destiny pt.1;

⇢ summary: you’re just about ready to give up on life altogether; your love life is in ruins, you’ve lost your job, and your family couldn’t care less about you… and then you meet your blushing guardian angel, and maybe life isn’t so bad after all.

⇢ relationship: jeon jungkook/reader, min yoongi/reader.

⇢ genre: supernatural, angel!au, demon!au, romance, thriller.

⇢ words:  4.3k

⇢ warnings:  depressing thoughts, attempted suicide.

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Rule I: Each angel is granted three warnings. If an angel sins, a warning is given. If an angel uses up all three warnings, that angel is stripped of their wings and cursed to live out their days as a human, with no guardian angel of their own to protect them from harm. When this fallen angel dies, they are headed for hell. No exceptions.

Hanging from above Han River, you couldn’t help thinking about how inviting the water looked below. You could already feel the icy water enveloping you, biting your skin until you felt nothing, as the same water filled your lungs and your eyes shut for the last time. That’s what you would have liked to have happened, at least. 

You were just seconds from letting go of the railing, thoughts of nothing but emptiness and calmness overtaking your mind, when a strong arm wrapped around your middle and you felt yourself being jerked backward roughly, right back onto the gravelly ground, nowhere near as peaceful as the water you had almost plunged into. Your eyes were shut tight still, the anticipation for death so mercilessly ripped from your fingertips that you all but screamed out of frustration. You shot open your eyes, ready to yell obscenities at whomever had dared play hero this time. This wasn’t your first brush with death, yet somehow, somehow, every time you got close to the edge, something ended up pulling you back. A phone call, a last, sudden thought of someone or something that you loved, and now this asshole.

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Yours Truly

RoyaltyAU: OC x Prince!Yoongi 
Length: 1.7K (lol barely a drabble but I’ll take it) 
Genre: Fluff. Just. Fluff
Type: Disney Insp Drabbles ☞ REQUEST HERE
Recommended OST: (x
Request By: @workofteaguk : how about “I’m right out here for you, just let me in” + your love aka min yoongi :“) 

(a/n): warm up before I really get going with my other longer pieces! Ahh but this was so so fluffy I melted into a puddle 100x before I could coherently type all of it out TT please tell me what you think!! also this gif makes me cry many tears.. my prince TTTTTTT I LOVE YO(U)ONGI

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“Would you please just open the door?”

Yoongi’s rasp drifts through the cool wood that is pressed into your back, the sheer tulle of your ball gown useless in its beauty to protect you against the nip of cold lingering in the early autumn air.

“No!” Your stubborn response travels through the barrier without fail, your childish pout and no doubt tear stained cheeks registering in Yoongi’s mind along with the clipped one word answer, despite his inability to see you.

A sigh.

“Princess…” He begins his magic spell, casting those minuscule syllables to make your heart to splutter with indignation in your ribcage to squeeze essences of rose onto your cheeks.

“Don’t call me that,” you counter, “everyone calls me that.”

“Am I not ‘everyone’ to you?” He questions, smile tugging their way across his cheeks, eyelashes kissing the taunt skin when he looks down to see you fidgeting on the other side of the door. His words are colored with underlying meanings.

How daring, questioning when he knows the answer, your mind chastises the boy, even if he can’t hear those thoughts.

“N-No, you’re Yoongi.”

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Strip That Down

You first meet Ong Seongwoo at a strip club, not amused by his silk shirt and easy smiles. However, you’re soon exposed to the other sides of his personality, and find yourself genuinely enjoying his company.

  • for anon who requested stripper!ong
  • i will not swerve into ong’s lane, i will not swerve into ong’s lane, i will not swerve into ong’s lane
  • not much like sexy times bc this turned into a lowkey ‘let’s humanize ppl who work in the sex industry bc they’re too often overlooked/stigmatized’ work

