Prince of Lies Meets the Queen of the Waves Pt 3

Summary: The Avengers take a day off to spend time at the beach. The day they pick just so happens to be the same day as a surf competition. The beach is teeming with people watching the top ten surfers duke it out on the waves. One surfer in particular caught the eyes of a certain raven haired Prince of Lies.

Warnings: My first kissing scene, Douches being douches,

Key: (Y/N) = Your Name, (L/N) = Last Name, (s/c) = skin color, (f/f) = favorite flavor, (h/c) = hair color, (ExBf) = Ex-Boyfriend’s name goes here, (e/c) = eye color

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cyd-onia  asked:

This is a sciency thing I've been curious about, and your'e the only person that I know to ask. Why are there so many more big (over 9') snake species than there are lizards? It's common to see snake species that get 7'-12' but 5' is considered large for most lizards, and I've never heard of any lizards over 10' long. So what kept us from getting the lizard equivalent of rectics and burms? Thank you!

There actually did used to be lizards that size!

This is Megalania prisca, or Varanus priscus. It was about 23 feet long and lived in Australia. It’s the largest terrestrial lizard to ever exist (as far as we know), and it helps answer some questions about why we don’t have the big guys around anymore. A lot of it has to do with metabolism. Snakes- even the big ones- don’t need to eat all that much. They’re really efficient! Lizards, not so much. The whole thermoregulation thing comes into play, too. See, when you’re this big, it takes a lot of basking to get you up to the right temps to digest and move around. These guys also probably hunted like Komodo dragons, which involves a lot of physical activity- bursts of speed and strength. Now, squamate reptiles- lizards and snakes- have evolved on a reverse Bergmann’s cline- basically, most animals are bigger in colder regions and smaller in tropical ones, but the opposite is true for lizards and snakes, likely due to thermoregulation. There’s also an emphasis on fast growth in a short period of time (again, likely for better thermoregulation), especially for lizards- but evolutionarily, this tends to lead to decreased survivorship and a smaller total adult body size. Because snakes spend way less energy on movement than the average lizard, they can afford to be huge- but for lizards, being too big was actually a bit of a drawback.

Here’s a couple of references if you wanna chew through the science!

Stephen Adolph and Warren Porter. Growth, seasonality, and lizard life histories: age and size at maturity. Oikos (1996) 77 (2): 267-278. Online: https://www.jstor.org/stable/3546065?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents

Michael Sears and Michael Angilletta. Body size clines in Sceloporus lizards: proximate mechanisms and demographic constraints. Integrative and Comparative Biology (2004) 44 (6):433-442. Online:  http://icb.oxfordjournals.org/content/44/6/433.full

Megalania skeleton: Wikimedia Commons


Repost, don’t reblog! Tag 7 muns you would like to get to know better when you’re done!

Name: –
Faceclaim:  A.lisa and sometimes X.iaoyu ( T.ekken: Blood Vengeance ) 
Pronouns: she / her , they / them 
Height: 5′3″ 
Birthday: July 14th 
Aesthetic: Photography, flowers, butterflies
Last song you listened to;  Rhythm Ta by iKON.

Favourite muse(s) you’ve written:

So far I’m definitely liking S.onia! There’s nothing much I can say in all honesty other than that. I would’ve said Chieko ( my DICE OC ), but since I started developing her like, yesterday, I can’t say anything about her sadly.

What inspired you to take on your current muse (that you are posting this on):

I guess what inspired me to write her was how interesting her character is to me? I dunno, but when I watched a playthrough of S.DR2 i took a big liking to her character and I thought that maybe I could write her and do a good job? 

What are your favorite aspects of your current muse:

Everything?? Anyways— something I like about her is how kind she is and how much she tries to help out, and how when she has to be serious she really is. I also find the fact that she is fascinated by Japan and its culture adorable.

What’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing:

Definitely music. I love listening to it while doing replies or just writing in general. I sometimes even do my homework while listening to music.

Favourite types of threads:

Oh man, I honestly don’t really know. I’m fine with any types of threads ( not smut ofc ) but like, fluff is my weakness.

The biggest struggle in regards to your current muse:

Definitely her way of speaking. By now I am very used to S.onia, but just her way of speaking is way different than mine, and I have a hard time portaying that sometimes. Her fascination with Japan and all that too, I do hope I’m doing a decent job with it, though.

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panickingatthediscowfabkilljoys  asked:

Your ideas for Black Panther were amazing!! Btw my name Annika, one letter difference with the name you have the oldest bodyguard! You are wonderful


But wait. There’s more.

