onigiri sensei

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I feel like new Vasco can work as what they originally pitched him as if they go for him being like Onigiri-sensei in Okami. But barring that it looks like they changed the stone cold killer to a probably still able to whoop your ass but a little out of it grandpa.

I agree! My criticism is solely from a visual art perspective here. If the writing is one point, then I have no doubt that they can still convey such a character, especially if they get a good voice actor to boot. 

One thing that I didn’t consider when I made that first post was the over all outfit balance of the Indivisible Cast 

now this isn’t EVERYBODY in the game, but it gives a pretty good sample of the outfits and colors associated with them. I noticed that the amount of characters with distinct western style leaning outfit is at most 5 (6 if you count Kampan’s outfit, though it’s pretty ambiguous), with Vasco being one of them.

I imagine that Lab Zero made Vasco more Conquistador focused in order to be more in line with the world of indivisible. Perhaps the scope of the game was scaled back, and the cowboy elements in Vasco’s outfit no longer fit that vision. Or perhaps he was made more Spanish to make Henry more distinct. Now his armor style is wholly unique, where old Vasco had some minor overlap with him. Still, now Antoine has some overlap with their shared use of a rapier, so perhaps he’s getting a rework as well? Regardless, I think that a perfectly good design was scrapped as a result, when there could’ve been alternatives

I also realize how upset I am that we are no longer getting that fucking stupid revolver rifle, that would’ve been awesome, especially if they went the Squall route and made it a  bayonet style gunblade later. 

basically, I’m a huge babby and want my yellow cowboy back for the aesthetic pleasure of sharp and angular facial hair