  • You huffed, staring down intently at the book you had out, doing your best to block out the loud music blaring in the background
  • “(y/n), you’re so lame,” your best friend complained, hitting on the shoulder
  •  You rolled your eyes, briefly looking up at the stage
  • Your best friend, who had recently turned 21, dragged you and the rest of your friend group to a male strip club to celebrate her adulthood, much to your chagrin
  •  “whatever,” you muttered, going back to the book you’d been reading for your English class
  • You’d only really gone along with the plan to appease your friend—you had absolutely no interest in male strippers
  • There wasn’t anything wrong with strippers themselves, you just weren’t super into watching guys grind on thin air in thongs
  • “oh my god,” your friend hissed, hitting you again, this time much more violently
  • “what?” you asked, not bothering to look up from your book
  • “look up!” your best friend hissed, still hitting you violently
  • your eyes raised slowly from the text in front of you, meeting the piercing, intense gaze of one of the men dancing on stage
  • his body was lithe as he moved fluidly, hips grinding to the slow beat that had been playing for the dancers’ set
  • “oh my god, he’s staring at you,” your friends squealed, hitting you excitedly
  • you watched as he lifted his shirt, moving his body to the smooth rhytm as he exposed his abs amidst the hordes of screaming girls
  • however, the entire time, his eyes never left yours
  • you quirked an eyebrow, turning your attention back to your book
  • however, you were forced to look up again when cheers errupted once more
  • the guy was slowly taking off his shirt, still staring at you with a seductive look
  • shaking your head, you lifted your book and tried to block out the noise
  • “we’re gonna head to the bathroom, (y/n),” your friend informed you, standing up
  • you nodded, waving them off and assuring your friends that you’d watch their things
  • the music was still loud, but the dancers before, including the one that had been staring at you, were no longer onstage, and you turned back to your book
  • you’d managed to get through a chapter and were starting on the next when you realized that someone was standing in front of you, blocking your source of light
  • it was the dancer from earlier, and you lifted an eyebrow in confusion
  • “you know, i’ve never seen someone pay to get into a strip club and proceed to ignore the dancers,” he said with a smirk, meeting your gaze intensely
  • he was handsome, and you felt your stomach flutter a bit but ignored it, reminding you that being flirtatious was part of his job
  • his voice was smooth and rough at the same time, almost like velvet
  • “i’m here for a friend,” you explained, wanting to just get back to your book
  • “i’d like to offer you a complimentary private show,” he said smoothly, giving you a wink
  • you just stared back at him, confused
  • “my boss is getting irritated with you; it looks bad for business,” he said hastily, “but whaddya say to the private show? i know you don’t want to be here, but i’ve heard that i can be very convincing.”
  • “they’ll go,” your best friend said, shoving you towards the guy
  • you stumbled a bit and he reached out to straighten you, your stomach fluttering as his hand tightened around your shoulder
  • you rolled your eyes but let yourself get pulled to one of the back rooms, still skeptical to the whole situation
  • he showed you where to sit and strutted over to start playing his choice of music
  • you wrinkled your nose as ‘the way’ by kehlani started playing, not wanting your favorite song to be forever tied to such a strange memory
  • he began dancing to the music fluidly, and you felt incredibly awkward as he got closer to you, eyes boring intensely into your own
  • you felt your face blush a bit as he got even closer, averting your eyes as  he yanked his shirt off in one fell swoop, unsure of what to do
  • he was so close that you could see every detail of his skin– the small scar on his collarbone, the tattoo on his rib, swirling letters that spelled out–
  • “is that an edgar allen poe tattoo?” you blurted out as he began thrusting his hips, ruining the moment entirely
  • without thinking, your finger was running over the letters that spelled out ‘nevermore’, appreciating the tattoo
  • “it is, actually,” the dancer smiled, looking down at it, “the raven was the first poem i truly enjoyed, it’s what got me into poetry, actually.”
  • “you’re into poetry?” you asked, impressed
  • “why, surprised that some run-of-the-mill stripper like me can appreciate the finer arts?” the dancer asked with a slight sneer
  • “that’s not what I meant,” you sighed, rolling your eyes at how defensive he’d gotten, “i just haven’t met many people my age who truly appreciate poetry.”
  • as the dancer– seongwoo, as he introduced himself– tugged his shirt back on, the ‘private show’ completely forgotten, he told you about how he was majoring in business at the local university that you attended as well
  • “i’m a lit major,” you explained, “why aren’t you majoring in lit, if you love poetry so much?”
  • “parents didn’t approve,” seongwoo sighed, running a hand through his perfectly gelled inky black hair
  • the two of you sat there for a while, talking about what books you’d read recently and giving each other suggestions
  • “ong, finish up! it’s been over an hour!” someone yelled, pounding on the door to the room that you and seongwoo were sitting in
  • seongwoo looked startled and checked his phone, eyes widening when he realized how long he’d been talking with you
