onision the feminist

Onision: I’m a feminist

Also Onision: If you get work done on your body, you’re fake. Also you’re disgusting if you get a boob job, and I’d never let my girlfriend get a boob job. Clearly any girl getting a boob job is doing it for a man. Oh and if you dare to wear heels you’re a retard and I’ll rant at you for being so stupid in public. Also if my girlfriend dares betray me I’ll demand she get a tattoo of lair to prove herself to me and demand she change her appearance to look ugly to prove you’re devoted to me.

ONION LOGIC: Women are life factories, regardless of whether or not they are capable of having children, or even want to.  All woman have vaginas, and all people who have vaginas are women.  Women all have a primary goal in life to be a companion to a man.  All women want to be with men, and all men want to be with women.  All men lay awake in their beds at night thinking about women they’ve probably never even met until they find a woman to settle down with.  All men enjoy gross, perverted things having to do with vaginas, and no woman would ever enjoy these things.

From the video “WOMEN & LOW SELF-ESTEEM”

I know I already did a quote from this video, but I thought this one was just as important.  He’s trying to make a point that women are important, I get it.  But in doing so, he’s insinuating that everybody is heterosexual and cis (and absolutely consumed with sexual desire 24/7, no less,) and implies that the only reason a guy would overlook a girl being “ugly” is so he could get laid.  And he’s kink shaming, to boot!  Isn’t that lovely?


This is the video all feminist-haters and ‘women against feminism’ should watch! It’s a little harsh, but he’s got some good points.

annafaerie  asked:

Okay I'm kind of confused as to why some people associate Onion with feminism/social justice?? Like I'm a bra burning sjw (I say that ironically lol) and I fucking hate him with a passion. I even sided with Blaire White, who I usually don't see eye to eye with over him. Like it's so obvious Glug hates and disrespects women, Lgbt people, etc and abuses and exploits young girls...I know he's claimed to be a feminist before but you know Onion, he talks out of his ass.

Greg used to call himself a feminist, but then changed his self-proclaimed label to egalitarian so that he could slut shame people, say “cunt” and “nigga,” and not be called out by “SJW’s” for being a bad feminist. Sometimes he still calls himself a feminist on occasion. Thanks to people like him, he is the type that gives people a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to feminism. He claims women are superior to men, and then goes and bashes women. He started calling himself a feminist when it was “cool” to it seems.
What’s funny is that a lot of people think that “Onision Haters” are conservative and hate him because he is a feminist.
I consider myself a feminist liberal, and I very much disagree with the anti-trans, racist, anti-drug, and sexist things he has said, and don’t see him as a feminist whatsoever. I don’t see the things he jokes about as comedic, as it is damaging to make fun of these issues.
I really don’t understand how anyone can look to him and think that he is an actual feminist and isn’t just saying he is because that is what his community and fans want to hear because of all the sickening things he has said and done. Also, he just posted a video telling people they shouldn’t get top surgery if they are trans because he loves titties when his own significant other has expressed great dysphoria when it comes to their breasts and has praised others for getting top surgery and expressed interest in it, how is that ok and feminist?

Thoughts on the "Onision Committed These Crimes..." video.


The video starts off with Onision dressing up as a supposed “SJW”. He wears a pink wig and badly done red lipstick. He even starts off “As a woman..” I have a couple of problems with this portayal. Firstly, it’s weird because alot of the anti-onision blogs are run by men so the “As a woman…” would be wrong. Secondly, Onisionis hypocritical as hell because he has called Lainey, Billie and Sarah “Tumblr SJWs” and he himself has called himself a “Feminazi” so I don’t know why he made it an SJW and alot of anti-onision blogs are anti-feminist.

Anyway, I want to address a couple of Onision’s points.

First: Onision implies that posting a picture of yourself on a forum that cannot be accessed unless you register and then recieve an email from the admin which is run by, not a doctor, not a dietician, not a psychologist but a 30 year old man is “Body positive”. Being brutally honest is not something special. You can receive an even better opinion from a doctor so honestly, Onision should dtop pretending that what he is doing is “body positive”.

Secondly: Onision then says that saying “Women under 18 should not submit photos to other people consensually showing anything less than a burqa.” *Sigh* Welcome to 2017, where wanting women to not be sexualized is *bad*. Okay, what Onision is doing is a strawman, noone in the anti-o community has supported that statement. It would be perfectly fine if Onision judged their bodies in medical way but he has repeatedly said sexual things to minors. He also makes the assumption that women under 18 can wear innapropriate clothes and send in to a 30year old man. Firstly, no, that’s pornography and secondly women under 18 are not fully developed mentally! I cannot stress this enough. That is why you cannot drink until a certain age, because a minor’s mind is not properly developed.

Onision then ends the video with the “SJW” being shot in the head. Okay, so that’s what he wants to do to his anti-community, okay. I have never really hated Onision and I certainty don’t with him death. I sincerely hopes he makes the content that he used to make and that he changes his creepy ways because unless he changes fpr the better, he is going to be in a whole lot of legal trouble

Onision Claims that He Believes Women are Superior, (with just a few exceptions)

1.) Women who wear makeup, they’re ‘fake, pathetic & insecure’ because they paint their faces like ‘clowns’. 

2.) Women who are sexually activity more than he thinks is acceptable, they’re “sluts” & “whores”.

3.) Women who have breast implants, because (as he said in his videos & tweets) the only reason women get implants is because they’re insecure.

