So I did the Hunger Games Simulator for Steven Universe, and my girlfriend and I were joking about how Onion was doing absolutely nothing the whole entire game. He survived the arena event, and all he really did was fish and cook and make shelter and stuff for the rest of it. He hadn’t even remotely hurt anyone. And then it was suddenly down to Onion, Sour Cream, and Alexandrite. I hit the next day and:

Something is wrong with this boy.

  • It’s been implied that Sour Cream and Onion are Half-brothers
  • Yellowtail, Sour Cream, and Onion are all seen together in The Return, implying they are a family unit of some fashion.
  • Vidalia is a type of onion. Vidalia is likely Sour Cream and Onion’s mom, completing a terrible trifecta of names.
  • Sour cream talked about his “weird step dad,” which likely refers to Yellowtail, meaning Sour Cream’s genetic father is unaccounted for.
  • The timeline is a little hazy, but if Sour Cream was conceived when Marty was in beach city, the difference between Steven and Sour Cream’s age would be the amount of time Greg and Rose dated before deciding to have a child, Which seems like it checks out.
  • Marty is Sour Cream’s dad.

Just look at these pasty human beings

The Retribution: Unwelcome Guests.

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Leaving port for the crew’s second journey couldn’t have come too soon for the Topsail duo, both had been ready to get back out into the sea and blow their minds away from the issues and drama that the land held. Even as they sat there in the late hours of the first evening discussing over shared topics, Jack paused, his nose twitching from feeling something off, more  so, there was a scent on the ship that didn’t match a single crew or even red shirt’s.

“… What is it?” Mavas questioned his partner, frowning from the sudden change in behaviour.

“… There’s a scent on th’ ship… Ain’t one of ours.” Jack remarked, pushing himself to stand.

“You’re like a blood hound.” With a dagger drawn once he stood up, Mavas followed the blond through The Vengeance, watching him carefully sniff out the trail they had been following.

“We have a stowaway…” Jack whispered one he stepped foot under deck, glaring into the darkness below.

“Really? On this ship?”

Turning the corner, the duo stumbled upon a hunched male who had a chest wide open, digging through the contents, the auburn locks of hair draped over the male’s back as he hummed to himself. When both figures blocked the doorway to corner the thief, it was Jackary to piped up first.

“Ya may want ta back away from that nice ‘n slow.”

Hearing the voice break the silence of his silent wonders, the male was quick to stand up and whip around, a poorly masked look of surprise plastered on his face. “Whoa ho ho ha HA HA! THIS ISN’T SILVERMOON! HOW did I get here?! Hahaha…” the voice tapered off into a weak chuckle as hands came to rest on  his hips.

“Three seconds,” Mavas spoke bluntly, joining Jackary at his side.

It only took the unknown man to turn around for the dragon’s eyes to widen in surprise, instantly recognizing the ranting male. “… Onion?!” The nickname was all but shouted in absolute surprise. 

Mavas clenched his fists at the same moment, a bursting ball of fel green fire erupted from his hands at either side of his hips. “Time’s up…”

The Hunter turned his head quickly to face the one that called his name, eyes focused on Jack’s face instead of the immanent threat of stabbing or other painful methods of death. “Jacky-Boy! Man, am I glad to see you! I’d really appreciate if it you’d tell your friend we know each other!” he yelped out as the elf’s body coiled, ready to spring away from the felfire.

A hand lifted to touch along the Warlock’s arm, the Mage’s sign to hold back on igniting the Hunter just yet. “HOW did you even get here? Fuckin’ Cap is gon’ have a FIT when he hears about a stowaway!”

The touch caused Mavas to hesitate even if his focus stayed on the elven thief. “Tie him up,” Mav commanded, keeping the fireball from straying too far from his fingertips. “We’ll put him in cargo hold until the Captain can be spoken to.”

Listening to the conversation, Oronyen bent his fingers into cowboy-pretendy-gun-shapes, waving them at the two. “Funny story, that. I’m a treasure hunter, pirates have treasure, I follow you because I was bor—WHOA!” he all but squeaked at the suggestions. “There’s no reason to be tying anyone up, ‘specially me! I know why it’s called Booty Bay!” with that, arms crossed.

“I’m still not understanding why searing the flesh from his bones is an ill thought idea.” Mav huffed.

“Cuz’ I’m fuckin’ adorable? You’re the one trying to tie me up, perv.”

Jackary lifted his hand to cover his face with his palm as the two bickered, fingers soon splayed to peek through the digits. “We’re out in th’ middle of th’ ocean, going to war, and y’er mouthin’ off t’ a pirate. Great.” he huffed, frowning towards Oron.

“I will count to five. Either he’s bound or I am burning him, we don’t have time for this,” Mav huffed again, glancing from Jack to the thief once more. “… One.” 

Even before he could finish counting to three, Mavas and Jack were both left surprised when ‘Onion’ let out a squeak, eyes widened. Eyessoon rolled into the back of his head and his body collapsed to the ground lifelessly, almost as if he’d either been tagged by some unseen force or perhaps he had fainted. 

Great,” Jack grunted, sniffing the air when he started to approach after. “Now he’s playing dead.”

Mavas fetched a coil of rope when he began to approach Oronyen, reaching towards the figure to bind him up. “Good, he can stay that way.” Much to the Warlock’s display, when the Hunter realized he was being reached for, a yelp sounded out and he soon tried to push himself up just enough to scurry towards the door. It was the slamming noise of Jack’s boot hitting the ground before the thief that stopped him, followed by a lick of fel fire that trailed up his back from the angered raven-haired male.

Allowing Mavas to handle tying up their captive, Jackary turned and put his index and middle fingertip to the earpiece, eyes narrowed. “Fuckin’ Seriously…” he started, the earpiece lit up soon after. “We got a problem, Cap.”

“Stay. PUT!”  Mav huffed until he was able to yank Oronyen up by the robe he had tied the male up with.

“Cap wants ‘im in th’ Brig,” Jack spoke out, turning to face the two again.

“That’s where the steering wheel is, right? No wait, that’s the galley…” Oro huffed in question, struggling in the tight grip as Mavas began to pull him up to his feet.

“There’s a type of wheel down there.” Mav quipped, “maybe we can use it on you later.”

“I KNEW YOU WERE A PERVERT!” came a defiant whine from their captured prisoner.

“ I’m a lot of things, you’ll learn them as we become acquainted. Now kindly be quiet or I will gag you in a non-pleasant way. Walk.”

Jackary had begun to follow the two who bantered to and fro, but when he felt a sudden sensation overtake him, eyes glanced around, unsure of where he obtained the tension within his chest. The feeling forced Jackary to linger back for a long moment, eyes glanced around the room as he could have swore he felt something or someone calling out.

“Help me!”

Azurick’s voice plagued his mind if only for a brief moment in which he furrowed his eyebrows.  Glancing around the room once more, the voice was gone as quick as it was there and in the pit of his stomach, he felt something be far too different. Something very bad was happening and Jack was too far out to see to be able to do anything about it.

“…. Starfell..?” he whispered, but when he received no reply, the concern only grew. They needed to hurry this mission up, for as little as he and the ‘Lock spoke anymore, his burning sensation within his chest to hunt for Azurick was growing swiftly.

Something was wrong with one of his three chosen and he couldn’t do a single thing about it. For now, he had to focus on following Mavas to the brig, he couldn’t afford to drive himself mad this early in the fight.

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