  • “i should probably get back on the job,” seongwoo said ruefully, getting to his feet, “but hey, it was nice talking to you.”
  • “seongwoo,” you said tentatively before he stepped out into the loud club, “the coffee shop that I work at has open mic nights. every tuesday at seven. you should go sometime.”
  • seongwoo looked at you thoughtfully, a small smile dancing on his lips
  • “i’ll think about it,” he replied
  • “you should do it,” you insisted, “i can be very convincing.” 
  • seongwoo chuckled at the way that you used his own words against him, giving you a quick wink before striding off down the hall, confidence and facade back on again.
  • you smiled at that, pleasantly surprised at what an interesting person seongwoo was
  • however, you were still surprised to hear that velvety voice as you wiped down a counter
  • “i guess you are pretty convincing.”
  • “seongwoo, you came!” you smiled over at him widely, tucking the rag into your pocket
  • “you fit the vibe of this place pretty well,” he commented, eyes scanning over the warm browns and tan of the coffee shop decor before running up and down your sweater and boots combo
  • “well, you fit the vibe of the club pretty well,” you shot back with a grin, feeling more flirty now that you were in your element, “Mr. Chic.”
  • seongwoo just grinned at that, ruffling his hair
  • you took the chance to take in his appearance, appreciating how good he looked in a sweatshirt and jeans, dark hair falling into his eyes
  • it was a nice contrast from the silk shirt, leather pants and pushed back hair you’d first seen him in, but you didn’t know which look you liked more
  • “you can find a seat, i can make you a drink if you’d like,” you informed him, “the open mic will start in about ten minutes.”
  • “i’ll take an iced espresso,” seongwoo replied, sending you a quick smile
  • you nodded, hurrying behind the bar to get his shot started
  • seongwo ended up going closer to the end of the night, sharing a short but extremely well-written poem 
  • it was very intriguing, and spoke of conflicted emotions and the struggle between loyalty to others and oneself
  • you were reminded of what he’d told you a few nights ago, about his parents not approving of him majoring in literature
  • “you’re a really good poet,” you informed seongwoo as you closed up the cafe for the night
  • seongwoo had insisted on sticking around, sipping the dregs of his iced espresso
  • he blushed at the compliment, his ears turning red
  • “really?” he asked, raising an eyebrow
  • from the few interactions you’d had with him, you’d definitely got the feeling that he was a confident man, so you were surprised to see him seem so vulnerable
  • “yes, really,” you laughed, shaking your head, “the girls were swooning over you– you really have a way with words.”
  • “well, you know what else makes the girls swoon?” he asked with a grin, before turning away quickly
  • when he turned back, you burst out laughing at the sight of his ears folded in, a huge shit-eating grin on his face
  • “which side do you want me to unfold first?” he asked playfully
  • “are you serious?” you asked between wheezes, tears forming in your eyes from how hard you were laughing at the image in front of you
  • “yes, i’m serious,” he said with a grin, “which side?”
  • “left, I guess.”
  • you laughed even harder as he unfolded the left ear, making a clicking sound effect to go along with it before doing the same with the right
  • “you’re truly unique, seongwoo,” you said as you turned off the lights in the cafe, still chuckling a bit
  • when the two of you got to your bus stop, seongwoo stopped, looking at you seriously
  • “(y/n),” he said, looking down at you, “thank you for tonight.”
  • you looked up at him, surprised at his serious tone, “it’s nothing! you clearly really enjoy poetry, i just informed you of an outlet.”
  • “still,” he insisted, “most of my own friends find it hard to believe that the jokester who doesn’t take school seriously would be interested in poetry, let alone some random person whose first impression of me was me grinding on thin air at a strip club. thank you for not judging me.”
  • “hey,” you frowned, bumping his shoulder, “just because you’re a stripper doesn’t mean you’re not a person. it’s a way to get money, and if you’re comfortable with it, then it’s not my place to judge.”
  • seongwoo looked down at you thoughtfully, a small smile crossing his lips
  • “still. thank you.”
  • you then realized how close the two of you were, your eyes going down to his pink lips and then back to his warm brown eyes, his ears a bit pink
  • “(y/n),” he said tentatively, before sucking in a breath of air and exhaling it with a hiss, “ah, never mind.”
  • you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms, “jesus christ, seongwoo, you’re not slick. just ask me on a date already.”
  • he looked down at you with eyes wide, cheeks bright pink
  • “well, will you go on a date with me?”
  • “yes, idiot,” you said with a smile, before leaning up to press a kiss to his lips
  • later that night, over text, seongwoo revealed why he’d been so apprehensive to ask you out
  • i’ve never met someone so unapologetically themselves
  • and you were the first person to not judge me for what i do
  • i didn’t want to lose that just because i had feelings for you
  • and each and every day of your relationship, you did your best to remind seongwoo that he was an incredibly amazing person, because no matter how intense his ‘confident guy’ mask was, you knew that inside, he was a worried, slightly anxious guy like everyone else around you

