onigiri kun

 title: Roommates
summary: I don’t know, Sasuke-kun. Obviously I chose to live with you guys for two weeks because I’m trying to seduce my way into the Uchiha clan. Twice.
pairing: itasaku, team 7 being overprotective dorks

Sasuke grimaced at the very thought. 

“Don’t be crass, Sakura,” he grumbled as he crossed his legs together.

“Then don’t talk to me that way. You know I hate that,” she replied. Eventually Sasuke mumbled out something that sounded like an apology and Sakura’s expression brightened again. Happy just to watch, Naruto grabbed a handful of popcorn from the bowl between them and munched. The crunching drew Sakura’s eye.

“Naruto, would you like to contribute something to the discussion?” asked Sakura. But Naruto shook his head.

“Nah. This is gold in terms of entertainment,” he replied. 

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