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Tuli mieleen hieno ohimennen kuultu keskustelu viime kesältä ku olin rakennusfirmassa kesätöissä
  • Kustannuslaskija: (tietokoneen ääressä) Ei vittu, nyt on kyllä iha vitun järkevä kommentti täällä raportissa
  • Työmies: No?
  • Kustannuslaskija: No ku tässä sanotaan että hankittava paikalle kaivuri ja kontti jotta asiakas voi siirtää sinne irtaimistonsa
  • Työmies:
  • Kustannuslaskija: siis jollai saatanan kaivurillako se aikoo ne siirtää???
  • Molemmat: (nauraa hetken aikaa asialle)
  • Kustannuslaskija: Eiku hetkinen... tässähän lukee että kuivuri eikä kaivuri
  • Työmies: ai no nehä onki melkee sama asia
  • Kustannuslaskija: nii mitä nyt pari tonnia eroa
  • Työmies:
  • Kustannuslaskija:
  • Työmies:
  • Kustannuslaskija: Ei helvetti, mieti jos me oltais nyt oikeesti tilattu sinne joku vitun kaivuri
  • minä: (tukehtuu nauruun sivummalla)
Summer vocabulary in Japanese

夏 [なつ] - summer
六月 [ろくがつ] - June
七月 [しちがつ] - July
八月 [はちがつ] - August
夏至 [げし] - summer solstice
海の日 [うみのひ] - Marine Day
七夕 [たなばた] - Star Festival
お盆 [おぼん] - Bon Festival
山の日 [やまのひ] - Mountain Day
真夏 [まなつ] - midsummer
夏休み [なつやすみ] - summer holiday
日 [ひ] - sun
暑い [あつい] - hot
猛暑 [もうしょ] - heat wave
暖かい [あたたかい] - warm
晴れ [はれ] - clear weather, fine weather
日照り [ひでり] - dryness, drought
梅雨 [つゆ] - rainy season
雨 [あめ] - rain
雷 [かみなり] - thunder
湿った [しめった] - humid
動物 [どうぶつ] - animal
鳥 [とり] - bird
昆虫 [こんちゅう] - insect
魚 [さかな] - fish
蟹 [かに] - crab
花 [はな] - flower
草 [くさ] - grass
野菜 [やさい] - vegetables
べりー - berry
果物 [くだもの] - fruit
西瓜 [すいか] - watermelon
アイスクリーム - ice cream
海 [うみ] - sea
浜 [はま] - beach
砂 [すな] - sand
タオル - towel
水着 [みずぎ] - swimsuit
ショートパンツ - shorts
Tシャツ - t-shirt
サンダル - sandals
日焼け止め [ひやけどめ] - sunscreen
サングラス - sunglasses
キャップ - cap
傘 [かさ] - umbrella
テント - tent
寝袋 [ねぶくろ] - sleeping bag
扇風機 [せんぷうき] - fan
焚き火 [たきび] - bonfire
バーベキュー - barbecue 
外 [そと] - outside
公園 [こうえん] - park
庭園 [ていえん] - garden
遊園地 [ゆうえんち] - amusement park
プール - swimming pool
ピクニック - picnic
市場 [いちば]  -  market place
クルーズ - cruise
祭 [まつり] - festival
花火 [はなび] - fireworks
浴衣 [ゆかた] - yukata
風鈴 [ふうりん] - wind bell
釣り [つり] - fishing
ハイキング - hiking
キャンピング - camping
サーフィン - surfing
旅行する [りょこうする] - to travel
リラックスする - to relax
休む [やすむ] - to rest
水泳 [すいえい] - swimming
泳ぐ [およぐ] - to swim
肌を焼く [はだをやく] - to get a tan

wataroudesiderus  asked:

Do you think it's a bad thing that the community seems to favor one set of characters in Undertale over others? Sans and Papyrus being small to Undertales plot seemed to have a majority of content dedicated soley to just then. While this isn't always true and people like you have shown a importance on other characters it seems people forgot what made the game great, the vast and great supporting characters. I'd like to know you opinion, you may think this isn't even a concern or existing problem

Well sans and papyrus ARE a big part of the game since they padticipate in all the memorable moments of the game itself.

Sans is my favorite character, he actually moves the plot forwards so it just makes sense that people would pay more attention to him.

