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a concept: you have two professional sports leagues.

the first one is a women’s league, and it has a safe environment. they have shown continuous support to LGBT+ people, and even have many openly LGBT+ players, including the first transgender athlete to play in a professional American league. the league is also open to players of all color and ethnicity, and there’s pretty much no racial discrimination in the organizations. they face lots of struggles that could potentially be the end of the league, but they keep fighting.

the second league is a men’s league, much bigger than the first one. it’s the only one of its kind to never have an openly gay/etc. player because of the toxic environment and homophobia in the league. the league made an initiative on showing support to its LGBT+ fans, but many teams in the league failed to follow that initative the way they were expected to. the league also employs many players who have been accused of crimes such as sexual assault, and continues to overlook the horrible things they have done only because these players are good and keep up the league’s revenues. as a whole, a big chunk of the money that goes into the players’ huge paychecks could be used to support other smaller leagues of the same sport (see: first league mentioned) to grow their markets.

do you think these leagues deserve equal support? no, you probably don’t. endorsing a league that shows little to no support to its female, LGBT+ etc. fans probably doesn’t sound too attractive. then why does the second league, the men’s league, receive so so much more media coverage, money from sponsors and support from fans than the first league, the women’s league does?

so, ahem. after this don’t come to me saying sexism isn’t an issue within the major men’s hockey leagues and the fanbase or that the NHL and professional women’s hockey leagues deserve equal support. that’s all.

20 questions

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Name: Weronika

Nickname: Weronsza, Neni(only by family), many ways of misreading “Weronsza” in polish it sounds like Veronsha? with umm… flat accent? idk I tried to force google translate to say it right and it would be “veronshao” on english setting. “o” is like half silent, for the sake of more polish “a” pronunciation (Accent is in the middle, not at the end) In polish setting it read it more like WeronszA! Really, “A” is too damn loud. English one worked better. 

Birthday: 21 april

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 1,62m

Orientation: yyy… ummm… NORTH! that makes sense in polish, idk if in english too. Confused

Nationality: Onion Polish 

Favorite Fruit: Cherries

Season: Fall, yea rainy and colder so lots of sweaters n jackets and no allergies I HAVE TO SUFFER EVERY SUMMER and spring BECAUSE SOME TREES WANT TO HAVE SEEDS

Favorite Flower: Achillea Millefolium, for making periods shorter and easier to handle at all. Also, make wounds stop bleeding. Useful, not preety.

Favorite Book: Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne 

Coffee/Tea/Hot Cocoa: Tea. But like: TEA!!!! Herbal, by me. making is even better than drinking. Also ALCHEMY

Average sleep hours: No rule on this one, maybe 4 maybe 12 who know what I’ll be doing at night, midnight is great time to start painting, sewing clothes or building atom bomb.

Cat or Dog: Own a cat, want a dog but cant afford the one I want. my cat is pure sugar and laziness, I put jewellery on his collar. Cutie looks like caramel ice cream and always sleeps on his back, paws in air. yeah cats are nice

Favorite fictional character:  Captain Vimes from Discworld by Terry Prattchet.

Blog created: First used in March

Hobbies: I like ALCHEMY, reading, attempting to do ALCHEMY!, gardening, renovating furniture, buying weird stuff in hidden “magic” shops(you know, the ones that looks like tomorrow in their place would be 20yrs old car mechanics with staff telling you that shop? there? no, never! is everything alright?) home decor, oversized dress-ups, fandoms, household chores yea wife material, ALCHEMY and searching attics and basements for long forgotten stuff. And FANDOMS, I love how people are creating fandom stuff and have all the feels about their interest and just 

and cant even

so yea, fandoms. Dont forget cute fangirls and memes and inside jokes and everything.

Top 3 Favorite Otome Games:I know only Eldarya and MCL. I’m not into otome anyway, I just love it for fandom and oversized dress-up.

Fictional place you want to visit: Ankh-Morpork, Eldarya maybe? and Tír na nÓg

Top 3 countries you want to visit: Canada, Iceland and some UK too(rainland yea)

Top 3 favorite songs: Żywiołak - Żywiołak, Pani Pana - Percival Schuttenbach(somehow polish folk but heavy/rock/metal), Master of Puppets - Metallica

That was hard. And long. And i’ve put there too much info. And its perfect. 

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Chiburekki (Crimean Tatar: çiberek meaning “raw börek”) is a deep-fried turnover with a filling of ground or minced meat and onions. A national dish of the Crimean Tatars, it is also popular as snack and street food throughout Transcaucasia, Central Asia, Russia, as well as with the Crimean Tatar diasporas in Turkey and Romania. In Turkey, it’s popular in places where a Tatar community exists, such as Eskişehir and Konya. Töbörek is another Tatar variety, that is basically a çibörek that is baked in amasonry oven instead of being fried in oil.