  • I know that in canon, T’Challa treats his young bodyguards like daughters, but on the flip side consider:
  • As more women join the Dora Milaje, they kind of follow Aunika’s lead. Which is how T’Challa gets about 30 women, aged 13 to 25, all treating him like their small son.
  • “Look at you! So handsome! Have a good day, sweetie!”
  • “My king! Did you pack a sweater? Where’s the big woolly scarf Onia knitted you?”
  • “I packed you a lunch, T’Challa. And I did cut the crusts off your sandwich.”
  • T’Challa is totally mystified, because he’s older than literally all of them. The worst offender is Onia, because she’s 13, five foot nothing, and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet. She has to stand on a stool to give him a forehead kiss before he goes off to meet with the legislators (and she does). She has a pic of him in her wallet. She openly refers to him as her smol son.
  • T’Challa is always two seconds away from spontaneous combustion from embarrassment. He brings Onia along with him to missions anyway.
  • No one knows how old Aunika really is. If anyone asks, she says she’s 113 years old. And obviously she’s not 113 years old, but if you get her talking about her childhood it doesn’t seem implausible. Aunika has seen so much in her lifetime.
  • When T’Challa can’t go on adventures with the Avengers, he sends one of his bodyguards. After a few times, he just sends Nakia to fill in for him. Not because she can represent him necessarily better than any of the others, but because the Avengers request her by name.
  • (She is so good at Super Smash Bros omg!)
  • Okay, so from what I read, the different tribes of Wakanda would send girls to be part of the Dora Milaje, kind of like representatives for that tribe, in the hopes that the king would pick your tribe’s rep as a wife. That’s, like, extra representation AND bragging rights. I like to imagine all the different tribes throwing together beauty pageants to pick out the loveliest bodyguard-to-be, but instead of a swimsuit part of the pageants, there’s a mixed martial arts tourney in the middle. And you would think it would get really heated and vicious, but really when a winner is picked all the girls cry and hug and exchange email addresses and the winner wants to serve her tribe and bring honor to her little corner of Wakanda, but she also hates to leave behind her corner of Wakanda, ya feel? And it’s super bittersweet, and it’s kind of scary, but that’s the way it goes.
  • We all love Aunika and Nakia, but also remember there’s, like, 28 other bodyguards. 
    • We already met Onia a little. She is smol but powerful. She got picked to go because she’s very sweet and chatty.
    • Nomsa is the next youngest in age, clocking in at 15. You know that one kid in middle school who went through a dinosaur phase? Nomsa never grew out of her dinosaur phase. She has an encyclopedic understanding of pre human Earth.
    • Thandiswa didn’t win her tribe’s beauty/martial arts pageant. She just kind of packed an overnight bag and showed up at the royal palace like, “Whatup I got a big sock.” (It’s a novelty duffel and she is crazy proud of it. Her mom made it for her. It’s the most ridiculous thing she owns.)This is kind of confusing because the rightful representative from Thandiswa’s tribe is
    • Lulama, and it gets more confusing because Lulama never intended to win? Like, she went and got in on the pageant at home because everyone was doing it. And she’s all about serving the king, yadda yadda, but she feels a little bit like an imposter the whole time. There’s this nagging feeling that she shouldn’t be here that she just. Can’t. Shake. She gets homesick within five minutes of living at the palace, and she cries at night, and she just wants to give up but she hates to disappoint anyone. Luckily, someone helps pull her out of her slump, which brings us to
    • Majobo. Majobo is a bright beacon of love and light, which is ironic because she just wants to fight everyone all the time. She is one of the most ambitious assholes in the Dora Milaje ensemble. She wanted to be here, and now she’s here. She sweated, bled and wept to get where she is. Someone scolded her mother once because they thought Majobo was an irreverent snot, so she memorized the Quran. The whole thing. That’s the kind of person Majobo is.
    • Ntombifikile is a treasure. When she arrived at the palace, T’Challa got an email from her home tribe. He opened it up, and all it said was, “She’s your problem now. :)” The decision to send her to the palace was mostly political, tbh. Her father is a major mover and shaker in the community, but he’s also a giant asshole. His daughter is ten times worse. She would not only lobby for major social reform, but she would do it while wrestling a bear. And then she’ll smoke a cigarette afterward. Ntombifikile and Majobo have a lot in common, and they don’t get along at all.
    • Lerato came in third during the martial arts portion of the pageant, but she came in first for beauty, poise, and talent. Really, she’s more of a lover than she is a fighter, and it’s kind of a problem because she is hella gay. And she is so far in the closet her mailing address is in Narnia. And she gets really freaked out once she gets in the palace and unpacks her stuff, because even if the king isn’t looking for a wife right now, he might in the future. And Lerato knows she is gorgeous af, but how is she going to deal with T’Challa if he catches The Feelings? Should she come out to him? Would he freak out? Should she just go along with it and fake it for the rest of her life? Should she offer someone up as a human meat shield? On top of those worries, she has to deal with her ongoing Gay Crisis, working out her sexuality and how it fits in with the rest of her being and what the hell should she do about it?
    • And then there’s Tanga, who is Out and Proud. She is very pansexual, and very vocal about it. At least once, while bodyguarding T’Challa, she sees an Avenger—probably Scott Lang—being weird and she just “I’m too gay and beautiful for this white nonsense.” She’s too gay and beautiful for most of the Avengers’ antics.
    • Thembeka doesn’t like to travel outside Africa. She doesn’t trust the water, the people, or the wifi in Europe and the Americas. Tony Stark tries to call her Becky as a nickname and she explains to him, in tones soft with menace, that if he calls her that she will be forced to action. No one calls her Becky anymore. As she gets more comfortable in her role, she gets weirdly overprotective of T’Challa. “Are you eating enough?” she says into her phone. “Do you have enough changes of clothes? Are they feeding you okay? Are you warm enough?” T’Challa is like, “Thembeka, I’m in Quebec, not Antarctica. Yes, I am staying warm. No, they haven’t let me starve to death. Not even a little bit. We’re going out for sushi later.” Thembeka makes a strangled noise and tells him to put Aunika on the line. “Sushi isn’t real food, Aunika! This is clearly an assassination attempt.”
