine it would create quite the impressive emergence hole on the planet they were born on. Now where on Earth has there been a enormous change in geography that is missing?

Making earth the place of a diamond’s possible birth and death.

  • America: So, I have an idea!
  • England: I bet five dollars it'll include a crazy robot
  • France: I bet ten dollars it'll go down in flames
  • Canada: I bet fifteen dollars he'll be close to dying
  • Russia: I bet twenty dollars that it'll be impossible
  • China: I bet twenty-five dollars that he's gonna ask me for money.
  • Japan: I bet thirty dollars he's gonna ask me for parts.
  • Mexico: I bet fifty dollars he's gonna ask me to build it.

Russia: My country is much closer to you than your so-called state Hawaii. 


Russia: An invasion would not be as hard as you might like to tell yourself. 

America: ….so-called…?