Onion rings AUD5 - Merrywell by Alpha
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Yummily sweet onion rings, each made with a real onion ring that wasn’t chopped up. The Merrywell 03 9292 7468 Clarendon Street & Crown Riverside, Southbank, VIC www.themerrywell.com.au/ TheMerrywell on Facebook Reviews: - The Merrywell - The Burger Adventure - The Merrywell - Urbanspoon


Lotta of weird things happened to Steven this Stevenbomb.

Man it sure is great to be topical and on time.

Addendum: I hear that people think that I changed the Onion scene to porn and not his birth-tape. Not that this affects the joke very much, it’s funny either way, but it’s actually the only thing I felt I didn’t need to exaggerate. I mean, that shit was straight wack yo.