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1,000 followers appreciation post/ follow forever

So I passed 1,000 followers today and I thought I should probably do something to mark at. It really does mean a lot to me that you all decided to hit follow. At the end of may I had just hit 200 followers and by the end of July i’d just made it to 500.
I’ve genuinely been blown away by how fast we’re reached here and I hope that means i’m doing something right!

1,000 is a pretty big milestone when you think about it.
To put that into context, if every single one of those followers gave me just £1 i’d be able to fly to Japan for a weekend and go to the Cinderella girls 4th LIVE. Isn’t that just insane?

Cool People you should totally be following:

In no particular, here’s a bunch of blogs I really enjoy on here and think that you will too if you’ve been engaging with my stuff:

@tippy-the-rabbit (obviously), @percifr, @xdeyuix, @sendainightlive, @kite33, @jazzmasterreissue, @more-moe-more-problems,  @onee-samaaa, @kisama-san, @ipscell, @byzantine-love-machine, @heshz, @starlightgakuen, @this-is-cthulhu-privilege, @hiratzuka, @anime-variety, @anime-scarves, @cutegirlsdoingcutethings, @tachibana-marika, @hanekawa-san,  @myano, @love-laika, @literally-the-best-onii-chan, @cute-girls-from-vns-anime-manga, @chuunibyou,  @sqidimus, @simplykasumi, @skynohoshi, @moekingdom, @shirobaka, @zsaber, @gurrenlagging

Anyway, thanks a ton (and then some) for sticking with me this far; it’s been really fun growing the blog and interacting with everyone.

As always,
Mango luvs ya xoxo

Amabaka’s 3,000 Follow Forever ! Can’t get more straightforward than that . Blog is almost one year old !! ^-^ And here it is (best friends are bolded)

shoniki (newbie) || sugoifuji || latency-chan || mattakasenpai || tsunderealien || onyasumi || rx-zer0 || zsaber327 || ipscell || thethoughtsthought || rmorales01 || kamidere-dragon || sweaty-onii-chan || crunchycandycoating || anime-scarves || cute-girls-from-vns-anime-manga || nepsud || ddaisuki<3 || fullblacknabot || kirishii || literallytheworstblogger || literally-the-best-onii-chan || makidesuuuuuu || powertopsenpai || nyanberry || tippy-the-rabbit || darkrai-10 || ryou-chann || cactusberry || tsunderrated || lt-fleur || kyushina(dunno why you’re bolded) || more-moe-more-problems || 3cchi || tachibana-marika || hell-yeah-anime-ftw || notthatrelevant || sugoihime || tk-noodles || vergil03 || messingo || na-na-ka

Sorry if you’re not listed. I only put the ones I see the most and really enjoy their blog. :> Thanks! 

I love Underfell, Underswap, Storyshift, Aftertale and Horrortale the most! (Even tho I don’t know much about Horrortale yet, but I love the designs ♥)

If this was an actual game, those would be painted white.

I’m always serious.

Nooo, it would be a great honor but I don’t deserve that!

Well, aside Underfell I have my @thesmolegg Egg AU, (yes it’s gonna have an actual story I swear), and in my mind I have two more AUs, one about Underfell monsters living in the surface (the name is still not clear but I like to call it Chara onii-chan), and another one about Magical Girls!