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did you know that Isak has an ongoing list of celebrities and historical figures who live/lived with mental illness and sometimes when he can see Even getting frustrated or downcast he’ll send him a text like did you know Van Gogh was bipolar too and he made some of the most famous art in the world maybe in 200 years your art will be up there next to his or Carrie Fisher was bipolar and she was a badass the force is still with you even when it doesn’t feel like it

and even though Even already knows a lot of the examples Isak uses (he googled a lot when he was first diagnosed okay sue him) those messages  still manage to bring him out of his funk for a few bright seconds. it makes Even’s heart swell to think that Isak – the boy who famously claimed that his life would be better without mentally ill people in it – goes to the effort of researching not only bipolar but people who made their mark on history who lived with it too just so he could use that information to send cute supportive messages to his boyfriend.

Isak’s still learning, still figuring out how to be there for Even without being stifling or overbearing, but there are two things he knows for sure.

one: that he’s not going to give up. he’s going to do his damndest to support his boyfriend.

and two: Even is going to make his mark on the world regardless of his illness, and if it’s anything as incredible as the mark he left on Isak’s life then Isak can’t wait to see it

Manga/Manhwa Worth Reading (Ongoing)

I’ll upload a list every month! Stay tuned.

1. Killing Stalking (depictions of strong violence and harassment, warning). The only reason I’m reading this is to find out how the relationship between the main characters will turn out to be.

2. Kamisama Hajimemashita (the most important arc of the manga just finished)

3. Tokyo Ghoul :re (the clowns are here)

4. Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai (One of my favorite yaoi manga. Warning, not everyone’s cup of tea, even though it’s a masterpiece)

5. Shingeki no Kyojin

6. Moritat (Law and Jesse omg)

7. Never Understand/ Out of control (last chapter came out this morning. An interesting read)

8. Kuroshitsuji (another arc finished, right?)

9. Horimiya (slow updates, but worth it)

10. A Man Like You (oh, the angst)

an ongoing list of stupid ways i’ve died in swtor so far:

  • fell off the edge of the senate plaza
  • misjudged the distance of a descending elevator and jumped after it
  • tried to parkour down a high mountain
  • fell into a volcano
  • innocently walked into a republic base as an imperial
  • fell off the starcluster casino
  • tried to sneak past a group of enemies with a non-stealth class
  • got stuck in an ice cave together with a large wampa
  • fell into a chasm on tatooine
  • overlooked a world boss while taking screenshots
  • severely underestimated a heroic area
  • fell off a kaas city taxi platform
  • tried to get as far a possible into an exhaustion zone
  • failed to set a companion’s role back to heal
  • fell off the elysium
  • triggered a couple dozen enemies and then got dismounted
  • tried to solo a 10mil hp raid boss
  • fell off the bridge to the chilling death spire

In which they also suck blood

Potter!Lock -  Omegaverse - Parent!Lock - AU!Lock -

Teen!Lock - Casefic -  PWP - Fake Relationship

Playing the game by KeelieThompson1 (~17k) ♥

As a vampire, John often despairs of Sherlock Holmes. Especially when he makes a new fledgling.

Swallow You Whole by Lindentreeisle (Captainblue) (16k)

 ”That was amazing,” John blurted out.

Sherlock, already turned halfway to the door, paused and whirled back around. “Really?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at John.

“Yeah,” John said. Sherlock flashed him a quick, tight grin, and then John saw the fangs. Oh.

Night Shift by corpsereviver2 (26k)

 Former army doctor John Watson is a daylighter, a specialist bodyguard for vampires. When he’s hired to be the bodyguard for a vampire’s younger brother - a vampire who doesn’t fit the usual vampire stereotypes of lazy aristocrat in a remote manor or wealthy, indolent playboy - John is intrigued. To his surprise, Sherlock seems intrigued by him as well.

Bleed Me Out by antietamfalls (88k)

John isn’t exactly surprised to discover that Sherlock isn’t human. His vampirism doesn’t pose a problem, even when their relationship gradually grows into something more. That is, until a deadly revelation about John’s blood sends their lives spinning dangerously out of control.

The Curious Wine by songlin (15k)

“I want to watch you kill, because I want to see you lose that tiresome battle against your baser instincts. I want to drink from you, enough that you go weak and breathless and can’t stand properly, but I don’t want to kill you, because then you’ll be gone and the thought of never being surprised by you ever again makes me want to go naked into the sunlight and wait until it burns me into ash.”

