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Yandere Dev’s Birthday Post! (Second anniversary)

I thought I’d compare him to yummy foods this time around. The first one is a birthday cake I thought was really funny. It also looks delicious, so why not?

The second one looks like a panda onigiri. He always says that he has dark circles under his eyes like a panda, so also why not?

Lotsa love, Dev! Happy early birthday!

hobisluvr  asked:

🌠!!! thank u v much sweetheart <3

dhjcdhj thank you for sending one in ily <33

- pocky
- panda onigiri 
- phone cases with glitter in them? njfvjrgk the ones you can shake
- constellations
- lava lamps
- tiaras
- the angel emoji and the honeypot one!! (im on desktop so i can’t type it)
- when you love someone a lot but you can only text/call them bcs they’re somewhere 

anonymous asked:

Oh! Can you do the same request you just did but with the characters in my forged wedding?? (If they had a daughter)

Sure! But that was from an actual sub story that someone asked me to summarize. I’ve never done headcanons before but I’ll try. Hope you enjoy! ^^

Yamato: While Yamato is grading papers, his little girl appears, her face peering over the desk. “Daddy, I’m hungry. Can you make onigiri?” she asks. Yamato sighs as he neatly stacks the papers away, “Alright. Any special requests?” His daughter thinks long and hard at the question while rubbing her chin thoughtfully. “Hmmm… I want… Panda onigiri!” she exclaims enthusiastically. “Geez, you sure get your excitement from your mother” he says, ruffling her hair. “Come on, let’s go make some together.” He stands up from his chair and walks towards the kitchen while she follows him behind. As Yamato and his daughter shape the rice into balls, she says, “I want to make a lot daddy!” Yamato looks at her in surprise. “How much can you eat?” Concentrating hard on making the perfect ball, she replies, “Well, mommy’s going to want some too when she gets home.” Yamato smiles at her thoughtfulness. “We’re gonna need a lot more rice and nori with the way your mother eats.”

Saeki: “Daddy, can you help me?” his daughter asks, sitting across the table from him. “Hmm?” he responds, looking up from the newspaper he’s reading. “I have to write about a family trip for my homework and I can’t think of anything!” she says as she dramatically puts her head down on the table. “We’ve been to a lot of family trips. Which one was your favorite?” Saeki asks her. “That’s not the problem, daddy. I don’t know what to write.” she responds while drawing doodles on her paper with her head down. Saeki smiles and says, “Well you’ve come to the right person then. How about drawing your thoughts in pictures before writing about them?” The little girl seemed to listen to her father’s advice and began drawing cherry blossom trees and three people walking hand in hand, looking happily. “What are you drawing?” Saeki asks while staring at her picture. “You told me to draw my favorite trip, didn’t you?” she asks while labeling ‘mommy’, ‘daddy’, and ‘me’ to their respective figures. Saeki smiles at his daughter lovingly as she begins to color the picture.

Ren: As Ren is waking up to the morning sun, he sees a pair of big doe eyes staring at him. “Good morning daddy!” his daughter exclaims. “You’re taking me to school today!” Ren yawns and gets out of bed. After getting ready and leaving the apartment together, his little girl takes his hand and starts running. Puzzled by her sudden gesture, Ren asks, “Why are we rushing to school? We still have plenty of time.” She replies, “Since mommy always takes me to school, everyone already knows who she is. I want everyone to see you too, daddy! I can’t wait for them to meet you!” Ren abruptly stops at the sidewalk, smiling at his daughter’s sweetness. “Daddy?” she says, cocking her head to one side. Ren crouches down to her level. “How about I give you a piggyback ride on our way to school?” he asks her. His daughter flashes a big smile. “Thank you, daddy!” she exclaims, hugging him tightly. Ren smiles and hugs her back. “Anything for you, princess.”

Takao: His daughter stopped in front of a claw machine arcade brimming with cute Japanese character plushies. She runs inside and excitedly calls out, “Daddy! Look at this!” Takao walks towards her noticing the sparkle in her eyes as she presses her face to the glass and points to the Snorlax plushie. “I want that one.” Takao pulls out some pocket change and says with a determined look on his face, “I’ll do my best.” She beams at him, “Yay! Thanks daddy!” After failing the first try, Takao’s daughter continues to cheer him on. “Don’t give up daddy!” Seeing her bright smile and excitement, Takao attempts to try again. The claw barely grips on the Snorlax’s ear, detaching itself immediately due to the lack of force of the flimsy claw. After a few failed attempts, Takao decides that it’s better to win something than nothing so he aims for the plushie he believes he has a better chance at winning. It successfully hooks onto the claw and drops in the bin. Takao picks it up and hands it to his daughter. “Sorry this isn’t the one you wanted.” he says sadly. “Daddy…” she whispers. “You won me a rare pokemon! I can’t wait to show mommy!” she exclaims, glomping him tightly around his neck as he smiles.

Yuta: On a rainy day, Yuta and his daughter are lazily lying on the living room sofa. “We still have a couple of hours before we have to pick up mommy. Knowing her, she probably forgot today was a rainy day and didn’t bring an umbrella.” Yuta says to his daughter. “What do you wanna do?” She thinks for a moment, “I know! Let’s play zombies!” Yuta furrows his brow and says, “I didn’t know you liked that kind of stuff.” She replies, “I play this at school with my friends. Daddy, you be the zombie, okay? You have to try and catch me. That’s the only way I can turn into a zombie.” “What happens when we’re both zombies?” Yuta asks. “I don’t know. I’ve never played with just one person.” she says and they both laugh. As his daughter runs around the house looking for hiding places, Yuta gets into character by making groaning noises, purposely making loud, audible footsteps to signal to his daughter that he’s coming. After some time, his wife returns home, closing her umbrella and removing her coat. She finds the two of them sleeping on the sofa in what seems to be an uncomfortable position to sleep in. “These two”, she says with a sigh as she covers them with a blanket.

Kunihiko: While Kuni is working from his laptop, he notices his little girl standing before him. “I can’t sleep, daddy. Tell me a bedtime story.” Kuni brushes the hair away from her face with his big hands. “If I tell you a bedtime story, will that help you go to sleep?” he asks. She nods her head as he sighs in defeat. Tucking her into bed, he asks, “Have I ever told you about the time I tried to teach mommy how to play baseball?” She shakes her head side to side and he begins to reminisce. “She was about your age. I promised her that if she was able to hit the ball, I would treat her to ice cream. Even though she missed every time I pitched the ball, she never gave up. Guess she really wanted that ice cream.” He chuckles at the thought of the memory. “But then, out of nowhere, she swings the bat really hard and the ball comes flying in my direction.” His daughter stares at him, interested in what was going to happen next. “I must have dropped my jaw and stood there in astonishment because the ball bonked me on the head before I could even catch it.” His daughter giggles. “That’s exactly what your mother did the moment it happened.” Kuni says with a smile.