This doesn’t have to affect your vision on a character. You shouldn’t even care what the fandom does to the character and much less set your own opinion of them based on what the fandom does.

Pretty sure all the people out there tjat “don’t like sans” it’s onky because “the fandomruined it for them” or mistakenly call him an “overrated character” when he’s ANYTHING but overrated. He is OVERUSED, yes, but this has kothing to do with how likeable his character is and his importance in game.

His character design is brilliant, and I like it much more tham other characters.

But this is why I play undertale oftenly, maybe once a month, or more times. Because that reminds me of all the great moment I had with other characters as well. When papyrus jumped out the window, when toriel huged me in the ruins, when I cooked with undyne, when I danced with mettaton, when I dated alphys, when asgore destroyed the button, when I pet the lesser dog until he went to no dog has ever gone before, when asgore broke the mercy button, when i fought omega flowey, when i hug asriel… and more

I treasure and appreciate all these moments and remind me of how incredibly creative and awesome the other characters are. I’m glad I decided to show that in season 2. Regardless of sams being there or not, even if he had been there the entire season, I’d have still focused on other characters because they are just as amazing to me.

I wish people would rememner that more oftenly, even if you didnt play the game… you at least watched a gameplay and liked it right? And sans wasn’t the only reason of why you liked it.

So with glitchtale, I try to keep the characters as close to the game as possible and right now I’m trying to give them all a spotlight to shine, so I can show how awesome their ORIGINAL designs and personalities are. The same thing that made me love this game in the first place

Anthony trujillo imagine

“Hey your messeging wasnt working, but i was wondering if you could write an imagine of Anthony trujillo using 2, 27, 42, 47, 174 where the reader and him are super flirty and everybody in team 10 knows it, but chance is the only one that actually knows Anthony’s feeling for her”
2. “Stop winking”
27. “Oh its on”
42. “Why so flirty all of a sudden?”
47. “I touched the butt….”
174. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
You had just woken up and had already got yourself ready to meet tessa and erika for a run

Making sure you closed and locked yojr front door you grabed yoir things

Making your way to your jeep you made sure you had everything as you placed your bag in your car

The girls had invited you over for a sleepover tonight

Considering you were practically apart of team 10 everyone was excited to have you over

After a 30 minute drive you had made your car fit near the sidewalk to the house

Makong sure you locked your door you made your way to the door

After knocking a few times because the doorbell was broken somone opened it

“Hey!” A voice said as you looked away from your phone to see Anthony

You had a massive crush on Anthony for the longest time and flirting happened a lot between you both

“hey tony!” You said going to walk in

Your walk was stopped when you felt something make contact with your ass

Gasping you turned around to Anthony

“I touched the butt….” he said shocked at himself and then smirked and winked

Looking at him you glared and then turned around to face the others who were smirking or grinning

Shrugging you made your way into the kitchen where erika and tessa were

“Damn its hot in here!” Anthony yelled as he made his way into the kitchen flapping his shirt

“Then take your shirt off” you said without even thinking

Seeing his shcoked expression you decided to have a bit of fun

“What?!” He asked

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.” You stated smirking at him

He grinned and took his shirt off and while doing so he flexed

You had never seen him without a top before and he was looking mighty fine

He took a step towards you untill he wrapped his arm’s around your waist

“Like what you see babe?” He asked and then winked

You rolled your eye’s

“Stop winking” you said to him as you made it so you were sitting on the bench and away from him

He sighed and made his way over to you again and spread ypur legs so he was now in between them

“You know you love it y/n” tessa said as the other’s made their way in

“Yeah we all know you with he could fuck you all day long” jake said making you groan and blush

You moved your head so it was now hiding in Anthony’s neck where you wrapped your arms around his neck

He soon wrapped his arms around your waist and placed his chin on top of your head

“Leave her alone guy’s. At least she can get laod when she wants. She’s just gotta ask” Anthony said causing you to blush more and push him away

“Let’s go girl’s.” You said beginning to walk to the door

“We wanna come!” You heard chad say and soon they were all pushing infront of you and out the door

“Who’s going in who’s car?” You asked when you saw them arguing

“Were all set. Anthony is the onky one left so he will have to go in yours” jake said as he backed out in his jeep as the other’s followed

