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Why Dan was completely right.

Opinions, opinions, opinions.
If you’re an Onision fanboy, you won’t like this.
Let’s start at the beginning when Phil collabed with Onion Boy. YouTube was no where as huge as it is now, and Greg wasn’t a controversial as he was back then. So, of course Phil would be okay with a collab.
That aside, Greg has made multiple videos calling Phil old, creepy, and cringe. He’s also compared his appearance to not as good as Dans.
This is infuriating. As someone that’s supposed to be seen as a professional, your persona and branding makes you to be quite an asshole, you know? (Not to mention Greg is older than Phil, are you dumb?)
Now, Greg has made fun of all of Dans friends, including but not limited to; Zoella, Louise Pentland, AmazingPhil, Tyler Oakley, and MANY others.
Would you be like someone who says that about your friends? No? Exactly.
Lastly, Onion Boy got his fans to start a hash tag and harass Dan because he “loves him”, but the second he gets called out on his shit, Dan is automatically a jerk.
You should have seen this coming, Greg. You’re notorious for starting drama, Dan doesn’t like to do this. You brought this on yourself.
That’s it. Bye.

Hoooo boy is this going to cause drama. Opinion time I guess.

I personally dislike Onision for several reasons. I’ve seen some of his videos, and it honestly does seems like he uses both Dan and Phil for views, as much as he claims to be a fan. When Greg mentions Dan, he does get a tad creepy with his obsession with him and the comments he makes. Like with his new photoshop video of Dan. You guys always talk about ‘2012’ and how Dan felt about Phan. Okay, he’s over it now. But if he was uncomfortable with Phan before, a ship about him and his best friend, how do you think he’ll feel about one with a man he’s never met before?
Now, I’m totally fine with people liking Dan and not Phil, vide versa. But I’m not fine with how Greg sometimes talks about Phil. In his Things I Want To Ask Popular YouTubers, he says that Phil isn’t so ‘Amazing’ compared to Dan. That’s not okay. Again, everyone can have their own opinions on them, I don’t really care, but again, how do you think that made Dan feel? Greg often makes Phil out to be on a lower level than Dan and I don’t think either of them appreciate it.
Also, Dan didn’t say it was JUST Onision using him and Phil for clickbait. A lot of other people are doing it, too. And in Dan’s defence he is just looking out for us. He’s not saying because he has 1+ million subs that he doesn’t mean anything. That’s a lot of people and Greg should be proud.

I know his channel is mostly about negativity and what not (I haven’t seen a lot of his personal videos, just some and that’s how my friend had explained him to me) and that’s personally not my style, but it’s other people’s. It is his channel to talk about what he likes and his opinion on things, and even if he is a fan of Dan he is allowed to talk about him. I’m pretty sure all that Dan was asking was a little respect for him, Phil and all of us.