onii baka

MY Onii-san!

This story is not terribly traumatic, but it was a memorable experience for my first year selling at a con.

A few months ago, my friend and I decided to get a table for a flea market-like event for secondhand items. (I’m not entirely sure what to call it outside of it’s proper name, but do not want to disclose that to provide anonimity for those involved). It was pretty last-minute, and we both had our reasons: she was moving out for college soon, and I simply wanted to purge my collection of middle school ex-weeaboo merch. Our table mostly consisted of mainstream manga, plushies, and cheap figurines (Naruto, Hetalia, etc).

Because of the nature of the items being sold, and the inevitability of running into at least a few wackos at these things, I did have fear that our table would attract them like moths to the flame. However, that wasn’t the case for most of the night, and we actually met some delightful customers who shared our (updated) interests. There were a few oddballs who started strange (but unmemorable) conversations, but otherwise, it was a very nice evening.

Until Belarus appeared.

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cornm  asked:

(I'm just going to send this. ovob) I have a feeling if Reiji was a tsundere he would be like: "I-it's not I tried to kill you for stealing my brother, Yuma!"

shu and reiji arguing about it like

“reiji what the fuck, did you kill edgar?”

“i-it’s not like I was jealous of you or anything, baka!”

“reiji you burned down the whole village, there were loads of innocent people you killed”

“you dont understand!! baka onii-chan!!”