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Today I saw a lost cat poster in our neighborhood and I went OH NO! And David’s response was, “I hoped you wouldn’t notice that poster.” I went up and memorized the cat. Just in case I see them. Because there is a LOST CAT. And now I am thinking of all the lost cats and Imma go eat this whole bag of candy corn and sob on the clean laundry.

Pocket Edition Ignis may not show it, but he believes in you!      
           You can do it ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧ 

One more to go, Noctis is last! )


Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition First 20 minutes of gameplay

possibly my most unpopular su opinion;

Lars’ ears looking like donuts, the Fryman’s hair looking like fries, and Vidalia and Onion’s heads being onion shaped, is far more adorable, conducive, and appealing character design than some gems have.

I know it’s a silly reason, but I’m surprised everytime I see a video discussing if the Mystery Girl is a gem or a human no one mentions this: 


Let me explain. Human designs in the show are varied and a little weird sometimes, they can have either visible ears, or have their ears covered or be completely earless 

(Yeah, earless, like onion… and weirdly enough, Mr. Fryman, temporarily at least. Uh…).

Aside from Steven (and Stevonnie), there is not one gem with visible ears, not even a single one. They DO have ears (if a few frames of Amethyst’s ears here and there are to be believed), but the thing is, gem character designs don’t have visible ears, and this is 100% consistant, so I do believe this is an intentional design decision. 

Hell, not even Smoky (who could have totally gotten away with having visible ears because they’re part human) escaped this rule.

But Mystery Girl does have visible ears (only one ear is visible at a time, but we did get to see both her ears being visible separately).


Someone bet me I couldn’t and I’m a real jerk, so I did. 

DISCLAIMER: I made most of these gifs but not ALL and tumblr search is legit terrible so I am super super sorry in advance if I used your gif, if I did let me know and I will credit you. 



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2. The boot grab in Darling Nikki

3. The sad face he makes at the puppet.

4. 80s Dorito bag with the chip window.

5. Splits bounce in “I would die 4 u”

6. “Don’t get my seat all wet.”

7. Lace veil in Computer Blue

8. This dance:

9. The shimmy into crotch rub in i would die 4 u

10. The look and point directly at the camera in baby I’m a star

11. when he puts on the hat in Baby i’m a star

12. Purify yourself in the waters of lake minnetonka

13. Wendy’s literal interpretation of “die” as a gun in i would die 4 u

14. Jerome throws that poor woman in the dumpster (Y THO)

15. foot piano playing/jumping in Let’s go crazy

16. Smashing all mom’s spaghetti sauce in the basement with a hockey stick (very Minnesota authentic)

17. apollonia’s titty cape

18. fire hazard clown basement

19. “man I just got my coat out the cleaners!!!”

20. “Whatsa matter your shoes on too tight?!? Let’s gave some action. I need some asses wiggling. I WANT some perfection!!!”

21. The unneccesary spin during “ANSWER ME MOTHER FUCKER!”

22. here take my costume jewelry, we’re dating now

24. the arm stroke in darling nikki

25. choreographed guitar playing at the beginning of computer blue

26. this look

26. Francis L having major issues about the house being clean (maybe if there weren’t all these broken jars of spaghetti sauce lying around….)

27. computer blue power slide beej

28. Mrs L never getting to have any fun

29. The backwards roll into/out of the splits in baby I’m a star

30. regrets montage to doves cry

31. Having a job where you play one song a night with 2 other bands and thats it forever, and then at the end you win getting to keep your job

32. Morris day announcing last call during “the bird” (so is it doors at 7, the time at 8, last call at 8:15?)

33. this line dance in i would die 4 u

34. Pensive Prince Pre Purple Rain

35. synchronized guitar jumps in lets go crazy

36. when he goes to commune with nature and wears black studded pants a black studded bedazzled jacket and a scarf to hang out by a lake and strikes a curious pose

37. the “eww!” signature prince grunt as he is tossing all the sheet music

38. “i don’t have anybody right now” therefore we’re together

39. literally finding a phone number on the stairs in darling nikki

40. COME BACK NIKKI COME BACK!!!!! (yes, okay, fine, whatever you want, honestly its fine)


42. Apollonia’s job application is “Apollonia, 5'6”“. End of list.

43. amplifier dry hump

44. Lisa being real tired of the Kid’s shit and saying “fuck it wendy” and walking out.

45. Wendy’s deadpan “but I’m here to tell you… there’s somethin’ else.”

46. the doctor always being dressed like a doctor, but like an OR doctor with a surgical mask, not some pedestrian physician or something.