    • Vuyo has plans. Honestly, she’s part of the Dora Milaje because she needs to beef up her resume. In a few weeks she’s getting her Bachelors degree from University of Wakanda, and then she’s going to keep T’Challa from dying for a bit, and then she’s going to go for a doctorate in either astronomy or astrophysics. Either way, her end goal is to get in a spaceship and explore the cosmos. She’s the kind of person who walks outside on a clear night and shouts “LOOK AT THE MOON!” She is so fierce and smart and pure.
    • Phathu is basically a human question mark. T’Challa is pretty sure she’s a mutant, but it’s hard to pin down what her mutation is. Besides that, she is a really skilled hand-to-hand combatant, mechanic, and explosives expert. She doesn’t talk. Ever. Aunika is about 80% sure Phathu escaped a terrorist organization, but her tribe sent her to the palace in good faith and, let’s be real, if Phathu isn’t putting her talents to use in the service of the king, then she might go work for someone dangerous. And no one wants to meet Phathu in a dark alley. So she gets to stay, and Aunika keeps an eye on her, and everyone gives her space to just be.
    • Candace showed up 15 weeks late with a Starbucks. “What kind of name is Candace?” She’s from the Wakandan diaspora in New York City. Her neighborhood was alive with a mishmash of languages, Hausa and Xhosa and Swahili, all these people from different factions of Wakanda who came to make a life in New York. Most of them have normal names, but some parents gave their kids White People names to grease the wheels, Candace an unfortunate one of them. In her entire life, she has been to Wakanda twice; once as a very young child, and again when her mother’s parents died and they had to travel for the funeral. That said, Candace has always felt this deep, burning love of the Old Country. She loves America, too, but part of her belongs to Wakanda and always will.
    • Ntswaki is seven feet tall and 240 pounds. She’s the kind of person who greets the day with enthusiasm; at the break of dawn the palace trembles as she launches out of bed and yells, “IT’S A GREAT DAY TO BE TRANS.” She routinely gives T’Challa piggyback rides, and she is the one responsible for introducing the rest of the Dora Milaje to Tetris.
    • Hawa is super quiet and kind of shy. She can’t speak English for the life of her, but she can read it as easily as French or Arabic or Hausa. She barely has a high school education but she loves reading. And she will read anything, everything, which makes her something of a scholar. She’s a good listener and she likes to learn things, which is how she picks up a lot of skills. She’s only nineteen, but she can check the fluids in a car, tune a piano, build a deck, bake a cake, tailor an outfit, thread a sewing machine, repair a VCR, and operate small sea craft. After two months in the Dora Milaje, hardly anyone knows her name but she can fly a helicopter, drive a van, disarm up to three hostiles and apply winged eyeliner.
  • So all these personalities live in the palace, and even if they’re not all in the same room at any given moment, it gets loud. And crowded. And messy. T’Challa has never lived in a frat house before but he suspects it would be like a regular Wednesday night with The Girls.
  • At one point, Aunika checks the girls’ rooms to make sure everyone is in bed after curfew, but no one is in their room!? And she takes a moment to panic a little, and then she sprints around the palace until she comes to the ballroom. There’s the girls! They took their mattresses and blankets and pillows down to the dancefloor and are having this huge slumber party. Tanga and Ntombifikile are doing their nails, and someone brought henna so Thembeka and Majobo and Candace are getting inked. Ntswaki is talking about modern philosophy with Thandiswa. Hawa and Phathu are pretty much observing and T’Challa is in the middle of all of it, because of course he is. Someone painted his toes.
  • T’Challa loves all of his bodyguards; it’s ridiculous. On one hand, they’re kind of like the sisters he never had, but on the other hand they all treat him like their son. It’s embarrassing but kind of nice? And he feels safe, knowing that each and every one of them could kill a man, and that they have his back no matter what.
  • When he’s away, he texts them on the group chat basically nonstop.
  • One time he spends two weeks straight at Avengers Tower, and the Avengers think he lives a peaceful life for some reason. It’s a jarring thought. Thor, Tony and Vision do something very loud and stupid, and Sam gives a nervous laugh like, “You’re probably not used to all this noise and confusion, huh?” And it strikes T’Challa full force that these are his teammates, but they know nothing about him. They don’t know about Mojobo and Ntombfikile fighting nonstop, a kind of background noise he learned to tune out. They don’t know that he sleeps with his door open at home, because Aunika always likes to check on him, and that Phathu will sometimes wander into his room and sleep on the floor, and he’s almost stepped on her more than once. The Avengers have never seen Candace casually bench press him while he tried not to laugh. They don’t know that Ntswaki gives the best hugs. Or that Vuyo will orchestrate a stargazing party at the smallest provocation, and Nomsa will be the one to remember to bring snacks.
  • T’Challa has never been homesick before. His entire life has been full of traveling, and for the first time he realizes he was never homesick because the things worth missing are people, and he always had Aunika and his father at his side when away. But now he has about 30 different people he loves, all this family he never knew he so desperately needed, and it’s like a gaping chasm just opened up in his chest.
  • “Hey, if it’s too loud in here we can step out on the balcony.”
  • “No. It’s fine, Sam. It’s fine.”
  • His phone buzzes and he pulls it out. It’s the group chat. He opens the attached image and there’s Hawa, Lulama,Thembeka and Thandiswa all sitting around the kitchen table with a huge pile of food in front of them. The caption says: There are starving kings in New York. Eat your veggies! He smiles softly and texts back, I’ve been here ten days and I haven’t starved once. He hits send and then realizes that Sam is watching him.
  • “Why are you looking at me like that?”
  • “Nothing, man. Just wondering who you’re texting that can put a smile like that on your face.”
  • “I have a harem of thirty women waiting for me at home,” he says, completely deadpan. 
  • “I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not.”
  • T’Challa grins. Maybe one day, the Avengers will come to Wakanda, and they will sleep in the ballroom, and he will know what it’s like to have two families converging to be as one, just for a few hours. And Nakia will draw a penis on Steve’s face in sharpie, because she just crumbles under peer pressure. And it will be one of the best days of T’Challa’s life.

