CONGRATS TO MY BABY BROTHER ON HIS FIRST SHOW!!! I think I have officially become known as the crazy and loud older sister with the funny poster amongst your friends! (Mission Accomplished! Sorry not sorry!) So worth being stuck in traffic for 2 hours! Always know that I will forever be your #1 fan! I am always rooting for you and will be there whenever you need me! You know I’m just a phone call or text away! Even for the dumbest things! It’s just you and me through thick and thin! Love you so so much baby bro and I can’t wait to live in the world of dance vicariously through you during the next 4 years! You will do great and amazing things throughout your time at WCHS! I am so very proud of you! With much love, Manang ❤ #divadanceoff #allmale #pusherlove #almamater #icantdance #butmybrocan #embarrassing #screams #fangirling #hashtags #mybrohates #onhashtags #sadposter #morehashtags (at West Covina High School)