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[OP-ED] Why do K-Netz love Somi but not Samuel?


Often compared due to their young age, experience and biracial backgrounds, Jeon Somi from Produce 101 Season 1 and Kim Samuel from Produce 101 Season 2 had ultimately very different fates on the show.

However, if we really think about it, these two contestants actually have a lot of differences which set them apart and also speak volumes about South Korean society. 

Keep reading to see my thoughts on this and feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments below.

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Kang Daniel’s promotional photos for Produce 101 Season 2.
- (credits to Mnet)

Kang Daniel is 22 years old and has been training under MMO Entertainment for 2 years and 1 month. His specialty is b-boying and his hobbies include skateboarding and funny dancing.

I already knew that I will be fan of this boy the first time I saw him on Produce 101 Season 2. He’s good-looking. He’s good at rapping and dancing and has a stable vocals. He has a good and heart-warming personality. He’s a brother/daddy material…remember his encounter with Lee Woojin? They’re so adorable together. Also, I ship him with Ong Seongwoo…#OngNiel is sailing. And lastly, because of his fluffy pink hair. It’s so cute.

Let us support this cute and handsome talented boy. He deserves to debut. Kang Daniel fighting!!!

My Personal Top 11

 just realistically (as of episode 5), in no particular order

1. Park Jihoon // versatile dancer // clearly talented but his vocals could use more practice // spicy just like hot sauce // mY jiHOOnie

2. Kang Daniel // well-rounded // 60cm shouldered sorry sorry daddy // rapper but he can hit his notes  // hArrY pote yo 

3. Takada Kenta // underrated asf // be mine fancam slayed me // mnet please let him be seen more // いただきます (itadakimasu)

4. Ahn Hyeongseop // impressive stage charisma (10 out of 10) // D to A real quick // cutie pie // sees a ghost and throws a chair

5. Kim Jaehwan // i feel theres a serious lack of good vocals in this show // guitar playing genius // voice of an angel // 미칠 것만 같아 

6. Kim Samuel // i dont think hes overrated, he clearly lives up to the idol standards // dancing is amazing // vocals are pretty good // someone give him a nickname pls

7. Ong Seongwoo // dancing king (imo) // centre for sorry sorry had me ded // pop n lock the world yo // visuals undeniably on point // the scream

8. Kim Jonghyun // well rounded in every aspect // national international leader // patient and kind // wartortle 

9. Noh Taehyun // krumping god // expressions on point // decent vocals // mnet pls acknowledge his talent and give him love

10. Yoon Jisung // extremely charismatic // Ö // stable vocals // daring expressions

11. Park Woojin // because final 11 needs more rappers yo // i thought he was a quiet person // but his 10 out of 10 rap had me shOOK // dancing and choreography skills are FIRE // stan talent pls mnet

Honorable Mentions:

- Hong Eunki

- Lee Woojin

- Park Woodam

- Ha Sungwoon

- Bae Jinyoung

- Yu Seonho

this is just my personal opinion on people i stan and think are just about good enough to be in final 11. i took into account not just talent (singing, dancing, rap etc.) but also stage/real life charisma that i think is important to have as an idol. i personally feel this as an overall group would do better due to the members being more talented as compared to many leading trainees whom i feel are severely lacking and are leading only due to their good looks (eg cube kids, kwon hyunbin etc). i fear that korean fans are sadly looking more at looks than talent. 

-ONG’s hand on daehwi’s ass
-daehwi too close to GOD DANIEL’S *ahm ahm* parts….
-jihoon holding baejin like “DAS MA BITCH Y'ALL ”
-psychopath jaewan always got minhyun’s back

What is Produce 101 Season 2

• A focus on visuals of talent. Justice for Hong Eunki please. Lai Guanlin is great but his Korean isn’t fluent and we expect him to tour and promote in Korea for over one year. Seriously? Let him train until he is perfect before he melts our hearts.
• Park Jihoon and his a million winks
• Lee Daehwi’s singing.
• The ‘extra’ boys. I’m looking at you Kim Taemin, Choi Minki and Lee Daehwi.
• MNet making Kang Dongho look angry but instead making him look like a 'daddy’. You know what I mean by that!
• Sam Kim. Let’s be real he isn’t as popular in Korea as he is with international fans. Can he replace Justin Bieber already?
• Screentime for Kenta please.
• Figuring out which gay shipping is actually genuine. Oh hello Kenta + Hong Eunki + Lee Insoo. Oh hello Daniel Kang + Ong Seungwoo
• Meme king Yoon Jisung. Almighty one.
• The crying
• The cursed number two spot
• Nervous Boa. In comparison to the trainers who are pure savage.
• The scandals. We are exaggerating it but there’s still a considerable amount.
• The editing out of Han Minho is laughable.
• I’ve lost count of how many hearts have been given
• Mandatory abs being shown at each performance
• People who are amazing cooks
• People who are terrible cooks
• So how many of these trainees aren’t even of legal age yet?
• Unaired things
• I think we all need to learn Korean to not wait for subtitles
• Goodbye Friday night
• Jang Moonbok. Let’s be real, mNet realised early on he was not improving so they decreased his screen time heaps.
• Sorry Sorry team 2. Holy shit that Kim Jaehwan vocal run.
• Shape of You performance murdering Get Ugly.
• Your tear ducts
• He’s pretty but damn he can be douche. Not naming names
• Everyone running away from Kwon Hyunbin
• Byunhun Min flying
• Eunki and Jungjung making love on the dance floor
• Yoon Yongbin’s nose
• If we have to hear another version of Nayana one more time….
• Park Woodam and Yoon Jisung would be amazing together
• Noh Taehyun getting bloody justice
• How many scandals can each trainee get? So far Im Youngbin is winning
• Jung Sewoon’s amazing “I don’t give a fuck” face
• National Leader Kim Jonghyun gracing us as onibugi
• RBW and their big mouths
• Umm why did Kim Sangbin, Justin, Woo Jinyoung, Hong Eunki, Jung Jung, Jeong Dongsu leave?
• Park Woojin shutting us up
• Lee Woojin being a kid and being cradled like a kid by his parents.

I could go on but I need to shut up