Jake Virtanen #5

Requested by Anon:  Love your stories!! Can you please do a Jake V one where you visit your friend in Abby who happens to work at the same rink as Jakes brother. And you kick it off with Jake on the ice. Thanks b!

*Hiii!! Thank you so so much! This isn’t exactly like your request but I hope you like this just the same. Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 946

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The gold streaks on his hair shone like a halo on top of his holy head. Except this is Jake Virtanen and you know he’s not as holy as he seems. Except maybe he’s changed seeing that you haven’t seen him post-NHL draft.

You’ve always spent a couple of days during the summer with family in Abbotsford up until a few years ago, when college took over your life and you forgot that you had people in Abby that you care about. Jake, once upon a time was one of those people but that’s a time forgotten. Now, he’s just this NHL player who you used to watch twirling on ice with his brother when they’re both in town during the off-season.

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Jake Virtanen #4

Requested by Anon:  hi! your drabbles are so good i always read every single one of them! could you maybe do one where you’re dating jake virtanen, and when canucks’ prospect olli juolevi makes the team, you get to know him too and bond over being finnish (you’re from finland but live in canada) and jake gets jealous but in the end realizes there’s nothing to worry about?

*Hiii!! Thank you so much. This was very challenging for me to write and so I loved it! Challenging because of the dialogues more than anything. Anyway, this is assuming that both of them are playing for the Canucks and I know I have some Finn readers so at the part where they ‘talk’ in Finnish, please correct me if I got it wrong since, being multilingual myself, I know Google Translate can be funky. Enjoy!! I hope you like this one.*

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Word count: 861

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You walked out of your en suite clutching the necklace Jake gave you for your birthday this year. It was a Frozen Amethyst Lapponia, white gold and slim, very chic. He gave it to you as homage to Finland, ‘for when you miss home, remember home is closer to your heart than you think,’ he said.

“Who will be there again?” you asked, handing him the necklace and turning around so he can put it on you, “I wanna know so I can prepare myself,” you laughed. You always joked with him that you need to adjust your personality depending on which of his teammates come for these casual get-togethers.

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The Utica Crib was named for the New York State Lunatic Asylum at Utica where it was heavily used in the 19th century to confine patients who refused to stay in their beds. Based on a French design, the structure was modified to incorporated slats and rungs that gave it an appearance similar to a child’s crib. While use of the Utica Crib was widely criticized and infamous among patients, some found it to have important therapeutic value. A patient who slept in the Utica crib for several days commented that he had rested better and found it useful for “all crazy fellows as I, whose spirit is willing, but whose flesh is weak.”

In an opposing view, Daniel Tuke, a noted British alienist (an early term for a psychology expert) writes that, “it inevitably suggests, when occupied, that you are looking at an animal in a cage. At the celebrated Utica Asylum… where a suicidal woman was preserved from harm by this wooden enclosure… Dr. Baker of the New York Retreat allowed himself to be shut up in one of these beds, but preferred not remaining there.”


Jake post game after scoring 2 goals for the Comets (4/1/17) 

“I don’t really try to put any expectations on myself, I just wanna go out there and be a difference maker. It doesn’t have to be scoring goals every night, it can be being physical and just being hard to play against. That’s the kind of guy I should be.”


Vogue by cg photography “Chasing the Light”