You sighed and ipened your jeep door

“Come on then hot shot” you said smiling at Anthony as you got in

“Coming!” He said like a little girl as he got in the car

You shook ypur head and backed out and made your way following the other’s

——-skip ride——–
You had just parked when a voice caught your attention as you got out

“Yeah he likes her. Maybe even loves her” you heard chance say

“So why hasnt he asked her out yet? Tessas voice says

"He’s not sure how to express it to her” jake says joing in

You were soon cut off by Anthony as he placed a hand on your lower back

“You alright?” He asked

You nodded and moved away from him

“Last one to the group has to buy the other lunch!” You yelled already running

“Oh its on!” You heard Anthony yell as You heard him racing after you

You were nearly there when you felt arms wrap around you and lift you up spinning you around

He placed you down facing the other way and raced to the other’s beating you

“That’s not fair! You cheated!” You yelled as you made you way to him

He grinned at you and winked causing you to frown

His smile soon vanished seeing you upset as his arms found their way around your waist again

“I suppose i could buy lunch then” he said as he smiled at you causing you to blush

Nodding you then ran up to erika and tessa and began making your way infront of the boy’s walking up the hill

About 12 minutes into the walk your conversation with the girl’s stipped when you heard the boy’s whisper

“Why not just ask her out?!” Jake whispered

“Because!” Anthony said quietly

“Because what bro?!” Chad asked in a whisper

“Im not sure if she likes me like i fucking like her okay!” Anthony said a bit too loud

You sighed and continue talking with the girl’s

“You like him right?” Erika asked

You sighed a nodded

“I knew it!” Tessa says

“Why are you so sad then?” Erika asks

“Because i want him to ask me out you know….” you said softly

You could see the girl’s exchange knowing looks and sighed

“Nice ass babe!” Anthony yelled to you as you started jogging

“Thanks!” You yelled back

You had finnaly made it to the top of the hill and smiled when you saw the view

Sitting down you swung your legs over the side and smiled

“You know apherodite ain’t got nothing on your beauty!” You heard Anthony say as he sat down next to you

Looking yo him you saw his top was off

“Why so flirty all of a sudden?” You asked softly laughing

“What? Me flirting? Haha” he said blushing

“Were gonna take some photos and i wanted to know if you wanted to get one with me?” He asked scratching the back of his neck

“Of course babe!” You said smiling

“Great!” He said as he got up and then helped you up but he didn’t let your hand go

Infact he interwined your fingers together and squeezed

He sighed when you squeezed his hand back

“Let’s do this” kade said as he held his camera

“Y/n why don’t you go on Anthony’s shoulders” kade said as he smiled at you both

You looked at Anthony for confirmation to wich he nodded and bent down allowing you to go on his shoulders

You grabbed his hair feeling him raise up

“Ouch” he said causing you to blush

“Im so sorry!” You said as you felt him laugh

“It’s alright babe. Hold my hand’s and smile. I wont let anything happen to you” he said

You smiled and grabbed his hands and smiled at the camera

After a few more photos with the other’s you made you way back to the cars

“You alright babe?” Anthony asked you

“Yeah just a bit tired” you said softly smiling at him

“I know you dont let people drive ypur car but maybey i should drive back yeah?” He asked

You nodded and handed him the keys to which he smiled at you

You had just made it back to the team 10 house and you were now in the kitchen while the other’s were upstairs getting a movie ready

“Hey..” you heard Anthony’s voice as you grabbed snacks and drinks

“Hey!” You said as you turned to the next cubourd

“Can i talk to you?…” he asked sounding nervous

You dripped wjat you were doing and grabbed a stool and sit down so you were faceing him on the other stool

“What’s wrong?” You asked softly

“Nothings wrong it’s just. I dont know how to say this but i like you….” he said softly

“You don’t have to say anything…i knew you wouldn’t have liked me anyway…” he said as he got up and began making his way back up stairs

You grabbed his hand and pulled him back so he was looking at you

“I like you too you dork” you said softly and smiled at him

“You do?! Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked

You smiled and nodded causing him to smile and hug you

“Can i kiss you?” He asked placing his hand on your cheek

“Yes” you said and soon his lips were attached to yours in a soft and passionate kiss

As you pulled away you heard the other’s cheering and looked at Anthony who just smiled and kissed you again.

