Nous somme très heureux de vous présenter notre film de fin d'études !!!
Co-réalisé avec Manon Lazzari, Sophie Kavouridis, Thomas Ricquier et Simon Pannétrat, en 2014,  à l'Ecole Georges Melies.

N'hésitez pas à partager, liker, et à nous donner vos impressions…. :)

Here is our graduated movie !!!
I have co-directed this short with Manon Lazzari, Sophie Kavouridis, Thomas Ricquier et Simon Pannétrat, in 2014, at Georges Melies school.

Feel free to share it and comment.
We hope you like it! :)

And some old concept I did for this project.

I will remember

One of the tips that I heard to promote Astral Projections was making affirmations just before sleeping. For example:

“I will be consciouss as my body goes into the vibration state”

And repeat it over and over until your body falls asleep. Although, it does not work for me.

There is one problem: You must believe it. There is no room for doubt. Not buts nor what if…

Maybe I was asking too much. Maybe my mind does not really understand the sentence or interprets it different as I expected.

However I have discovered an affirmation that is actually working, which I am trying to keep as an habit:

“I will remember everything that will happen while I sleep”

Is not really giving me more chances to Astral Project per se, but my ability to remember dreams, oniric details, even small moments of semi-awakeness during the night has risen a lot.

I hope keeping it as a habit will help me achieve more lucidity and control of my consciouss while my body is asleep.


Omg where did you get the clothes?! They’re so perfect!

Ehe… a whoooole lot of places. Some of it is base game and expansion pack, but a lot of it is CC, which I hoard. This is what my mod folder looks like, and this isn’t including stuff installed by sims3pack. >A>

The problem with the CC is that there’s no way to tell in-game what item is what unless the creator made a custom thumbnail and put their name on it, so it can be hard for me to identify what I’m using. If you have questions about specific things, I might be able to hunt it down for you, though!

oniric-multimuse-rp  asked:

" Ehy, little one. It's time to go, the plane is waiting for us "

Mokuba jolted upwards, his eyes widening. W-… what? Where were-… oh.

The airport. He must have dozed off while waiting for the plane to arrive. The teen quickly wiped his mouth off on his sleeve, apparently he had begun to drool as he was taking his little nap. Now that he was awake, Mokuba jumped up and grabbed his bag, a grin appearing on his face. “Lead the way, big brother!”