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We’re super excited to announce our newest design challenge:

Create a design inspired by one of The Onion’s Headlines!

Start digging through those headlines, folks. We can’t wait for the submissions to start rolling in!

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Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that in 2012 the company will release the Steve Jobs 2, an updated version of the revolutionary Apple founder featuring a richer, deeper voice and a sleek new white turtleneck.

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Hilarious Onion News story: “Congress Forgets How To Pass A Law”


Still my favorite Onion News Network clip of all time. 

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Onion News Network – Future Batman

A report from the Onion News Network about a possible future Batman.


This was posted five year’s ago. The accuracy is just unbelievable.


hahahaah so fucking sick love it 


Headcanon time.

The Onion News Network is based in Night Vale.