Red Dahlias by QuinnAnderson (9k)

John had never thought he would one day stand with his vampire lover and laugh like giddy teenagers, but it wasn’t the first time his life had taken an unexpected twist. 

Preservation by Mildredandbobbin (32k)

There was something there, between John and Sherlock, something on the other side of platonic, but John was straight and Sherlock was undead. John thought they had all the time in the world to sort it out. 

Sustain Me by beltainefaerie (3k)

John felt like Sherlock saved him that very first night. It takes him awhile to return that favor. But now their lives will never be the same.

Thrall by VelvetMace (40k)

Sherlock is sober, but his life is still spiraling down hill. Despite this, he has resisted the notion of ever getting a mate. The very idea of having a human balancing his life is abhorrent. As Mycroft, a case, and a new flatmate all vie for his attention, he misses the most important clue of his life: that his mate has found him.

tips from a mentally ill college student

an ongoing list of things i’m learning that i wish i’d known sooner. feel free to add on to the list or ask me to make edits! if some of this seems obvious, i apologize, but a lot of it never occurred to me or took two and a half years for me to start doing. 

  • environment: where you study matters. don’t do it where you sleep, if possible. i block out time to go to the library or coffee shop, but you can also try a park, empty classroom, study room, etc. 
  • pomodoro timer: as an ADHD student, using a pomodoro timer app has helped tremendously. other options include Forest and similar apps, but my brain tends to just go “okay, let the tree die then.” even this timer doesn’t always work for me, but it works often enough that i use it to study. 
  • cook on sunday: or whenever you have a free chunk of time. cooking takes a lot out of me so i usually do it twice a week, sunday and wednesday night. i’ll chop up a lemon, de-frost frozen chicken, rub it in spices and olive oil, and put parchment paper over it, then put that in the oven. + i make rice with chicken broth instead of water. together it’s a solid meal. simple recipes using as few ingredients as possible are a lifesaver for me. search “easy recipes,” “simple recipes,” and the like for tons of options. 
  • forgive yourself: it’s so hard for me to do and has taken time. you are going to have days where you simply can’t get anything done. it doesn’t mean you’re lazy. it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. even if you missed an assignment, you can still get a good grade in the class. furthermore, you NEED the recovery time. it is NOT time wasted. 
  • counseling: if you have on-campus counseling, take advantage of it. even if they aren’t your main therapist, or you don’t usually go to therapy, or you don’t get along with the first person you see. try going a few times and find someone to click with. having access to someone who can write a doctor’s note is vital. 
  • disability resources: if you need them, get in their program! do it! i don’t care if it makes you feel weird, if you don’t feel like you deserve it, etc. do it! do it! it’s one of the best things i did for myself on campus, and it’s the reason i can still go to school. 
  • tell professors early on: i have adhd, major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and borderline personality disorder. there are going to be days when, even with counseling and medication, i will absolutely not be able to go to class or pay attention or what have you. if a professor knows i’m dealing with this stuff, they’re more likely to give me a break than they would otherwise. 
  • plants are the bomb. name them. look up care sheets for them. talk to the people at plant shops, if you have any in your area. take them for walks. read about them. watch tv with them. sing to them. plants have saved my life many times over and they don’t ask much in return. 
  • stockpile your happiness. i keep a list of things that bring positive emotions to me, and come back to it when my mood starts to swing down: things to do, video links, music, vines of cute animals, whatever. conversely, keeping a playlist of songs that help you get through pain can be exceptionally important when it’s three in the morning and no one is texting back. 
  • there’s more than the national suicide prevention hotline. they get a lot of calls and are most concerned with whether you’re in immediate danger, and aren’t the best people to call in every situation. i say this because people reblog suicide prevention hotlines all the time, but don’t consider what the general purpose of each one is for. it can feel really shitty to be brushed off by someone who doesn’t think you’re “in crisis enough” for their services, so makes sure to have options saved beforehand. local crisis hotlines, text crisis hotlines, & online messaging crisis centers are important to keep on hand. 
  • look for off-campus resources, too. see if there are any organizations in the area that could help you that aren’t tied to the school. again, it is good to have as many options for help as possible. 
  • sometimes a rubber band on the wrist is the best option. or throwing ice cubes in the tub, or wrapping yourself in a blanket because it’s the only thing keeping you together right now. if i’m having the urge to self-harm, snapping a rubber band against my wrist is a safer option for me, even if it’s not THE safest option. like, ideally i would draw on my arm with marker, but if i’m in a bad enough state that won’t be enough for me, you feel? the safe coping mechanism that you’ll actually use is FAR more helpful than the safest option you never will. 
  • online community. i frequent the #actuallybpd and #actuallyadhd tags on tumblr because these are people that understand what it’s like, and can help me vent my frustrations when i have no one to turn to. just remember not to over-engage in discourse if it’s bad for your mental state, like it is for me.
  • look up pictures of the diaphragm and how it works. i literally didn’t know what my diaphragm looked like, so breathing was even harder than it would’ve been otherwise. looking up animations of it helped me learn how to breathe slowly and deeply, which was not actually something i knew how to do. 
  • white noise is the only way i can focus on studying. really. 
  • asmr, binaural stuff, etc. if it helps you and it’s safe, there’s nothing wrong with it. i know the jury’s still out on whether it “actually works,” but even if it’s placebo, it helps me calm down quickly. 
  • remember why you’re here: to learn, apply that knowledge, meet people, and make the world a better place. or to make cash money, whatever. 
In Case You Think You Don’t Care About GMW Season 4-Here’s A List of ‘We Nevers’