moral of this story: even if a person appears to be super confident, they are probably still very insecure on the inside

seongwoo has actually talked about this before (idk what exact source) but yeah i think it’s just important to keep in mind

[M] Moonlight | Four

Originally posted by jiminrolls

A/N: Hi guys! It’s Admin Sunshine, I’m so sorry for the delay but seriously I suddenly lost the my confident in writing and I started to think that I’m flop lmao. But I hope y’all can understand and support me; I love you guys <3

PS: The next chapter will be final and please condone my errors & I’ll be fixing them as soon as possible!

Pairing: Hybrid Female Reader AU! x Yoongi

Genre: Hybrid AU!, Smut, Fluff, Angst

Warnings: SMUT, this chapter contains real adult/mature stuff. 

Words Count: 2,2k

Summary : As unwelcomed cat hybrid, you’ve lived in the streets since you were born. You never believed in love neither in humanity. But even though you didn’t want to be loved by someone, you wanted him to love you.

Part One Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Finale

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“What does Kang Daniel say before he kisses someone?”
MC: You know Kang Daniel well. You have to do well
Ong: Why are you so pretty? (Busan accent)
MC: One more time.
Others: Ahh, satoori
(Others: What’s your accent? KD: Busan)
Ong: Kiddo, why are you so pretty? (Busan accent)

Translations by meteongshower, please credit if using!

Ongie, why do you know what Daniel says even when he doesn’t know himself 😏

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Secretly - Lee Daehwi Requested Scenario

@official-kpop-bias (im sorry it didnt tag)

Summary: in which you and Daehwi are madly in love but have to hide it for the sake of your older brother, Daniel

Genre: fluff, angst-y



“Y/N!” Daniel yelled from downstairs, “DOOR!”

I sighed, taking my eyes away from my studying before yelling back, “YOU’RE LITERALLY DOWNSTAIRS!”

I heard him groan loudly before the door opening and the sound of Daehwi.


I ran away from my desk, knocking over my chair and probably several other things as I flew down the stairs as quick as I could.

“Daniel!” I exclaimed, swinging my arm round his neck and smiling at Daehwi.

“Get off me you loser,” Daniel said, shrugging my arm off, “yeah so Daehwi, why are you here?”

“Oh I just-,” he looked at me frantically, “I just wanted to come and see you!”

Daniel raised his eyebrows suspiciously.

“I was actually about to go out and meet Seongwoo but I’ll only be a few minutes so you can stay here if you want,” Daniel said, putting his coat on as he let Daehwi in, “Y/N. Behave.”

“What?” I asked.

“You know you’re not allowed to have a crush on any of my members,” Daniel said, pointing a suspicious finger at me.

Daehwi started laughing, nervousness evident in his laugh.

I kicked him in the shin making him stop suddenly and Daniel turn around again to look at us suspiciously.

I grinned and he shook his head before walking out.

“Why are you like this?” I said jokingly, turning to Daehwi.

Daehwi smiled, pulling me into his arms and resting his forehead on mine.

“You love me,” Daehwi teased.

“Yeah right,” I scoffed.

He gasped, pulling away before walking off dramatically, I laughed at his sassy behaviour before walking behind him and jumping on his back and kissing his cheek.

I heard the sound of a key in the lock and immediately pulled away from Daehwi, reaching for a glass and speak walking to the sink so I didn’t have to look if it was indeed Daniel.

“Sorry, Ongy wants– you alright there Daehwi?” Daniel asked, walking back through the door.

I glanced over at Daehwi, taking a sip of my water, to see him just stood there awkwardly. I mentally cursed.

“What did Seongwoo want?” I asked, changing the subject immediately.

“Oh right! He wanted his hoodie back,” Daniel explained, running up the stairs.

I walked past Daehwi, smacking the back of his head and continuing to the living room.

“See you,” Daniel said, kissing my head, “ew why did I do that?!”

I chuckled, shaking my head as I watched him walk back out the door.

As he left, I collapsed onto the sofa.

Daehwi sat next to me and I grabbed his hand, playing with his hands, “I hate this.”

He nodded, “me too. But he’d flip out if he found out, you know that.”

I nodded sadly, “sometimes I think it might be better if we just told him instead of sneaking around behind his back because think about it! He’d obviously be more upset if he found out we were lying to him!”

Daehwi shrugged, turning on the TV, “I’m sure we’ll know when to tell him. They’ll be a right time.”

I leaned my head on his shoulder as a couple on their wedding day came on. It zoomed in on her brother crying. Daehwi sighed and changed the channel, “that was obviously the wrong thing.”

I laughed, digging my face where the side of my head just was.

“Shall I just tell him I’m gay?” Daehwi asked, putting the remote down and looking at me.