Homonyms and other fun sentences in Finnish

Onkiva rovasti on kiva rovasti joka onki varovasti?
Fishing provost is a nice provost who fished carefully

Hilja sanoi Hiljalle hiljaa niin hiljaa ettei Hilja itsekkään kuullut kun Hilja sanoi Hiljalle hiljaa
Hilja said “be quiet” to (an another) Hilja so silently that Hilja didn’t hear herself as she told Hilja to be quiet

Tulepas Kalle Kustaan ikkunan alle / Tulepas Kalle, kustaan ikkunan alle / Tule paskalle Kustaan ikkunan alle
“Kalle, come under Kustaa’s window”
“Kalle, come and pee under the window.”
“Come and take a shit under Kustaa’s window”

Piilevät piilevät piilevät joissa joissa piilevät piilevät piilevät
Hiding diatoms hide in rivers where hiding diatoms hide

Kai kissa kaikissa joissa, joissa se koittaa onkia, se koittaa sekoittaa onkia.
Apparently in every river where a cat attempts to fish it attempts to muddle with the fishing poles.

Etsivät etsivät etsivät etsivät etsivät
The searching detectives searched (and found) the other searching detectives.

- Kokko! Kokoo kokoon koko kokko!
- Koko kokkoko?
- Koko kokko!
- Ok, kokoon kokoon koko kokon!
Two people talking with each other:

- Kokko (a surname)! Build the whole bonfire up!
- The whole bonfire?
- The whole bonfire!
- Alright, I’ll build up the whole bonfire!

Keksijä Keksi keksi keksin. Keksittyään keksin keksijä Keksi keksi keksin keksityksi
Inventor Cookie invented a cookie. Once the inventor Cookie had invented a cookie he invented that a cookie was invented… or something along those lines.

Haluan tulla riippumattomammaksi riippumattomammaksi
I want to become a more independent hammock mommy.

Kärpänen toiselle: “Tuu kattoon kattoon, kun kaveri tapettiin tapettiin.”
A fly to another: “Come to the ceiling and see, our friend has been killed on the wallpaper”

Ääliö älä lyö, ööliä läikkyy.
Dumbass don’t hit, you’re spilling the beer

Intention for a wedding night

“Kas vain!”, sanoi kasvain ja kasvoi vain sillä vain kasvain voi kasvaa noin vain.
“Oh my!”, said a tumor and grew because only a tumor can grow just like that.

“Älä rääkkää kääkkää!” “En rääkkääkkään!”
“Don’t torture the old man!” “I’m not torturing him!”

Mun mummoni muni mun mammani, mun mammani muni mun.
My grandma laid an egg - my mum. My mum laid an egg - me.

Vihdoin vihdoin vihdoin.
I finally whipped myself with vihta’s - boughs of silver birch

Valta. Valta tuntuu valtavalta
Power. Power feels vast.

Kun pää määrää määränpään on määränpäänä pään määräämä määränpää.
When the head sets the destination, the destination is the destination set by the head.

me, who is captain dumbass: hmm i have two hours to draw a birthday present for my friend
me: madoka kaname is a great choice

Push It to the Limit

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You’re training with Steve. You have strength and endurance, but you lack motivation. Steve helps you with that.


As soon as the time hit 6am, your alarm blared in your ear. You groaned snuggling into your boyfriend’s chest. Seconds later, the alarm was silenced. Your boyfriend sat up and got out of bed leaving you to plop face down where is body just was.

“Steeeeevveee. Come baaaack.” You whined.

You heard him chuckle, “Come on, gorgeous. You promised you’d start training with me.”

“I’m tired and lazy. I don’t wannaaaa. Can’t we just kiss and stuff instead?” you whined again.

Steve pulled the blanket off you and the cool air hit you causing you to shiver, “Sweetheart, if you train with me today, we can kiss and stuff right after.”

You opened your eyes and sat up looking at him, “Promise?” You held your pinky out to him.

Steve smiled and locked his pinky with yours, “Promise.”

An hour later, you were a sweaty mess collapsed on the floor of the gym, “I can’t do it! No more! I tap out for like…EVER!”

Your arms and legs were sore. You felt gross with how you were drenched in sweat. You didn’t understand how Steve was hardly sweating.

“Baby, come on. Just another hour? We’ll do more arm work.” Steve asked looking down at you as you looked up at him from the floor.