Here’s an ongoing list of things that we have yet to see in Girl Meets World and that we will now never see without a season 4:

-we never met Lucas’ immediate family

-we never met Zay’s family

-we never met Smackle’s family

-we never got to see Shawn and Katy in their own home

-we never found out how Katy’s movie from GM Hollyworld did

-we never got Amir and Ceci to be main cast members

-we never got to find out what the heck happened between Maya and Zay though it seemed that their relationship was abandoned

-we never got to find out what Riley was really good at or what her calling in life is

-we never find out what Morgan does

-we never see the kids graduate high school

-we never see ‘official Rucas’, Lucaya, Joshaya, Zaya, Zayadora, Smarkle, or Riarkle kiss -basically the only kisses we’ve seen are Rucas unofficial in season 1 and Markle on the hand/cheek

-we never see Auggie and Ava start to have legitimate romantic feelings for each other or other people

-we never meet Jenny Lewis (one of the other girls that “loves” Auggie)

-we never see Maya have a real romantic relationship all to herself

-we never find out anything about Carrie Abelson except that she still goes to Abigail Adams

-we never find out how Stuart Minkus really ended up with Jennifer Basset

-we never see Topanga have any friends other than Katy

-we never see what actually happens to Rachel (I have theories but I want cannon proof)

-we never see Shawn be protective of Maya over romantic relationships

-we never see Smackle feel all of the other real emotions

-we never see if Riley and Maya truly are forever, or if Farkle loves them equally forever

Bri’s Master List


You’re My Evil Master List (ongoing story) ~temporary hiatus~

Smut Shots:

 A Daddy To Call My Own (Negan)

Everyday (Negan)

Stargirl (Negan) 

Tear You Apart (Jerry Dandridge) **coming soon


Funeral of Hearts (one shot)


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Things nobody tells you about having a rhinoplasty:

• Your butt is probably going to fall asleep from sitting in a chair for too long.
• You’re going to probably finish watching everything in your Netflix queue by the 4th day.
• Not breathing out of your nose is a pain in the butt.
• You might hit your nose in your sleep.
• It will SERIOUSLY hurt to laugh, smile, or brush your teeth.
• Your teeth will hurt after surgery.
• Along with the aches after surgery, you’ll also get some stinging pains.
• You’re going to need help picking things up for the next few weeks because you can’t bend down.
• You’re going to need help walking for the first few days.
• You’re most likely going to become constipated.
• Netflix will become your life.
• Gross, long black boogers will end up coming out of your nose. (EW)
• Nothing is going to taste good at all until about a week after surgery.
• You’re going to want to eat everything in your kitchen once you’re able to eat solids.
• Your mouth is going to feel like the Sahara Desert.

The list is ongoing.

*this is just what happened to me so far in my recovery. Not everyone will have the same experience.

