Sket Dance Appreciation Post

Sket Dance has been animated since 2011 but I just watched it recently and it was introduced to me by my classmate who requested for me to download it. At first I was hesitant because I don’t think I will like it but I downloaded it anyway since a friend of mine requested for it. To be honest, I just tried watching the first episode since I do not have any anime episode to watch back then. I found the first episode interesting and funny and I got hooked until I decided to finish downloading and watching it.
What I love about this anime are the three main characters. I appreciate their sincere effort to help others even though they will end up in trouble. But what I love most about them is how they were able to grow as a character despite their past. The three of them know what it feels like to get hurt and so they want to help others who are hurting and suffering as well. At first, I consider them as some funny characters who just want to help others. But when I watched all of their pasts, I began to appreciate them in a deeper sense.
Sket Dance, I believe is not just simply a comedy anime. It is about the different struggles in life that an ordinary student encounters, valuing friends and family and trying to change for the better. It is a more serious anime if we will try to look into it deeper.