I laughed harder, flopping onto him.

“Oh yeah,” I said sarcastically, “and I’ll tell him that I’m a feminist who doesn’t like men.”

Daehwi laughed, flopping onto me.

“I love you,” Daehwi said.

I chuckled, “I love you more.”

“Secretly?” he asked, looking down at me.

I nodded, “secretly.”


乁(⊙▽⊙✿)ㄏ *sweats* bias selfie tag! it’s super late but- thanks to my 2jae goddess @mark2young2jae for tagging me! <3 (i’m pretty sure there’s others but it has been ages.. TT af my dudes)

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Kui hetkel on raske, kohe nii raske, et võtab eluisu ära, siis ma olen kindel, et paari kuu pärast ma vaatan sellesse hetkesse tagasi ja mõistan, et just sellepärast ongi raske hetkel, et midagi paremat oli tulemas.

Kõikidest valudest,
mis meid valdavad,
varem või hiljem
me valime ühe,
millel me laseme
endasse valguda
ning meie vaimu vormida.
See ongi me saatus,
me enesevalu,
see on me sisim
sisu ja vorm.
—  Doris Kareva

anonymous asked:

and i get a little bit Genghis Khangis,don't want you to get it ongis with nobody else but mingus

see and then there’s shit like this in my inbox, it’s a constant game of ask roulette for me

Time for a Hannibal fic rec !


According to the e-reader I received as a Christmas present last year, I’ve been spending around 800 hours, that’s 33,33 days, that’s a little more than an entire month out of twelve, reading fanfiction.

Mostly reading Hannigram fanfiction (though the Hobbit did hold its own, let’s be honest). And I discovered so many beautiful things, I shivered, I cried, I laughed so hard my neighbours banged on the wall to shut me up, I’ve been aching, smiling, gasping, and this year has brought me so much joy, that it’s only natural I give a little bit of love back.

So, to celebrate the Fic Rec Days on January 9th and 10th, as per piyo-13′s suggestion, here is my personal fic rec. 

To all of you fantastic authors : I couldn’t list you all, but I love you very dearly. I don’t know what I would do without you. Life would be so dull. Thank you for existing.

(If anyone wants to add anything to the list, feel free to do so, I would love it. Write your name next to it so we can know who added it! Also, feel free to add categories if you feel I wasn’t exhaustive enough. Let’s spread the Hannigram love!)

Aaaand here goes:

Dear Fic, I’d marry you if I could because you changed my life:

  • Alternative Means Of Influence (9 of Clubs, Quedarius) @alternativemeansofinfluence, @the-winnowing-wind
  • Epistolary (whiskeyandspite, drinkbloodlikewine) @wwhiskeyandbloodd
  • Ya'aburnee (whiskeyandspite, drinkbloodlikewine)
  • Consenting to Dream (emungere) @emungere​
  • Omega Point (cognomen, whiskeyandspite) and its sequel, Aleph (cognomen) (THIS IS NOT AN OMEGAVERSE FICTION this is about robots and it’s SPLENDID) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • The Joy Of Creation (FKAHerSweetness) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Oddbodies (toffeecape) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, I’ve read you three times at least already, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon:

  • Shark Thank (xzombiexkittenx) @xzombiexkittenx​
  • Ladders (emungere)
  • Blackbird (emungere)
  • Verisimilitude (becks)
  • A Remedy For Love (emungere) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, you stabbed my heart repeatedly, and it was totally worth it:

  • Hozhoni (whiskeyandspite, drinkbloodlikewine)
  • A Room Without Doors (cartouche)
  • Redamancy (whiskeyandspite, drinkbloodlikewine)
  • Hand in unlovable hand (9_of_Clubs)
  • Hand in unlovable hand (coloredink)
  • Vorspiel (KareliaSweet) @lovecrimevariations
  • Both A Beginning And An End (thisisthefamilybusiness)
  • The Cardiopathy of Caring (ChuckleVoodoos)
  • Heart And Mouth (disenchanted) 
  • So I Stayed In The Darkness With You. (9 Of Clubs)
  • Morphology series (Finely Honed) (ADDED JULY 1ST) 
  • And So I Raise Me Up From Sleep (bendingsignpost) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Housekeeping (FKAHerSweetness) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Il Faut Souffrir Pour Être Beau (The_Clever_Magpie) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, the love and adoration between my OTP was just breathtaking:

  • Paris, 1916 (whiskeyandspite, drinkbloodlikewine)
  • Aiónios (whiskeyandspite, drinkbloodlikewine)
  • The Joy Of Creation (FKAHerSweetness) (ADDED JULY 1ST)(I had to put it there twice, it’s so magnificent and heartbreaking)

