karuite asked:

This one is for Xi. When you are naked and transformed you're almost invisible. You don't look like the quiet type, and certain you have use it to have fun, so, what is the naughtiest thing you have done?

Xi: Of course an ability like mine should not be wasted, dear. As an answer to your question I must say that I can tell you the size of every men in the crew. 
Jet: What size?
Xi: Do you really need to ask ? *winks*, the biggest one is Oniz…
*Hong, who is sitting next to Xi, blushes and hides her face in her hands*
Jet: We don’t want to know that! You’re making Hong uncomfortable!
Xi: Jealous much?
Jet: More like decent
Xi: *ignoring him* And it’s very funny to enter  people’s rooms in the middle of the night making things fall. Some of the boys and girls from the first and second squad are certain there is a ghost here
Hong: It was you? *pouting*I was terrified
Xi: Hong sweetie, I didn’t mean to scare you *hugs her* I thought you were aware it was me.
Jet: You are the one making a mess of the boys room every week? We were blaming each other! Xi! Don’t go! Come bacl or…
Xi: Or what? Are you going to tell everybody my base organism? You know you can’t
Jet: *glaring at her* You are evil

Xi ignores him again and leaves the room with Hong.