You tried lifting yours arms up onky for them to fall back onto the ground with a thud, “Can’t. My arms are jell-o now. Go on without me.”

Steve smiled shaking his head and lied on his bac next to you, “Plank over me.”

“Steve, I tol-”

“Trust me, sweetheart. We both win if you do this.” You complied. You rested your hands on either side of Steve’s face. Your legs resting apart on the sides of his legs.

“Now what?” You asked.

Steve rested his hands on your waist, “Now, you’re going to do some push ups for me. Every time you come down, you get a kiss from me.”

You pouted, “This isn’t what I meant when I said I wanted to kiss and stuff.”

Steve laughed, “Well, that’s your fault for being vague. Besides, you get to kiss me and I get you to work out. We both win.”

You let out a sigh, “Fine. How many?”

“Two reps of twenty-five. Sound reasonable?”

“I guess.”

Steve pinched your hip and you yelped, “I’m being easy on you. Okay. Go.”

You bent your arms at a ninety degree angle lowering yourself down. Your lips met Steve’s with a chaste kiss, then you straightened your arms again.

“One. Good. Again.” You did it again, the second one making you giggle. Steve smiled up at you, “Two. See, isn’t this fun?”

You rolled your eyes, “Not really.” You muttered.

Steve suddenly tickled you on your sides causing you to collapse onto him. Steve groaned, “You hurt me.”

You scoffed, “One, your fault. Two, as if that really hurt you. Your abs are made of steel!”

Steve’s body shook under you and he chuckled, “You’re something else, you know that?”

You gave Steve another chaste kiss smiling, “I’ll take that as a compliment.” You then stood and began to walk towards the gym doors.

“Where you going?” Steve called out to you.

“You’ve pushed me to my limit, Cap! I’m tappin’ out! I feel disgusting, so I’m taking a shower!” You threw up a peace sign and walked the hell out of there leaving Steve still on the floor smiling to himself.

"The love of a family" -joe sugg imagine

Requested - “Could you do a Joe sugg/Zoe sugg imagine where joe notices how skinny his girlfriend is and how she doesn’t eat/always finds excuses not to eat so asks Zoe to speak to her. Zoe speaks to her and she admits that she might have a problem?? ❤️❤️❤️Thankyou so much”

Warnings: may be a bit sad.
You, joe and zoe grew up together and somewhere along the way you and your family left for 7 year’s and you never saw zoe or joe again.

After leaving for 7 year’s everything went horribly wrong. Your parents had got a divorce 2 year’s after you left your home town.

You decided to live with your mother and had never seen your father again after that day.

You mother then got engaged to another man 2 year’s later and he hated you.

He made you feel so useless and ashamed of your body.

when you were 20 year’s old and joe was 22 year’s old, you found each other again and you fell in love with joe as he fell in love with you.

3 years later and you although were happy to be with joe your mind never left what that horrible man had said to you

“Your so fat.” “Loose some weight” “no wonder you font have a boyfriend, your so fat”

What he said left a mark on you and you often found ways to not eat ever again after that

You and joe hadn’t been intimate for quite a while now as you felt you were still fat and didn’t want him to see that side of you.
As you got out of the shower one morning you walked into your shared room with joe and caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirrior you had in the room

Dropping the towel you stood there and looked at your pale and fragile body

Although you were way too skinny, you just couldn’t see that and in your mind you were still fat.

You were too busy picking at your skin to notice that joe was leaned against the doorframe of you room with sadness and tears in his eye’s

“Y/n….” joe said softly and quietly

Quickly turning around to see him you bent down to pick the towel up and wrap around yourself

“get out. Get out” you said frantically running to push him out and close the door

Joe banged on the door asking to come in with pain in his voice as you slid down the door and cried

Joe continued to bang a few more times before he realised that you weren’t coming out

Quickly running downstairs he ran into the kitchen and quickly grabbed his phone and dialed his sister’s number

Zoe picked up on the firat ring and could hear the deep breathes of her brother and immediately asked what was wrong onky for joe to craoak and start to cry heavily

“Please come over zoe now” joe said with heavy tears falling frantically down his face as he raced back up stairs and sat at the top of them and watched the door you were behind

“What’s wrong joe?!” Zoe frantically asked and joe could hear that she was moving around and getting her shoes on

