@dlwnsghek: @2AMONG: Oi~~ 4-second Seulong-nim~~~ I miss you~~^£^

@2AMONG: dlwnsghek: You teased me so much over the phone, why are you tweeting it here too ㅡㅡ …

@dlwnsghek: @2AMONG: Sorry, forgive me ㅜㅜ

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OngNuneo's Lovers Spat on Twitter
  • SO : I want to go to London
  • JH : What London, Hyung
  • SO : Go away to Itaewon, you
  • JH : Why are country bumpkins all like this?
  • SO : Don't ask, you pig
  • JH : You're getting darker too
  • SO : Go open your eyes or something ==
  • JH : *posts pic*