So call me 3 seasons late to the party but have you guys noticed that Vidalia and Onion have the same skin color as Pearl? Vidalia’s shirt is the same color as Pearl’s too, not just in this episode but in every appearance both present and flashback. And get this: tiny onions are called Pearl Onions

With the crew finally starting to make us question whether Steven is the only hybrid I can’t help but wonder if this family had a Pearl as a distant ancestor, whose half-human child didn’t pass on their gem to their kids…

“Oh, no, there’s lots of humans. There’s my dad, Connie, Lars and Sadie, the mailman, onion… I think.”


Ok so. On the left is a picture of a virus, on the right is a picture of the Gem Injector from Steven Universe.
The gems are basically a virus to earth.

I would just like to leave that with you