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LoZ: Twilight Princess - Simple Soup

November is Zelda month. At least it is to @peanutbuttergamer​ over on YouTube (https://youtu.be/PmLi8Mx7Yf0). I’ve been a fan of his videos for a while now and I thought I’d get into the spirit by putting together a month’s worth of Legend of Zelda recipes for you all!

The Legend of Zelda series doesn’t have much in the way of food that doesn’t come in the form of a potion. However, in Twilight Princess, making soups is integral to your completion of the Snowpeak Ruins dungeon. The first soup you make is appropriately named ‘Simple Soup’ and it’s made with what’s called a Reekfish from Zora’s Domain.

Although not a real fish, the Reekfish shares several similarities with a real world salmon. It’s general shape, strong smell, and the fact that it’s found in cold waters are some good indicators of this. To this end I’ll be using salmon fillet in the recipe. If your local grocery store happens to have a fresh seafood section, I’d suggest asking one of the fish mongers for a boneless fillet instead of purchasing something frozen. Skin on is fine as I’ll be explaining how to remove it later in the recipe. Speaking of the recipe, let’s get to it! 

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Everybody say onion keep it going
Ogres, green layers, ONION.
I’m a skinny bitch but I still take ONION
I got a fat ass but I still take the ONION
I got a flat ass but I still take an ONION
Wake up in the morning and I eat that ONION
I’m a redhead but I still take the ONION
I’m a gay guy but I still take ONION
White girls, swag girls take ya man’s ONION
*something inaudible and gargled* ONION
White and I’m thick but you know I get the ONION
Yeah I read books but they all about ONION
I like girls can I still take ONION?

Under the Mistletoe

Jungkook x Reader ft. Xmas Bangtan

Fluff / Comedy?

A/N: This took me a few days to write because I kept rewriting it since I wasn’t happy how the original one turned out. I like this one tho! I tweaked the shy/affectionate request and added the whole of bangtan in for some christmas-y mood and idk I feel kinda happy reading this, so I hope you’ll like it too. Merry Christmas everyone!

It was that time of the year again. It was Christmas! The thought of it alone made you giddy with excitement, especially since this year, for the first time ever, you would not be third-wheeling anybody. In fact, you would be spending the festive season with your boyfriend and his fun and absolutely hilarious group mates.

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