Tomoya: Will you marry me?

Nagisa: Yes.

Tomoya: Are you sure?

Nagisa: For as long as we’ve been together, I’ve known you were the only one. I mean it.

Tomoya: Even if I’m like this? Even though … I’m so pathetic? …

Nagisa: It’s fine. I’m pathetic, too. But … I think if we’re together … we can grow stronger… 

Tomoya: Then you … you’ll stay with me?

Nagisa: Yes … of course I’ll stay with you… no matter what happens … forever and ever …”


Just posting these as the last post today.It’s a bunch of Misty’s GIFs.I explain why.I was remembering … when I was a child, okay? I saw her in Pokemon, and she was different of “Barbie” girls, or I don’t know … that kind of things a little girl saws.She was strong, sometimes agressive, she was SO FUNNY, and I think … bipolar? xD I don’t know why, but I like her.And also when I was a child I made “Pokeshipping” xD Yeah, so young and making “Pokeshipping”

Okay, now, leave me, I’m nostalgic.

Hi people! I’m back! Guess why? A friend. xD She uses Tumblr, and I want to share a lot of things with her, and … yeah, with you! So … I want to say which things I am going to upload here!

  1. Anime’s GIFs and pics
  2. Vocaloid’s GIFs and pics
  3. Vocaloid’s songs and its story explained by me
  4. Random pics, GIFs not related with anime, videogames, or Vocaloid, but they will be nice, you’ll see it.
  5. Videogames’ GIFs and pics
  6. My songs (I create them with Vocaloid, yeah, I’m a beginner but I’ll improve making the VSQx)
  7. Maybe drawings I made
  8. And the last but not least : Vocaloid’s news.

So that’s all! Now I have to make some homework and a song! It’s ‘Arrietty’s song’ , I am doing it with kokone, a Vocaloid released in Saint Valentine.

So … I hope you will like my Tumblr’s blog!