Dear Fic, I want to wrap myself in your fluff and never get out:

  • Canis Lupus Familiaris (teaberryblue) @teaberryblue
  • Something Like Companionship (TimmyJaybird)
  • My Husband (VictoriaAGrey)
  • Domesticity (extremelyperturbed)
  • Ways and Means (Silverfeathered_Angel)
  • Falling For You (And Other Bad Puns) (thisisthefamilybusiness)
  • You’re Not Subtle (HushTheNoise)
  • We Are But Dust And Shadows (peppermintquartz)
  • Rescues (drinkbloodlikewine & whiskeyandspite) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, you gave me the chills, and I thank you for that:

  • The Doll (Anna_Jay)
  • Wolf and I (t_pock)
  • The Hollow Man (artificer)
  • Awake (becks)

Dear Fic, I love porn. Thank you.

  • T-I-J-P (Ningengirai) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Literally Speaking (halotolerant) (Or “That Awesome Pornstar AU”) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Use Your Words series (mokuyoubi) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • View from the afternoon series (halotolerant) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, thanks to you, I now have a weird A/B/O fetish:

  • Wage Your War (Della19)
  • Sonata 57 Appassionata  (Darkmoon Sigel)
  • The Egg (dandelion_wishes)
  • Tonight it’s only you and me (Ibegtodreamanddiffer)
  • Anything for you (Anna_Jay)
  • The Pleasure of Giving In (Darkmoon Sigel)
  • Sick Day (sku7314977)
  • Seek Your Enemy (Della19)
  • De Profundis (AGlassRoseNeverFades) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • The Dominance Fights (TheMarvelousMinniPin) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • A Knack For Monsters (Sugarmouse) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, as of now, your post-TWOTL plot is my official season 4:

  • Rustic Charm (berlynn_wohl) @berlynn-wohl​
  • Every Idle Moment (berlynn_wohl)
  • Mock The Meat It Feeds On (xzombiexkittenx)
  • Tempo Di (KareliaSweet)
  • Sea Change (xzombiexkittenx)
  • Eremite (drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, I love nice outfits and costumes and you knew it, didn’t you:

  • Strangers ‘Til Now (mokuyoubi)
  • Pocket Squares and Sweet Surrender (Jenetica)
  • Clothes Make The Man (geneticallydead)

Dear Fic, yes to canon divergence:

  • Strange Bedfellows (amare)
  • Perfume Triptych (cicak)
  • Crystal Ship series (bluesyturtle)
  • Slip The Veil (Ningengirai) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Pattern Break (Ningengirai) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Le Petit Cochon (WendigoDreaming) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, you’re the Alternative Universe I needed so badly:

  • Hierarchy of Needs (xzombiexkittenx)
  • I Am Terrified (MistDream23)
  • Railroad Romance (OneWhoSitsWithTurtles) @onewhositswithturtles
  • Lean On Me (OneWhoSitsWithTurtles)
  • Reflets Dans l'Eau (Darkmoon Sigel)
  • The Hermit and the Wendigo King (Darkmoon Sigel)
  • Boundless as the Sea (Darkmoon Sigel)
  • Lethe (peppermintquartz)
  • But The Stars Fall Away (ThatGirlTheyKnow) @wordsareagirlsbestfriend​
  • Firenze (eatthebunny, whiskeyandspite) (Renaissance painter AU) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Quiet Asphodel (FKAHerSweetness) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Like a Room Without a Roof (halotolerant) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, I’ve always loved vampire stories, but you’re taking it to the next level:

  • Bloodline (xzombiexkittenx)
  • Monster (Darkmoon Sigel)
  • The God of Appetite (mokuyoubi) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Particular Hungers (Silverfeathered_Angel) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Voivode (AGlassRoseNeverFades) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, you know, that Victorian AU ? Thumbs up.

  • Light Of All Lights (cognomen, whiskeyandspite)
  • Dear Boss, (cognomen, whiskeyandspite) (Jack the Ripper AU) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, that soulmate AU just works (if not always in a typical way):

  • Hanging Tree (ChuckleVoodoos)
  • The Other Selves (dreammaidenn)

Dear Fic, your coffee shop/restaurant/bakery AU speaks to me:

  • Grace Café (loghain)
  • Page Six (Ningengirai) 
  • Provenance (whiskeyandspite, drinkbloodlikewine)
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Movt 1 (Darkmoon Sigel)
  • Sugar And Spice (and nothing nice) (Ningengirai) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, I love a good old fairytale AU :

