onion puncher


Two weekends ago, a friend and I made a silly game called Onion puncher in a weekend. We loved it so much, we’re continuing to work on it in hopes we can turn it into a fun experience that lasts longer than 15 seconds. The first image was the original mock up I made which worked pretty well. 

Then I decided to vary the shapes in onions but my bad habit of incorporating too much insignificant details to moving assets got in the way and our current version, despite having different types of onions, still all looked too similar. It was hard to differentiate each type of onion.

So I decided to step away, stop finicking with details in the game and explore shapes and styles with the characters and onions now that I’ve decided to flesh this game out from more than a jam game. 

I have discovered that it’s hard making different types of onions. So I’m trying to be more abstract and I’m trying to apply the same thing to the three dudes on the screen. I like the original designs but I feel like they could be a bit more abstract, involve stronger silhouettes and be way more silly. I mean, you’re punching onions for crying out loud.