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  • Onision: *Shits on 21 Pilots and tells fans to grow up*
  • Onision: *Throws a crybaby shitfit whenever anyone calls his book anything but a masterpiece*
  • Onision: *Says he's not gay and then calls himself a slur for gay people*
  • Onision: *makes fun of people with depression while claiming to have depression*
  • Onision Fans: "it's called offensive comedy lol grow up"

It’s not every day that an abusive sociopath plainly displays his behavior on the internet for the world to see (…or is it?).  Greg’s recent video “We Broke Up” was nauseating to watch.  There are a few points I would like to address.  Here is some honesty, truth, facts, and logic, to the self-proclaimed king of said values.

In the video, Greg puts Billie, Ayalla, and Lainey’s private information on blast.  He gives details that are absolutely unnecessary other than to assassinate their character and “publicly humiliate” them, which he calls out Richie for doing in the exact same video.  He shows screen caps of private text messages, including Billie directly saying she does not want certain information on the internet.  He did not have her consent to put any of those details on the internet.  This is called violating someone.  There was no reason for him to tell the internet about her personal struggles. And if someone is talking about being suicidal, they are extremely emotionally vulnerable, and any normal, empathetic human knows that it is absolutely inappropriate to show the entire world someone in this state.  And then, the amount of detail he goes into about his sex life is disgusting.  No one needs to know who is doing what in your threesome or how many millions of times you had mind blowing sex.  Your underage followers CERTAINLY do not.  Quit trying to prove something, and keep it in the bedroom. All of this privacy violation is emotionally abusive.  IT IS NOT OKAY.

Greg also belittles Billie, Ayalla, and Lainey multiple times in the video for being emotional.  He repeatedly makes fun of them for “crying hysterically”.  Look, if there’s that much tension going on around you, MAYBE SOMETHING IS WRONG.  I know you pride yourself on being ~logical~, but I think it’s better to be a decent, empathetic husband, boyfriend, and friend, and actually give a shit about peoples’ feelings.  Or perhaps you are incapable?

Let’s talk about another facet of emotional abuse, being controlling in a relationship.  Greg gives some really blunt examples of how he is abnormally controlling here.  First, he admits to paying Billie for “managing his social media” (not to mention he brings up how much money he spent on her plane tickets).  Yeah, this should never happen in a relationship.  Why?  Because it creates an unbalanced power dynamic.  You know what else creates an unbalanced power dynamic?  Large age gaps, especially with someone still in their teens.  And you know what ELSE does?  Getting romantically involved with a fan.  Clearly, Gregory wants some power and control.  A decent, non-abusive person would not practice these things.

Some more textbook abuse: Telling Billie that she can only come back if she no longer associates with Ayalla, simply because Ayalla convinced Billie to leave that night. Your partner should always encourage you to have friendships, he should encourage you to be your own person and have your own life.  He shouldn’t try to remove important people from your life.  This is isolating and- you guessed it- controlling.  And telling someone they MUST get a tattoo to prove their love and trustworthiness to you?  Absolutely not okay.  It’s HER body, and just because she already has tattoos, doesn’t make a new one any less of a big deal.  Also, a tattoo cannot prove love and trust (I mean let’s be real you have them yourself, Greg).  Demanding something permanent like that is immature, insecure, and CONTROLLING. Trying to force someone to get a tattoo is like trying to own them, trying to claim them as yours.  If someone IS going to get a tattoo about their partner, it should be of their own accord.

And the last thing I want to address, which is probably the most heartbreaking, is how Greg manipulated Lainey into a polyamorous relationship for his own benefit.  In the video he says “with my approval, she sought out a girlfriend.”  A GIRLFRIEND. FOR HER.  But he fails to explain how that became a 3-person relationship. Tell us Greg, when was this major-fucking-change discussed between you and Lainey?  Did you discuss it at all?  Polyamory is difficult and can only go well with very, very mature people who care much more about everyone’s comfort than their own pleasure.  It is sickening to hear him go on about Lainey being upset and uncomfortable while continuing the relationship at all.  And then he belittles Lainey further by talking about how jealous and insecure she was.  Instead of responding lovingly like a normal person, Greg decides to tell her “there would be no more rules, no more boundaries, no more jealousy” and that he “would do what he wants”.  Yeah. That is the exact opposite of how a poly relationship, or ANY relationship should be.  Rules and boundaries are extremely important, and everyone is allowed to have them.  Clearly Greg hasn’t bothered to find out Lainey’s boundaries, let alone respect them. He tries to force Lainey’s insecurity away just by telling her to quit being insecure.  That is emotional abuse, and it not okay.