  • Charm (cognomen, whiskeyandspite) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • The Fairy Godfather (extremeleyperturbed) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Behold The Lamb (PossessiveNoun) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, oh yes, please, fix it for me:

  • Careless Love (bluesyturtle)
  • Just So Long As You Can Keep From Drowning (berlynn_wohl)
  • Delineation (Emungere)

Dear Fic, you showed me kinks I was not even aware I had:

  • A Most Gentle Death (mokuyoubi)
  • Forgive All (whiskeyandspite)
  • Taken For Rubies (emungere)
  • Helghe & Yrse (loghain)
  • All I need is a stream (toffeecape) @toffeecape​
  • Lead Us Not Into Temptation (WendigoDreaming) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • An Allegory of Death (nischi) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, I love it when my OTP (or part of it) is in prison:

  • Hannibal : Pushing Us Into Self Destruction (IBegToDreamAndDiffer) @ibegto-dreamanddiffer​
  • Zugzwang (setos_puppy)
  • A Robin Redbreast (In A Cage) (onawingandaswear)
  • Captives (whiskeyandspite)
  • Entangled (Silverfeathered_Angel)
  • Devils in the Dark (Darkmoon Sigel)
  • Anchor in a lockdown (Anna_Jay) 
  • Jailhouse Rock (malchanceux) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Leave Your Message After The Tone (OneWhoSitsWithTurtles) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, teenage!Hannibal/Will or university student Hannibal/Will is my kink, thank you. 

  • The Voices And The Shadows (darlinghogwarts, MaddyHughes)
  • Red Rubber Band (HermiaiaMoira) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Hannibal : I’m Twisted Up (when I’m twisted with you) (IBegToDreamAndDiffer) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • University-verse series (luvkurai) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Philia (Gweezle) (ADDED JULY 1ST)
  • Selcouth (drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, I love Will Graham as a regular, non-omega dad. Thank you.

  • Pi’s Lullaby (t_pock)
  • Murder Dating Series (@hannigrammatic​) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, I want to tell you how great that crossover was:

  • The Man Who Knew Too Much (thepointsdonotmatter) - Groundhog Day
  • Alternative Means Of Influence (9 of Clubs, Quedarius) - Harry Potter (I know it’s already in the list, it just deserves to be listed twice)
  • The Thorn of the Rose (AGlassRoseNeverFades) - Beauty And The Beast @aglassroseneverfades​
  • Sensates (starkaryen) - Sense8 (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, I don’t really know how to describe you, but I love you dearly nonetheless:

  • And They All Lived (AGlassRoseNeverFades)
  • Questions (Canton)
  • The Way A Knife Loves A Heart (Linpatootie)

Dear Fic, you’re not written in English, but that doesn’t mean you should get less love than others:

  • Une Trilogie Fromagère (jesuisbetejesuispatissiere) [FR] @jesuisbetejesuispatissiere 
  • Vera Dal 1926 (Ongi) [FR]
  • Défaillance (Clélia Kerlais)  [FR]
  • Dark Paradise (SherlockSnape) @sherlock-spock   [FR]
  • Je te tiens, tu me tiens (Danse & Quatre Saisons)  [FR]
  • Un Regrettable Accident (Laukaz - The Lab) [FR] (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Dear Fic, you made me think outside the box:

  • Within Reach (Emungere) - Madancy
  • Inside The Flamingo (whiskeyandspite) - Aidan/Nigel
  • Stories around the Fire : the Tristhad Vignettes (whiskeyandspite, drinkbloodlikewine) - Tristan/Galahad
  • It Boy (FKAHerSweetness) - Will Graham/Lucas (Jagten) (ADDED JULY 1ST)

Astronomical Unit (AU)

From an average distance of 93 million miles (150 million kilometers), Earth is exactly one astronomical unit away from the sun because one astronomical unit (abbreviated as AU), is the distance from the sun to Earth. This unit provides an easy way to quickly compare planets’ distances from the sun.

It takes about 8 minutes for light from the sun to reach our planet

Astronoomiline ühik

Maa kaugus Päikesest on 93 miljonit miili (150 miljonit km), mis on täpselt üks astronoomiline ühik. Seega ongi see distants Päikeselt Maale. See ühik võimaldab lihtsalt ja kiirelt võrrelda planeetide kaugust Päikesest.

Valguse Päikeselt meie planeedini jõudmiseks võtab 8 minutit.



Täitsa lõpp, kui palju asju mul on elus vahepeal toiminud, millest ma pole sotsiaalmeedias mitte midagi rääkinud. Kas selline ongi normaalne elu? Hahaha. Ausalt öeldes tunnen hoopis vastupidi- nagu see oleks midagi ebanormaalset ja olen hoidnud pikalt saladusi.