“How could i have been so stupid not to know zoe” joe whispered in the phone

“What are you on about? Whats going on joe?” Zoe asked as joe heard a car start

“You know what, just breath and ill be there i 5 minutes” zoe said as she hung up

*joe’s pov*
‘How could i have been so blind to see that she had a problem and had been starving herself?’ I thought to myself as i got ip and went to our door

Gripping the door handle i turned it onky to realise she had locked me out

I sighed and knocked

“Y/n?…baby please let me in” i said as my breath got caught

I got the response of silence and that worried me

“Y/n?…..” i asked louder this time

“Go away…” i hear a faint reply and i could tell she was sitting down leaning against the door

Sliding down the door i leaned my head back and breathed as tears began to fall again

“Please baby……i want- i want to help…..” i didn’t know what to say

Silance filled the air once again untill a knock was heard on the front door

I was lucky that my sister and her husband were in town as i walked down to open the door

“What’s going on Joseph sugg.” Zoe said as she barged in with alfie following closely behind

She was about to start having ago at me When she saw my tear stained face she stopped

With a soft frown on her face she ran and wrapped me in her arm’s

“Where’s y/n? And whats going on?” She asked softly

“She’s in our room….” i could barley speak as i just cried in my sister’s arm’s

She patted my back and held me in her arm’s as she shhh’d me calming me down like she used to when we were little

Walking us over into the living room she sat me down on the couch next to her as alfie pulled a chair up and sat in front of us

“What happened joe?” Alfie asked softly as his hand held out a tissue

“She’s been starving herself…..” i started

“How could i have been so stupid zoe….ive been with her nearly 4 years and not once did i notice anything was wrong untill a few weeks ago….”

“I just saw her…..she was so- so skinny and pale…..she looked like she was about to break if she took one more step….” i just cried as i went to get up i was pulled back down

“I don’t think you should speak to her right now joe…your not in the right headspace.” Alfie said

“Please talk to her zo….” i asled as i turned to my sister with hope

*zoe’s pov*
“Of course” i said to joe as i got up and whipped the few stray tears that ahd fallen from my face

“She’s locked the door…” i heard my brother craoak as alfie hugged him

“I’ve got it…” i said as i pushed myself up the stairs

Standing in front of my brother’s room i knocked on the door softly

“Y/n….its zo….please open the door….” i said softly

I heard movement against the door

“Go away…” i heard a weak reply

Sliding down so i was eye level with the handle i pulled a Bobby pin out of my hair and placed it against it and did my work

After 2 minutes i felt the door unlock and high fived myself mentally

Pushing the door open slightly i slid in through the gap i ahd created and then closed it again

My brother was right…she looked like she would break immediately if she got up from her spot on the floor

“Oh y/n….” i gasped as i bent down near her and cried

“Why?…..” i asked her as she looked at me with dull eye’s and a tear stained pale face

“I was too fat….he said i was….” i stopped and got angry

“Who? Joe?” I asled as i got up and was ready to go after my brother

“No…” i ket go of the door handle and bent back down

“Who then?…” i asked softly as i pushed some hair behind her ear

“My stepdad….” she whispered so quietly that i alsmost missed it as she started crying again

“He said i was too big….that i would never get a boyfriend and no one would like me if i didn’t loose weight…..” she cried

“That’s not true y/n and you know that…..”
I moved so i was against the door and next to her as i pulled her into a hug

“What he said is not true….i mean look you’ve been with joe for what? Nearly 4 years now…and you have alfie and i…along with jim and tanya, jack, Connor, casper and maddie, josh and oli…youve got a lot more people than you think….we dont think your fat and we never have…” i began felling her slightly shake

Getting up i pulled her up softly with me and pulled her over to her wardrobe and pulled out a top and trackpants

Turning to her i got her to drip her towel and helped her into her clothes seeing as she already had underwhere on

