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Cuando estás metido profundamente en algo, nunca dices o haces lo que deberías. Es siempre luego de lo que ocurre, cuando es demasiado tarde, que te das cuenta de lo que deberías haber dicho o hecho.
—  «Origin»
-Jennifer L. Armentrout.
Because Reasons

Here’s headcanon pokemon teams for Inquisition’s inner circle. Because I’m thinking about Sun and Moon and Dragon Age.

Some of these were directly stolen headcanons from @thejerseydeviledoodleblog, mainly Bull’s sylveon and Dorian’s altaria. Also, Sera’s emolga and Cole’s espurr, as well as Vivienne’s steelix.

Cassandra: Lucario, Charizard, Raichu, Bisharp, Dewott, Zoroark

Cassandra obtained her lucario as a riolu when she started Seeker training, and she has had Charizard ever since she was a girl, when she obtained him as a charmander. She picked up Raichu as a pichu also when a young woman. She caught zorua, which later evolved into zoroark, as a means to negate psychic-type attacks. Dewott is a more recent pokemon, and she was given an oshawott by the Inquisitor, who had obtained several “starter” pokemon from visiting nobles. Bisharp was caught as a pawniard in Orlais.

Iron Bull: Machamp, Sylveon, Dragonite, Rampardos, Bewear, Pignite

Bull got a machop before heading to Seheron, which eventually evolved into Machamp. Sylveon was found as an eevee in Orlais, which had been abandoned. His Dragonite was obtained by trading and trading for a dratini, which had been his dream pokemon. Rampardos was found as a cranidos in the jungles of Seheron. Bull caught Bewear as an adult, when it was threatening some lord’s land. It wanted to stay with him. Pignite is the most recent addition, which was given to him as a tepig by the Inquisitor.

Blackwall: Mudsdale, Rhydon, Ursaring, Aegislash, Sealeo, Quagsire

Blackwall has had his mudsdale forever, since he caught it as a mudbray as a kid. Rhydon was caught as a rhyhorn during his work as an Orlesian soldier. Ursaring was caught as a teddiursa on the run– or, more like it, it caught him, as it wandered into camp, hit one of his pokeballs, and caught itself. Aegislash was given to him as a honedge when he was still a soldier. He caught sealeo as a spheal in the wild, and found a wooper while masquerading as Blackwall.

Sera: Emolga, Goomy, Beedrill, Combee, Purrloin, Pikachu

Sera caught the beedrill as a weedle when she was really little. She found her pichu (which evolved into pikachu) and emolga together, which began following her after being amused by her pranking. She caught purrloin as a partner in crime, which doesn’t want to evolve. She found a combee one time in the Hinterlands and grew on it– it is a male combee, meaning it won’t evolve. Finally, she found a goomy in the Fallow Mire, which she caught and thought was cute.

Cole: Mimikyuu, Espurr, Cubone, Phantump, Shedinja, Blissey

Cole never explained how he found any of his pokemon, but they likely started following him on their own.

Varric: Gliscor, Marshtomp, Sableye, Pachirisu, Furret, Salandit

Varric caught gliscor as a gligar during his expedition to the Deep Roads. Similarly, his sableye was also caught in the Deep Roads; it began following them after they took some of the gold and baubles they found in the Roads, and it stuck with him. Pachirisu was given to him by Merrill after hers laid an egg. He caught Salandit as a kid, as well as furret (which was initially a sentret). He was given a mudkip by Hawke.

Vivienne: Steelix, Gardevoir, Milotec, Serperior, Aurorus, Cinccino (shiny).

She had steelix as long as she can remember, which was originally an onix. Gardevoir she got as a kirlia to assist her with research in the Circle. She caught Milotec as a feebas, and was given a shiny minccino by the Empress of Orlais as a gift. She was also given a snivy as a gift. Aurorus was obtained as an amaura after a successful experiment with a sail fossil.

Dorian: Gallade, Umbreon, Luxray, Seviper, Meowth (Alolan form), Altaria

He was given most of his pokemon as a child in their pre-evolved forms, save his umbreon and meowth. He caught umbreon as an eevee when travelling south to meet the Inquisition, and caught meowth when in the northern, more humid part of Tevinter.

Solas: Mightyena, Absol, Musharna, Reuniculus, Smeargle, Spiritomb

Solas made up stories for all of his pokemon, though he’s had almost all of them since before the fall of Elvhenan. They act similarly like they’re full of secrets. The only one who wasn’t was his smeargle, which he found trying to paint over his murals.

Josephine: Delcatty, Azumarill, Wingull, Oriocorio (baile style), Dedenne, Audino

She caught wingull and azumarill (which was an azurill at the time) when visiting Antiva City’s docks. Oriocorio was given to her by her parents. Dedenne she was given as a pet as a child, and she got audino as an assistant when she went to finishing school. She was given delcatty as a skitty by a family friend when working in Orlais.

Cullen: Squirtle, Ivysaur, Arcanine, Pyroar, Audino, Braviary

He was given an Audino by Josephine after hers laid an egg to help with his stress. Braviary, arcanine, and pyroar were caught as their pre-evolved forms as a kid. Squirtle was given to him by the Inquisitor, and he caught a bulbasaur while in Kirkwall.

Leliana: Honchkrow, Slurpuff, Nidoqueen, Roserade, Greninja, Weavile

Leliana has had Honchkrow (which was a murkrow during Origins) ever since she began working as a bard. She caught Slurpuff in its pre-evolved form because she thought it was cute; this was during Origins, and she didn’t want the Darkspawn to get it. She had nidoqueen as a nidoran for a pet when she was a girl. She also caught a budew, froakie, and a sneasel during her work as a bard.