Sun told Blake that the next time he went up against Ilia it would be to get even and yet the reason he fought Ilia with enough strength to crack a stone fucking pillar and bring out the gunchucks (which the only other time they were brought out was also for Blake) is because he saw Blake on the floor. Even if Ghira hadn’t asked him to help Blake he would have rushed in to fight Ilia. He would have absolutely continued fighting her but stopped when Blake cried and pleaded with him to. Sun got stabbed in the chest and electrocuted, yet he doesn’t hold a grudge against Ilia. His idea of revenge was to pinch her arm and that was enough. He saw that Blake wanted to save Ilia and help her, and he accepted it. Blake embodies forgiveness but so does Sun. This trio is a trio of hope for the faunus and it’s Sun’s impact on Blake that was able to save Ilia. Sun imo is the incarnation of love. That is his drive. He loves people and is forgiving because he wants people to be happy. Put some respect on his name there is nothing malicious about this boy.


@jordanenthusiast IT’S HER, LAGUAR, THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE………… you might even go so far as to call her a Revolutionary Girl

thanks for being such a neato burrito!! This was super fun (drawing her hair is ADDICTIVE) and I hope you like it ;;;;n;;;;; (click for the full size if you wanna creep all the fine little details dfkjgfd)