@gnostic-heretic yep rip as a past Spain roleplayer… Hate to say it but the Romano character interpretations were spawned straight from hell ajsjsjjs which also stopped me from liking spa/mano, and the character dynamic of Romano being portrayed as abusive/cruel/disliking spain and Spain being his lovestruck idiot just turns off my heart ajjs. And yeah the age difference/just their general interaction in canon doesn’t strike me as something they would base a romance off of. idc if ppl do, just not my cup of tea :V

JSksjsj me dude, all my ships/interpretations of the characters are…. Lgbt there aren’t any str8 characters (rip Est/onia aksksks) in my aph lobby and I love seeing Romano and Feli shown in m|m relationships (rip me I don’t ship Romano with anyone tbh)

And also me?? I only like a lot of ships in very very specific ways and circumstances but Jules’ au sounds… Interesting 💖

I know I’ve reblogged such posts before, but I decided to make my own SHIPPING CALL! Now I have only two things I’d like to adress, RIGHT HERE and RIGHT HERE. Please read them before you continue on. Anywho, the first post of mine I linked means I will not ship S.onia x G.undham, S.onia x K.azuichi or S.onia x G.undham x K.azuichi romantically. 

Anyways, below you will see a bunch of heart options that you can send in that you would like us to discuss and ship our muses as! Ships aren’t supposed to always be romantic or anything of the sort, so do not feel pressured to send something in you don’t want to ship our muses as! This is just a reference for me, just so I know what interactions to focus on more. Here are the hearts!: 

❤️ - romantic
💚 - platonic
💛 - friendship
💙 - love-hate relationship
💜 - slow burn romance
🖤 - enemies

You can send up to 2-3 if you can’t decide or you are unsure! Please do keep in mind that by sending this in, that doesn’t mean we automatically ship our muses as what you have sent, we’ll have to plot it out of course, but you can also let me know if you want a friendship between our muses to be pre-established, and work from there! You can send the heart(s) in my inbox, just like an ask meme!