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Above is the signing poster I made for this year, to celebrate the 10 years this Avatar universe has been out there in the world. Below is our schedule, once again:

Friday, 10-11 AM, Room 25ABC:  Dark Horse Comics panel with Mike & me

Friday, 12-2 PM, Dark Horse booth: signing with Mike & me (and maybe a special guest too, I’m not sure yet)

Friday, 4-5 PM, Oni Press booth: Invader Zim comic signing with Jhonen Vasquez & me

Saturday, 3-5 PM, Nickelodeon booth: signing with Mike & me (again, and maybe a special guest too, I’m not sure yet)

Ticket info for the Saturday Nickelodeon booth signing: Nick folk are handing out tickets on both Friday AND Saturday morning at the booth between 9:30 – 10:30am. Only 125 tickets will be handed out each day.

I know the overwhelming majority of people out there can’t make it to the increasingly-difficult-to-attend-and-prohibitively-expensive San Diego Comic Con. In addition to this, Mike and I haven’t had and don’t have the schedules to allow for us to attend the many great, smaller conventions all over the globe throughout the year. San Diego is very close to where we both live, so it is quick and easy for us to get down there. Being such a big convention, it is also one that companies like Nick and Dark Horse put a lot of their focus on and marketing resources towards. I just wanted to explain those factors, as I know it is probably frustrating for people who see all the SDCC chatter online and can’t participate in person. We appreciate that many of you ATLA/LOK fans out there would love for us to come to an event or hold a signing closer to your stomping grounds. During the productions of those series, we were mostly chained to our desks trying to meet an endless procession of deadlines and could only carve out a long weekend or two a year for conventions. Now we are busy with new endeavors and the ATLA/LOK events will taper to a large degree. But perhaps our respective new publishing projects will bring us on book tours and to other conventions around the world in the future, allowing us to meet more people we haven’t had a chance to yet. We love you folks! Thanks for your continued support!


As a means of catching ZIM fans up to speed in terms of the series’ highly complicated (everyone throws fits and stuff explodes) plot, and to inform those who have never watched the show (you can tell who they are because they still have their hearing), I hired Recap Kid. He (or she? I never specified and aaronalexovich‘s art keeps it mysterious) is an expert on all things ZIM so you’re in good hands there. 

Back before you were all born, maybe a year or two ago, when Oni first asked how I’d feel about them doing ZIM comics, one of the first things I said was “That sounds really fun, especially if it wasn’t quite what people expected, if it was a thing I could approach comic artists that I like with to let them do their thing in the ZIM universe.” The very first person I thought of was KC Green, whose comics I had been a fan of for my entire life even though he’s a lot younger than me. 

NOW THE MOMENT I HAD DREAMED OF IS HERE. KC Green finally gets his own issue to annihilate and it’s one of of my favorite issue, if not my favorite for the fact that it’s got surprises that I can enjoy like any other fan. When I do an issue, it’s no fun because I already know how AMAZING it’s gonna be. It’s hard to live that way, being utterly unsurprised at how fantastic my creations are and dreaming, DREAMING of someday knowing what it’s like to enjoy something wonderful that I DIDN’T create.

Now I know that feeling, and for that I thank KC for making this such a great issue. 

Seriously, please pick up this issue and hunt down everything else KC has done if you don’t already love his work. 

LOOK AT THIS. Invader ZIM Trade Paperback preorder codes are out! If you’re not big on single issues, or just want to add this nice-ass lookin book to your shelf (because you do), you should tell your local comic book shop to pick this shit up for you. We all worked really hard on it, and it totally shows.


Hey, folks. Spike here. 

Rabid hyper-capitalist porno-pusher that I am, I don’t usually go to bat for other publishers, because I want all your sweet, sweet dollars to line my solid gold Lamborghini with. But I’m making one big exception, today.

The Fresh Romance Kickstarter really, REALLY needs your help.

Its got 6 days to go, and over ten thousand dollars to make. And it’s having a rough time helping itself, because the project organizer, Janelle Asselin, is chronically ill. She was feeling fine when the project launched, but she’s been in hospital for days now, and probably won’t get out until it’s way too late to save Fresh Romance through her own efforts.

Janelle launched Fresh Romance last year in an effort to revive the romance genre, a genre with a long and illustrious pedigree in North American comics, and a genre permanently deep-sixed by Dr. Fredric Wertham’s 1954 anti-comics smear campaign and the resulting Comics Code Authority. Before Fresh Romance, the last romance comics published in the US went out of print in the 1970s. The last time you saw a romance comic was probably on a museum wall, as traced by Roy Lichtenstein. And that’s fucking ridiculous.

Don’t tell me people don’t like love stories. And that’s what Janelle’s got. Fresh Romance comics are love stories. Love stories of all kinds, written by lots of women, drawn by lots of women, and getting those same women paychecks for their efforts, which is sadly a lot more than a lot of projects in this industry do. And as an editor who has employed some of Fresh Romance’s roster in my own efforts ( @kateordie​, @swinsea), I know it’s good stuff.

Please, please, pleez take a look, folks. And if you like Smut Peddler, if you like the creators involved, if you like idea of supporting marginalized genres and creators? Toss a few bucks their way and spread the word. Fresh Romance deserves a print run. 

Invader Zim #1 has sold out and the month is not even over.

Good Job everyone!

Oni Press is doing a second printing and this is the cover for it,
Reminds me of Dark Harvest. It hard to see, but there kids stuck to the ceiling.

It will be release on the same date of issue 2 which is

August, 19, 2015

You can start ordering them at your local comic book store.