Abuse isn’t always some loud trashy dude giving his wife a black eye.  Abuse is your neighbor, your co-worker, your friend, your family member. Emotional abuse is valid.  Do not underreact to Onision.  He is hurting people and affecting them in ways they may not even know yet.  Are you mad about Trump being elected and knowing how that legitimizes sexism and racism to so many people?  You should be just as mad about Onision having a microphone and supporters.  Are Lainey, Billie, and Ayalla perfect?  Definitely not.  But they are victims of abuse.  And the fact that they do shitty things too doesn’t make Greg’s shitty things any less disgusting.

PS Greg – In your own words (to Richie) – “STOP HARASSING YOUR EX AND GET A LIFE.”

Thoughts on the "Onision Committed These Crimes..." video.


The video starts off with Onision dressing up as a supposed “SJW”. He wears a pink wig and badly done red lipstick. He even starts off “As a woman..” I have a couple of problems with this portayal. Firstly, it’s weird because alot of the anti-onision blogs are run by men so the “As a woman…” would be wrong. Secondly, Onisionis hypocritical as hell because he has called Lainey, Billie and Sarah “Tumblr SJWs” and he himself has called himself a “Feminazi” so I don’t know why he made it an SJW and alot of anti-onision blogs are anti-feminist.

Anyway, I want to address a couple of Onision’s points.

First: Onision implies that posting a picture of yourself on a forum that cannot be accessed unless you register and then recieve an email from the admin which is run by, not a doctor, not a dietician, not a psychologist but a 30 year old man is “Body positive”. Being brutally honest is not something special. You can receive an even better opinion from a doctor so honestly, Onision should dtop pretending that what he is doing is “body positive”.

Secondly: Onision then says that saying “Women under 18 should not submit photos to other people consensually showing anything less than a burqa.” *Sigh* Welcome to 2017, where wanting women to not be sexualized is *bad*. Okay, what Onision is doing is a strawman, noone in the anti-o community has supported that statement. It would be perfectly fine if Onision judged their bodies in medical way but he has repeatedly said sexual things to minors. He also makes the assumption that women under 18 can wear innapropriate clothes and send in to a 30year old man. Firstly, no, that’s pornography and secondly women under 18 are not fully developed mentally! I cannot stress this enough. That is why you cannot drink until a certain age, because a minor’s mind is not properly developed.

Onision then ends the video with the “SJW” being shot in the head. Okay, so that’s what he wants to do to his anti-community, okay. I have never really hated Onision and I certainty don’t with him death. I sincerely hopes he makes the content that he used to make and that he changes his creepy ways because unless he changes fpr the better, he is going to be in a whole lot of legal trouble

anonymous asked:

Also Milo is a gay jew that mostly dates black men??? You don't have to like him but he's not a Nazi

I don’t know about calling him a Nazi (because I’m ignorant on that kind of topic so I’m neutral there), but I really don’t think him being gay means much. I do believe he has said multiple times that he’d rather not be gay. I was listening to something with him last night and he said people are “only gay to be transgressive”. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some hatred for himself for being gay, even if he might act like he’s comfortable in his sexuality. Also, didn’t he write an article about birth control basically being bad? Said it made women “unattractive and crazy”? I know people might say he was joking or something like that, but do consider the fact that I run an anti-Onision blog. I start to feel weary and skeptical when I hear a provocative, narcissistic individual explain away a lot of the things they say by saying they were “just joking”. Overall, I don’t think Milo is someone to listen to. He comes off to me as being slightly nutty, if I’m to be blunt. If anything, he might be interesting to observe.

(This all is coming from someone who used to like Milo a year or two ago. Though I never got too deep into it. And this is pretty much an unnecessary, off-topic excuse for me to say what I think about him.)

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Excuse me, i know you arent necessarily christian but i am curious about whatt you think about this. My mom told me my cat wasnt going to heaven because she "doesn't have a soul". She said all animals dont have souls. What do you think about that?

I think if any species is going to Heaven, it’s Dolphins… then maybe Pandas… then Sloths. Humans are like… 12th.