look how uncomfortable dean is without his layers though

he’s probably ordering like 15 new winter jackets to make up for the one layer trauma

  • <p><b><p></b> <b>Steven:</b> EVERYBODY KEEP THE BEAT GOING AY EGGS AND GRIT<p/><b>All:</b> sausage!<p/><b>Pearl:</b> I'm a skinny gem but I don't eat<p/><b>All:</b> sausage!<p/><b>Amethyst:</b> I've got a fat butt but I still eat<p/><b>All:</b> sausage!<p/><b>Lapis:</b> I've got a FLAT butt but I still like<p/><b>All:</b> sausage<p/><b>Jasper:</b> Wake up in the morning and I still eat<p/><b>All:</b> sausage!<p/><b>Ruby:</b> I'm a redhead and I still like<p/><b>All:</b> Sausage!<p/><b>Sapphire:</b> I'm a gay gem but I still eat<p/><b>All:</b> sausage!<p/><b>Onion's mom:</b> white girls white gems still eat<p/><b>All:</b> sausage!<p/><b>Onion:</b> *inaudible*<p/><b>All:</b> sausage!<p/><b>Rose:</b> I'm white and I'm thick and I still eat sausage!<p/><b>Peridot:</b> I read manuals and theyre all about<p/><b>All:</b> sausage!<p/><b>All:</b> sausage sausage sausage sausage!<p/><b>Garnet:</b> I like girls, can I still eat sausage?<p/><b>All:</b> HEEEEYYYY<p/></p><p/></p>

i’m going to make one post about this and then shut up

  • a lot of fall out boy fans don’t like rap. it’s not about race or being an elitist, it’s simple musical preference. there’s nothing wrong with liking one over the other. most rap fans probably don’t care for bands like fall out boy, anyway.
  • just because you like rap, doesn’t mean you have to like wiz khalifa. this is mainly addressing the “you like 21p but not wiz so you’re racist!” argument. wiz khalifa is not a prolific rapper by any means. i enjoy rap artists like jay-z, n.w.a., and frank ocean but i can’t stand wiz. it’s the same for all genres of music: just because you like fall out boy doesn’t mean you like all pop rock or emo bands.
  • in regards to hoodie allen. i’ve been hearing the whole “you’re complaining about wiz and not hoodie allen because racism!” thing a lot, and i’d like to clear this up. first of all, hoodie allen is an up-and-coming artist who isn’t nearly as popular as someone like wiz. he tweeted himself that this is the biggest tour he’s ever done. quite frankly, wiz khalifa is perfectly capable of headlining his own arena tour without fob. personally, i think bands should make an effort to tour with smaller acts (see: all time low’s recently announced tour with issues, tonight alive, and state champs.) wiz and fob (and their respective management teams) are clearly using each other for publicity and recognition. secondly, and more importantly: hoodie allen is the opening act. wiz is the coheadliner. that’s a pretty damn big difference. fall out boy has had some interesting acts open for them in the past, but coheadlining with a rapper is a new thing entirely.
  • you’re allowed to voice negative opinions about things fall out boy does and still be a fan. that one kind of speaks for itself.