Complete List of Kaneki Crying in Tokyo Ghoul

1. When he ran away from Touka after she offered him human meat 
(Chapter 3 of Tokyo Ghoul) 
2. After unsuccessfully trying to stab himself with a knife (Chapter 3) 
3. When he asked Touka for help but she refused (Chapter 3) 
4. When he realized that a smell which provoked his appetite came from a corpse (Chapter 4) 

5. When Touka made him eat human meat (Chapter 5 and 6)
6. When he almost ate Hide (chapter 9)
7. While talking with Yoshimura, because he thought he was all alone as a half-ghoul (Chapter 9)  he basically spent volume 1 crying his eyes out … poor baby
8. When he fell down an abyss while “getting food supplies” with Yomo (Chapter 12)

9. Blaming himself for Hinami’s mom’s death while having a shower
(Chapter 16)
10. When Touka threatened to kill him during training (Chapter 19) 
11. When he didn’t want to kill Amon (Chapter 26)
12. When he lost control of himself and hurt Yomo (Chapter 27)

13. When Yamori tortured him by cutting off his fingers and toes (Chapter 61) he was doing so well and then everything went to shit
14. When Yamori put a centipede in his ear (Chapter 61)
15. When thinking about his mother (Chapter 61) let’s be honest we have no idea how often Kaneki cried during his torture and I’d probably die if I knew
16. Flashback: When his mother died (Chapter 62)

17. When Yamori killed little Kouto and his mother (Chapter 63)
18. He keeps crying, being taunted by Rize and thinking about his mother (Chapter 63)
19. When he broke down after being confronted by Amon (Chapter 106)
20. When Banjou told him to stop blaming himself after Kaneki lost control and almost killed him (Chapter 107)

21. During his final fight with Arima (Chapter 139)
22. "Let’s rest a bit.” (Chapter 140)

See also: (Ongoing) List Of Haise/Kaneki Crying In Tokyo Ghoul:re

Ongoing Podcast List

Here be my ongoing list of podcasts I have listened to, and ones still on the list to check out.

Listened to

EOS 10
Wolf 359
The Bunker
The Black Tapes
We’re Alive
The Bright Sessions
Wooden Overcoats
Archive 81
King Falls AM
The Message
Our Fair City
Welcome to Nightvale
The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Kakos Industries
The Meat Blockade
A Twilight World of Ultimate Smoothness
ars Paradoxica
The Behemoth
Radiation World
Greater Boston
The Monster Hunters
Hello From The Magic Tavern
The Penumbra Podcast
Hector vs the Future
The Adventure Zone

Tried out but didn’t work for me

Hadron Gospel Hour (not my style of humour)
The Leviathan Chronicles (found too much ‘show don’t tell’ in the narration)
Jim Robbie and the Wanderers (definite pacing issues, actors didn’t seem very committed)
The Cleansed (found too confusing; too many characters and I didn’t feel connected to the storyline)
SAYER (idk this method of storytelling just didn’t grab me. Can see its appeal, but for me I couldn’t concentrate)
Ruby: The Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe (felt a little too detached from the characters, wasn’t pulled into the world)
Pleasure Town (same as above; wasn’t pulled into the world or invested in the characters)
We’re Alive: Lockdown (didn’t find the characters as engaging as in We’re Alive, found it hard to tell people apart)

On the waiting list
Alba Salix, Royal Physician
A Scottish Podcast
Big Data
Alice Isn’t Dead
The Deep Vault

Six Steps Mobile Master List

~Ongoing series~

Genre: Angst // Romance // Smut

(Playboy & childhood friend AU) As childhood best friends, you and Baekhyun were and are close in every way possible. Except for the fact you unfortunately have feelings for him and he happens to never look at you that way. What happens when he does?

Chapter One 

Chapter Two 

Chapter Three 

Chapter Four (M) 

Chapter Five (coming soon)

10 Ways to Get Smarter By Keeping an Art Journal

These journal prompts are designed to help you employ common memory devices to learn new things and keep track of information. Most of these techniques are taken from the books “Moonwalking With Einstein” by Joshua Foer, and “How to Develop, Train, and Use Memory” by William Walter Atkinson. These prompts emphasize the value of making connections, visualizing information, and decontextualizing key details to improve memory recall. 

1. Plan your learning:  Brainstorm a list of topics you want to learn about. When you feel left out of a conversation because you don’t know anything about the topic, take a note and add it to the list. 

2. Take Non-School Related Notes : Pick one of your listed topics and search for a simplified explanation of it on Youtube. Dedicate a page in your journal to take notes on that video. Define key terms, write in point form, and connect what you learn to things you already know by circling the point and writing in what it reminds you of. 

3. Learn About Current Events: Cut an interesting article out of a newspaper or magazine and paste it in your journal. Highlight key passages and take notes on the implications of the part you’ve highlighted. Beside the article, write your thoughts, opinions, and concerns regarding the article. 

4. Mix School with Your Personal Life: Dedicate at least a two page spread to taking notes on something related to school. If you’re not in school, take notes on something you remember learning but have forgotten all about. Use lines to connect your point form notes with elements from your personal life that are relevant to the topic. Example: If you’re learning about water pollution, you might connect a bit of information to your own experiences swimming in polluted water. Connecting school to your personal life helps makes studying seem like something you want to do, not something you have to do. 

