BTS having sex with their BF {NSFW/REQUEST}

Does contain BoyxBoy so if you’re uncomfortable with this type of thing, avoid it and keep scrolling.


Jin would be loving towards his boyfriend. Preferring to keep eye contact and close proximity with his boyfriend. Jin is also a switch, so when you dom him, I can see Jin being more willing to have you fuck him roughly.

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Yoongi would be rough. Like boy you ain’t gon be able to walk in the morning. I can see Yoongi liking to tease you by putting a vibrating butt plug in you or putting a cock ring on you when you join him for events or go on dates together.

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Quite similar to Yoongi, Namjoon would be rough AF. Though I can see him being slightly more open to having you fuck him. It’d be a rare occasion but it’d happen. I can see Namjoon loving to buy you stockings and him ripping them as the night goes on

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Hobi would definitely be a switch. One night he’d want to fill you with his cock and the next want you to fuck him until the only thing he could remember was your name. Hoseok would probably prefer you to fuck him, and love it when you teased him. 

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Jimin is a sub, fite me on this. Like I can see him begging for you to fuck him ruthlessly, or have you spank him if he’s been a bad boy (hot damn). Jimin would love it if you stuffed his face with your cock, or teased him for hours on end.

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Mr.Taehyung would be a power bottom. Like this man would love having you ride his cock, and would get hella turnt on your reactions when he thrusted up or decided to play with your balls.

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Our maknae would be a dom. Again, fite me. Jungkook would get so turned on if you begged for him. This boy would be a big tease and enjoy bringing you close to your orgasm before stopping and teasing you again.

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