See pole vist kellelegi saladus, et mul oli vahepeal pikalt masendus ja depressioon. Eks ma natuke jagasin seda sotsiaalmeedias ka, rääkides blogis sellest ja tehes video “miks ma olen paks”. Üks hetk ma lihtsalt tundsin, et ma ei saa seda enam jagada, sest inimestele võib jääda mulje, et soovin haletsust. No…pärast seda ma lihtsalt lõpetasin enda elu jagamise.

Nüüd tuleb see hetk, kus ma hakkan oma kauahoitud saladusi välja rääkima. This is to all my fans n babes:

Stoori algab sellega, et ma olin masenduses, ei käinud trennis, sõin päris ebatervislikke toite, lõpetasin ülikooli, olin töötu, käisin tasuta praktikal, vaba aega polnud või vabal ajal sõin kodus masendust ära ja tundsin survet, et ou fuck, mida ma nüüd oma eluga peale hakkan. Casually lõpetasin ära ka blogimise. Suur saladus on aga see, et mulle istutati pähe haige idee, et ma peaksin endale Kalamaja rajooni ostma (liiga kalli) katusekorteri. Umbes täitsa selline U N I S T U S T E korter, sest me ei saa ju Erikuga elu lõpuni jääda (mõne inimese) riidekapi suurusesse korterisse. Igatahes sai pere abiga sissemakse tehtud ja samal ajal panin müüki ühe Tartu korteri, mis sai nö kingitud mulle kunagi ammu vanemate poolt. A mis juhtus oli see, et korterit keegi osta ei tahtnud. Samas iga päevaga tiksus peale Kalamaja korteri maksekuupäev ja kogu olukord oli lihtsalt fucking stressful. Kui mul millegi pärast stressata polnud, siis stressasin lihtsalt sellepärast, et äkki ei saa raha kokku ja jään sissemaksest ja korterist ilma. POOP olukord. Nüüd sai korter müüdud ja everything is zuper- kolime Erikuga uude elamisse pärast reisi ehk detsembris. Äkki saab jõulud juba uues elamises teha.

Teine suur ‘avalik’ saladus on see, et ma läksin tööle. Ma ei saa sellest väga pläkutada, kuigi ma TÄIEGA tahaks, aga suureks saades on juba lepingud ja värgid, millega ei tasu riskida. Võin öelda nii palju, et kui tööl käid, siis ei ole aega hommikul 45 minutit ilusat instapilti teha oma uuest smuutiretseptist ja sellest kohe postitust kirjutada. Mul on ülikahju, et see ei ole võimalik, sest see on kindlasti mu unistus, mille poole püüelda (ja ka raha teenida). Hetkel on vaja tööl käia ja raha teenida. :( 9-5ni töö on ikka ajukiller, saan täiesti aru, miks mu vanemad olid kell 5 õhtul töölt tulles täiesti juurikad. Hetkel üritan mitte 2x päevas magada lol. Exciting times. Nüüd olen õnneks harjunud ja händlin ära trennis käimise ja peikaga ajaveetmise. 😄

Veel üks saladus on see, et mu vend saab endale lapse novembris ja minust saab tädi! Jee!

Hiljuti avaldatud saladus on see, et lähme täpselt kahe kuu pärast Erikuga Taisse ja Jaapanisse ja teie õnneks käskis Erik mul IGA PÄEV reisil blogida!!! Seega mõtlesin, et fuck, ma pean seda iga päev blogimist harjutama hakkama, seega 60 days of fitloora hakkab tänasest pihta! Tulgu kasvõi pidalitõbi või kooma- praegu ka trükin nutitelos rongiga Tallinna poole sõites. Pilte vist ei oska lisada siia postitusse, a ma üritan ikka hihii.

See ka masendav, et ma tahaks omale uut kaamerat, et parema kvaliteediga videosid teha, aga raha peaks korteri peale raiskama. Kui aus olen, siis ma kavatsen ikkagi hea kaamera endale enne reisi kuidagi orgunnida.

Vahepeal on kindlasti veel igasugu saladusi juhtunud, hetkel pähe ei hüppa, aga mul on 60 päeva aega, et teiega kogu oma elu jagada.

Mida võite ootama jääda:

Postitused iga päev. Literally. Võib-olla on postitus ainult 3 rida, aga fashion bloggerid teevad seda, siis võin mina ka.



Niisama mu elust pilte.

Tips and tricks motivatsiooni ja laiskuse kohta.


Rohkem pähe ei tule praegu.

Love you very much

loora xoxo