5. Recall Insignificant Details: Cut the title page out of the book you are currently reading (optional, as I know a lot of people have a visceral objection to cutting books). Give a point form summary of everything that has happened in the book so far, without going back to remind yourself. Forcing yourself to recall small details will strengthen your ability to remember details in the future. 

6. Answer Your Own Questions: Draw a line down the page to divide it into two columns. In one column, brainstorm questions that you don’t know the whole answer to. Example: how does photosynthesis work? What is nuclear fusion? What trees grow in my area? Google each question and write the answers in the second column. If you find an answer that is particularly interesting, take detailed notes on the opposite page. 

7. Learn to Use Mnemonic Devices: If you are studying difficult vocabulary or something else that requires wrote-memorization, keep an ongoing list in your journal of terms and concepts you need to remember. For each one, break the word down into syllables and assign a picture or word that the syllable reminds you of. Then, put those words/pictures together in a way that is relevant to the word’s definition.  Example: the word “Zooxanthellae” (a kind of algae) can be broken into ‘zoo’ ‘zan’ ‘tell’ ‘eh’. You could think of an algae hiding in a zoo, telling a woman named Suzan about Canada, eh. Describe this situation in your journal. This is a highly effective memorization tool called a ‘mnemonic’. 

8. Kill Boredom With Memory Recall: Brainstorm lists of the books you’ve read in the past year, the things you bought at the grocery store last, the things you’ve eaten in the past two days, the characters in your old favourite tv shows, and anything else that requires detailed, accurate memory recall. Fill a page in your journal with these lists. 

9. Record Your Life: Write at least a small point-form journal entry every day describing what you did, who you saw, what you bought, and what you ate. Recalling these details strengthens your memory of them, and recording them creates memory-bridges that can be used to retrieve your memories of each day, even after you’ve completely forgotten them. In a few years, re-read your journal entries: you’ll likely be able to recall something from almost every day you took the time to record. 

10. Record and Perfect Your Thoughts, Opinions, and Ideas: Write a list of topics that you either spend a lot of time thinking about or that you have strong opinions on. When you feel like writing for a while, review this list and dedicate a page to recording your thoughts about each item. I like to title these pages “Thought practice”. Recording your thoughts will help you sort out inconsistencies and develop thought-out ideas that you can express more clearly in conversation (since you’ve already written out what to say :P) Make sure to ask questions and point out flaws in your own writing. Keep track of areas where you might be missing information.

Bonus: There are many more useful memory tips and tricks that I haven’t written about in these prompts. I’ve included a few below, but be sure to check out the books I referenced at the top if you’re interested in learning more. Both books can be found as audiobooks on Youtube.   

-Sorting information using different coloured pens or different fonts/ writing styles forces your brain to concentrate just a little bit harder, making memory bridges just a little bit stronger.

-Connect new information to something emotional, funny, or sexual to make it stand out in your mind. 

-Practice creating mnemonic devices in your head when you have some time to kill (at the bus stop, in line at the store, etc.)

-Study the same information in many different places, especially standing or moving around. 

-Teach others about what you have learnt whenever possible. Teaching reinforces memories and will also help you express your knowledge in a logical, linear way. 

Nowhere near exhaustive list of Pearls I’ve wanted to write

  • Like 15 different human AUs
  • More Bad!Pearl
  • More way too sheltered human Pearl who hangs out with characters who get her into trouble
  • Corrupted!Pearl
  • Big Sister Pearl who Loves Young Amethyst™ and teaches her about being a gem
  • Pearl struggling to learn agency
  • Pearl in her budding rebellion days trying to impress the quartz soldiers and be accepted as one of them
  • Pearl during a period where she belongs to a Homeworld gem, including non-canon owners, AU or pre-canon most likely
  • Fish out of water alien Pearl who just got to Earth, can’t speak the language, and doesn’t know shit. Esp in modern AU form where another character has to deal with her dumb ass
    Pearl faking human culture poorly
  • Any supernatural/monster AU. Can be as played out as vampire/werewolf trash or something less explored, I don’t care. ANY. Hit me with that garbage, I love fantasy bullshit. This includes ideas with things that are technically non-monsters. Like I can set you up with a ghost or a herbalist Pearl or something I’m not picky.  Pretend you’re building an RPG party.
  • Incorporate robots because robots. Make her a robot I guess.