“Look..” i said pulling her gently so we were standing infront of the mirrior

“I have a problem…i know zo….but i can’t stop…” she whispered as she looked down

“Your all going to leave me now arnt you…” she asked and that broke my heart

“Absolutely not. Listen just because that barstad of a stepfather of yours said all those horrible thing’s….that don’t make it true…yes it is not healthy to be this skinny and it is a slight problem but that does not mean we cant fix it…and we will love you no matter what…joe…he will love you no matter what, he’s loved your for quite some time now y/n and i doubt he will leave you…even if you were black, short, asian, skinny or fat we would still love you no matter what but this state your in. Its not healthy and i will do everything in power to help you And to show you that we are here no matyer what. Your apart of the family y/n….your a sugg and your apart of the gang and we all love you…we always have….and we always will. So dont you dare say any of that again. He’s no longer your family or apart of it. We are.” By the end of that she was on the floor with me in my arm’s as we cried

I soon felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see alfie and joe with sad and teary eye’s as they looked at y/n and i

Feeling y/n move slightly i looked down at her as she got up and ran into joe’s open arm’s and cried with joe as joe wrapped her up in a warm embrace

Alfie helped me up and hugged me as i hugged him back and soon we felt fragile and small ars wrap around us

“Thank you zo…..” i turned out of alfies grip and hugged y/n tight but not too tight

“Please just remember that we are here now and we are not going anywhere at all. Tomorrow were going out and were going to help you get back on your feet again.” I said as i held her

Soon i felt two more pairs wrap around mine and y/n’s body

“All of us. We are family and we help each other no matter what.” Joe said as we all smiled at her

“Don’t forget about us!” We hear a voice say as we felt more arms wrap around us

Soon the whole gang was here and we were all wrapped up in a big hug.

“The love of a family is lifes greatest blessing”
Authors note:
Joe had forgot that the bbq he planned was today and forgot that he had given the boys a spare key incase you were wondering how the rest gor there 😂😊

The infamous Tarot reference

Tarot reader here. Let me break this down for you. 

Premises - skip them if you’d like, the content is  down -. Way too often I have seen, in all kinds media, Tarot references that make absolutely zero sense to a reader. The whole “oh my he pulled the Detah card” discourse is the quintessence of it: as any tarot reader knows, the 13th card is not negative and in general - with an exception for this panel and this particular card - , not any card in negative per se. It all comes with the reading, in the context with the other cards and with the reading verse the card itself. 

Secondly: Simbolisms and Numbers. out of the many different decks - the Marseille Tarots, the most common, the Ryder-Waite, the ones I use in normal readings, the various kinds of historical tarots, the Cat Tarots, the Witches Tarots, the Stained Glass Tarots the [insert random stuff here] Tarot - out there, how do we readers identify the single cards? With the numbers, with the name - which is usually written in either Italian or French, for traditional decks - but most of all, wth the imagery. For example we know that The Fool Card, Il matto, card number 0 or 22 or no number depending on the decks, represents a young man dancing at the edge of a cliff, well dressed, uncaring, with one or two dogs by his side - if it’s one, black, if two, one is white. Because the imagery itself is a mnemonic technique for the the reader to remember the meaning - badly needed, if I may, because just the Major Arcana are 22, each with a wall of text of meanings and interactions with other cards, while the Minor, a whole deck consists of 78 cards. The number, to a tarot reader, is not even useful. It represents the stream of consciousness of the deck - here it gets complicated, so I’ll cut short - , it’s needed to identify the card just to non Tarot readers. That is wht most tarot references in media are simply not accurate: the author picks the cards, reads the meaning anc copies and pastes the number. But to say that is a reference is at the very least a simplification. However, I am not here to explain why it’s innacurate, I’m here to try to sneak a peek inside Ishida Sui’s mind and understand what this reference, for as innacurate as it may be, means to story. 

Thirdly: Interpretations. To be added to the massive amount complications above is the fact that every tarot reader has their own method. I for one know that mine is different from many others, from my mentor’s method, different, also, from Carl  Jung’s method - yes, Carl Gustav Jung, co-founder of modern psychology, used tarots. So while what I say to you cannot be completely different from the intepretation of another reader, I can assure you it won’t be the same. Before begininning a reading, I always warn my “clients” - in commas cause I don’t get paid lol - that this is a game, do not take it too seriously, it doesn’t define your existence, past or future. 

Lastly: I’ll be simplifying majorly the meanings and simbolism, for the sake of clarity and time. All that I say is accurate to the ends of explaining the issues here, but not for the issue of Tarots in general.

