I can finally, fiiiinaaalllly announce that I am drawing next year’s Rick and Morty comic mini series Pocket Like You Stole It, coming July 2017 from @onipress. Based on the mega popular (and for me anyway mega hard) mobile game Pocket Mortys, the series is written by the brilliant Tini Howard and coloured by the incredible Katy Farina. You can find out more about the series, including an interview with all three of us over at Entertainment Weekly. You’ll find an extended preview of the series in next May’s Rick and Morty Free Comic Book Day 2017 edition as part of the yearly Free Comic Book Day event, for more about that check out the Hollywood Reporter’s rundown on the FCBD 2017 titles.

Above is my cover art for issue 1 as well as some sweet progress shots.

Guys, I’m so fucking excited about this book, I can’t even begin to tell ya.

New 'Rick and Morty' Comic Will Be Based On Mobile Game 'Pocket Mortys'
Over two seasons, Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty has brilliantly skewed all kinds of classic science fiction tropes, taking ideas like alien...

WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB, Entertainment Weekly has the EXXXCLUSIVE announcement *URRrrrP* of our new RICK AND MORTY mini-series, POCKET LIKE YOU STOLE IT, inspired by the mobile game Pocket Mortys!

Learn more about the series at the link in their interview with writer Tini Howard, artist @marcellerby , and colorist @katyfarina !

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My variant cover for INVADER ZIM: Volume 2 that I did with @cunch! Leaving the thick, shaped outlines off the characters always gives them a nice, liberated look, like they can actually move around without that heavy, black forcefield containing their bodies.

@cunch did an awesome job on the colors, so follow her and consume all that she has to consume!

@onipress will have a bunch of these on hand at the San Diego Comicon this weekend, so if you’re there maybe pick one up, ya know?