47. OR DO YOU WANT ME??? (yes)

48. Morris’s window not working

49. Jerome with the mirror on stage during jungle love

50. Morris day vacuuming his apartment before the show in a trademark prince turban!

51. When he leaves the stage after Darling nikki and is bouncing off the walls as he walks in the hall of pipes

52. the jump down from the impossibly high stack of monitors in baby i’m a star!!!! my knees hurt every time i watch that!!!

53. The jungle love dance

54. The Bird.

55. purple rain guitar solo

56. The microphone under the leg juggle in Baby I’m a star

57. the stanky little side shimmy in baby I’m a star


59. I mentioned it earlier but that was just the splits, so this one is his face during the splits in I would die 4 u.

60. The end of the beautiful ones where he’s laying on the ground omg

61. I tried to stop you.

62. The amount of pleather Apollonia has to remove to purify herself in the waters of what is not actually lake minnetonka.

63. When morris day exits the car and puts both feet on the ground at the same time, which is not a way any human exits any vehicle.

64. Computer blue guitar spin

65. When Apollonia waves at him from the stage after “sex shooter” and he’s like, naaaaah.

66. “Next thing you know, she’ll want to borrow your motorcycle!”

67. What’s the password, onion head??!!!

68. And the nominees for best actress are….

69. If we get married….. Would that be cool??? (god yes)

70. the phallic guitar at the very end jazzin’ all over first avenue

71. When apollonia sells her boot chain.

72. When he plays the guitar she bought him in purple rain.

73. “What do YOU dream about ?”

74. Computer blue guitar three way circle jerk

75. “This is a bidniss!”

76. Chalk outline of a not dead body

77. Take a picture sweetie, I ain’t got time to wait!!!!!

78. Morris day and Jerome jamming out in the crowd

79. The trust fall into the crowd!!!!!

80. Giant bug eye mirrored sunglasses

81. Dropping apollonia off in full Ruffled shirt regalia instead of like, throwing on some sweats or something.

82. Where Lisa and Wendy at? *silence*

83. The backlit part in lets go crazy

84. “Hi!” “Hi.” *weeps*

85. The balcony dancers in parachute pants and cop hats

86. Piano top guitar shred in lets go crazy

87. The Doctor talking about how God got Wendy’s periods reversed (IT MAKES NO SENSE, MATT FINK)

88. When apollonia says she’s from new ORleans and then proceeds to speak with a minnesotan accent (furst avenew)

89. “No, nooooo, you looked greeeeeat.”

90. Wendy’s THICK ASS Minnesota accent and extremely hard R’s despite growing up in LA.

91. (Brings guitar shaped box) “what is it??”

92. When the faces watch them trade earrings in the clown basement.

93. The rag tag trio that is apollonia 6

94. “I’m gonna be honest with you, I think you’re being full of shit.”

95. Billys velour sweatsuit and briefcase.

96. “Where’s Jerome?” “IN EES SKEEEEIIIN!!” (A joke used AGAIN in under the cherry moon!!)

97. “I have something for you. ” “what, a subpoena?”

98. Double spin in I would die 4 u

99. Synchronized squat spins in Baby I’m a Star


the two kinds of academic reading

Option One: 

More importantly, the term indicates an ontological challenge to dominant labeling philosophies, especially the implied medicalization of the subject, as well as a challenge to discrete gender categories embedded in the divided phrases.

Option Two:

The competition was created so the competitors could compete.


textbook writers are awful and you cannot tell me otherwise

Painted Hearts (8)

part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine;

Oh crap!

“Hello son,” Sehun’s father replied in a low voice. Now you knew who he was, you could recognise the small features in his face that matched Sehun’s, like his tall nose or his dark shapely brows. “Aren’t you going to introduce us?” he asked snidely, nodding his head towards you with a look of pointed disgust.

Of course he wouldn’t like you.

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What’s always without you?

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: LiamxTheo

Summary: This came to my mind the minute I watched the finale episode. Theo left after the fight in the hospital, claiming to sort some things out for himself. He promised Liam to come back…

“You have absolutely no idea where he is?”

Liam stopped wrapping his lacrosse stick with some tape and looked up, shooting a glare at Corey and Nolan. “Did I stutter?” He asked, brows furrowing in annoyance. “I, Liam Dunbar, have absolutely no idea where Theodore Raeken is at this very moment.” He said solemnly, even going as far to raise one hand in mock pledge. 

“But….” Corey started again and Liam rolled his eyes.
 “Okay, stop right there before I start snapping. Theo is out of town, he needed to sort some things out for himself. After the hospital…” He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “After what happened at the hospital, after we won and all the adrenaline was out of his system, he realized what happened, okay? So he told me he had to take his time and process it. Alone. On his own.”

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so if i wrote a gay vampire alien zombie-like horror about girls and onions and the apocalypse would y’all read it

i cannot emphasize enough how it all starts with onions

it’s gonna be dedicated to stephen king