Having said all of this, let’s begin

Assuming that the number to be read in the panel up there is a 16 - next I’ll write what it could be in case it were a 6 instead -, assuming that all the premises didn’t happen and we are, in fact and without doubt, talking about the Tower card, La Torre, in Italian, and in French, in the ancient Marseille Tarots, which go back all the way to the Reinassance, La Maison Dieu, The house of God. Let’s concentrate on this meaning: the card is associated to the Babel Tower, a story of the Old Gospels, in which the Tower which intended to be as tall as the sky, to reach even God, is fated by Him to fall to ruin, as per the impossibility of communication between its builders, who all speak different language, and for the curse that is shall fall in the basements as it gets taller and taller. 

The Tower of Babel, Bruegel, 1563 - in front is King Nimrod, descendant of Noah, and the one who ordered the construction of the tower, overlooking the workers.

In short what does the Card mean: the rovinous triumph of the Ego. Failure, due to inattention, aiming too high and then falling apart. The bad materialization of ideal values who cause ruin and despair. God sent lighting to destroy the tower, and the tower fell

La Torre, Ryder-Waite tarots

Seeing that this is quite abstract, I’ll be more explicit. Just like Nimrod forgot to bow his head to the deity, so he is punished, for relying too much on everyday material values. The Tower was meant to achieve everything, it was meant to reach the sky, and it was, indeed, very high; but God let men build it so high just to make its fall even more disastrous.  

Now: substitute God with Ishida sui and men with “fans”, and you’ll immediately see what I’m getting at. 

When I do a reading, however, this is not all that I say. As my client stares at me baffled, I explain that in short, The Tower means BAD STUFF. Remember before when I said that the first thing a reader learns is that the Death Card is not negative, despite all the rumours, and it actually means “death” onky reversed? Well, here is your scapegoat ladies and gentleman. This card is the embodimen of the Murphy Law: if it can go worse, it will.

However, the number is reversed. Which means, according to the imagery of most decks, that the card itself is reversed.  The second thing a reader learns is that the meaning of the upright card is the contrary of the reversed one, so, if the Death means means “change”, the Death reversed means “bad change, possibly even death”, and if a card has a general negative meaning, reversed it will have a positive meaning*. Here’s your exception - well also the Devil technically, but it’s not the point now -: La Torre upright means bad stuff and when reversed, it means worse stuff. It’s the black cat of the deck, the card you hope not to turn. 

Summing up: things are looking very promising now but they won’t be for long. All of this wonderful happiness is just to make the wounds in the future hurt much more.  Again: I’m just explaining the meaning of the card, I’d rather not have to write what I’m writing now. And yes, this chapter is shouting “death flag” as much as it could, and unfortunately, the meaning of the card confirms it.


*an example would be this cover featuring Kaneki, Furuta and The Hanged Man, L’impiccato,

… and seeing what the imagery of the card is…

The Hanged Man, Marseille Tarots

I’ll be short and tell you straight away that Kaneki is the positive position now: he’s enduring a harsh path to obtain, as the card says he will, a great reward. While Furuta is putting too much at stake. This a perfect reference, as it fits precisely with where the story is actually going. The card itself has a very beautiful meaning: stay strong, endure, be brave. So fear not: all should be okay, in the end - at least for Kaneki. 

So, yeah. My general intake is that Touka will die, while Kaneki may or may not, but before he does, he will have accomplished exactly what he wanted.

I feel like Alex would be the one to collect things..

• When he was really little he started collecting bugs. Like those ones frozen into glass cubes.

• He would look in the magazine which sold them, eyes wide with amazement at all the different species he could collect.

• As he got older his interests changed, still in the region of collecting. Nowadays he was more in the business of collecting plectrums.

• He loved music and gigs were his life. The atmosphere and the people included. So why shouldn’t he combine his love for live music and collecting.

• The first plectrum he collected was from an All Time Low gig when he was 16.. It was a lucky catch and started an obsession

• He would try and get a pick from every gig and if that wasn’t possible he would Wright a letter.

• Collecting was the onky constant in Alex’s life. Even the people in his life chopped and changed, first he was friends with Hannah and then Jess, then neither of them.. Then Justin and Zach and Bryce.

• His collection was his pride and joy… He would reorganise it if he was feeling stressed or dust it if something was on his mind.

• Alex just loves to collect things because once they’re in the collection they’re not going to leave.

• Collecting is a constant in his life and something to clear his mind.