In honor of Steven Bomb 3.0/Onion Friend I wanted to show proof of Onion being cute and friendly since ya’ll always trying to make him out to be a demon child. (Though Mr. Smiley probably has good reason for agreeing with ya’ll…)

This is from Steven Universe #4 (Comics): Onion pays for taxi!Lion to take him out to a random field for apparently the soul purpose of aiding a distressed tortoise. Good on you, Onion Child.

“After a lifetime of evil, at least he didn’t add animal cruelty to the list!”

So with all this talk about Onion, allow me to direct you to this small glimpse into his strange life. In this issue of the official Steven Universe comics, Steven and Connie allow the people of Beach City to hire Lion for rent. This is where Onion has Lion take him… it’s not creepy and it’s actually adorable???