4.) Women who are sexually assaulted, but don’t immediately report it to the police, because according to Greg, they don’t want justice & are partially responsible for any sexual assaults that guy commits after them. Sorry ladies, no excuses, just get over your fear of reporting, because (once again according to Greg) you really shouldn’t have a choice … kind of ironic isn’t it).

5.) Women who drink alcohol, not only has Onision said these women are partially responsible for their own assaults, because they voluntarily assumed the risks that come with drinking, if they’d just stop drinking, fewer women would get assaulted. (Call me crazy but it seems to me that the men who assault women are 100% to blame. It’s basically saying, “you drink, you’re asking for it”).

6.) Women who don’t breast feed, (for example, because they have to work etc.,) are horrible mothers/women. I don’t think he realizes one income families are a rarity or that single mother often need to work or that women should be able to work without being labeled a bad parent. 

7.) Women who ‘claim’ emotional abuse, they’re too sensitive, abuse is only physical. (Well except for the time he claimed he was verbally abused by one of the teenagers he dated in his mid-20′s, but THAT was different, she was so mean to him).

8.) Women who have different opinions on feminism than he has …they’re ‘'Stupid & retarded” …)

9.) Women who have difficulty coping with the long term effects of sexual abuse/assault & other traumatic events (ie., self-injurious behaviour) or women struggling with eating disorders, or women who have “daddy issues” (apparently a lot of women have daddy issues according to Dr. Onision)

10.) Most of his ex’s, they’re all cheaters, liars, thieves, gold diggers, sluts & whores who cannot get over him.

So let’s see who’s left, women who don’t wear makeup, drink alcohol (or coffee, because anyone who does is inferior to him), women who don’t get breast implants (or any plastic surgery), women who are only as sexually active as he deems appropriate (the sign of a true feminist) & women who behave as he deems appropriate after being sexual abused/assault & women who share his views on feminism. (I’m not sure if this means the views he ‘claims’ to have or the actual views he talks about when he isn’t trying to convince people’s really a feminist). Women who breast feed as long as Greg has decided they should, but practically no women he’s dated. Oh & women who cope with traumatic events such as childhood sexual abuse in ways Onision deems appropriate & understandable. (After all, even if he hasn’t gone through what they have, he still knows how you should/shouldn’t deal with it). Wow, that not only leaves a few women left, he thinks quite a few women are pathetic, insecure, stupid & inferior. But hey, at least he’s being ‘brutally honest’ about why these women are pathetic, insecure, stupid & inferior.

Can we talk about Onision for a minute.

onision is so underrated. He has opened my eyes to some things through his amazingly crafted videos. They have real meaning. But it’s not all serious. He spaces them out with funny videos, and that makes it a truely good channel.

I originally found Onision back in 2009 with his “I’m a banana” song. I think we all saw that at one point. I never really looked at his channel much more than that.
Until a few weeks ago.
Here are some videos that you need to watch:

About cutting (If you self harm, don’t skip over this one, you should watch this more.)

Feminisim  This is exactly why I am a Feminist. Full stop.

Please check his channel out. Now.


“Why Do Some Girls Oppose Feminism?”

This is great, a very smart 19 year old I’d never heard of before administering an ass-whipping to this Justin Bieber impressionist/appallingly patronizing male feminist in a manner that may well have been outlawed by the UN under their ‘Rational Violence Against Intellectual Children Act’.

A Few Reasons Why Onision is Not a Feminist:

1.) Feminist typically don’t refer to women as bitches, sluts & whores, that’s what insecure little men do.

2.) Unlike Greg, feminist don’t make videos saying that if a women is in an abusive relationship, but doesn’t report it to her family &/or the police, she’s basically asking for it.

3.) I’ve never heard a feminist tell young girls that simply because they have a vagina, some guy will want them, however I have seen Greg spew this shit, thinking he was giving his young female fans hope.

4.) I don’t think many feminist would agree with Greg when he said that girls who voluntarily consume alcohol and are then sexually assaulted are partially responsible for the assault because they assumed all the risks when they decided to drink.

5.) I have yet to hear a feminist refer to a women as “life factories”, however I have heard Greg describe women in this way.

6.) When Greg was accused by an ex-girlfriend of pressuring her into having sex with him for the 1st time & responded “that’s funny, real funny coming from someone who slept with X number of people”, I highly doubt many feminists agreed with him or felt that the number of sexual partners a women has had means anything when it comes to these matters.

I could go on & on but I think this list is sufficient in terms of demonstrating that Onision is not a true feminist in the least, but rather a guy who just pretends he’s one in order to appeal to his young female fan-base 


This made me 200000x more of a feminist 

ONION LOGIC: Women are so superior to men that they need men to keep them company, marry them, buy them things, and open doors for them.   Because they’re so superior.  Men do these things for women as a sign of submission and admittance to their inferiority.  It would be unthinkable for a woman to ever do these things for a man!

From the video “WOMEN & LOW SELF-ESTEEM”

So I’m not even going to touch the blatant heteronormativity here, and just say that I hold doors open for people (regardless of their gender) because it’s a nice thing to do.  I pick up tabs sometimes because it’s a nice thing to do.  I don’t see this as catering to somebody or a service to them, I just see it as being nice.

And this is the same video where he mentions that even ugly women can still get a man because they have a vagina.  He refers to women as life factories and implies that this is where their value comes from.  So women who are infertile, or women who choose not to reproduce are therefore worthless.  Way to go, Onion!