why does nobody talk about chris o’neill

like i understand that some of the humor he’s used in his cartoons is problematic, but like

1) he is a super talented artist, animator, writer, musician, and voice actor
2) he can do the sickest microsoft sam voice ever
3) he’s hilarious but gets kinda shy around big loud groups
4) i could listen to him read the phone book his tiny irish accent is the most adorable and intriguing thing ever. he sounds American until he says “cartoons” (”keairtoons”) or “thirteen” (”tirteen”) or “upload” (”upLOAD” instead of “UPload”) and stuff (so friggin cool)
5) his twitter media is mostly full-screen cropped selfies of him making stupid faces and also memes
6) he’s friends with the Grumps/goes waaaaay back with Arin
7) the way he says “fuck” is adorable like come on (”FOAHK”)
8) his eyes are gorgeous, blue, and puppy-doggish
9) maybe its the artist in me but i LOVE the way his mouth forms words?? like it’s so charming and cool his mouth like forms AROUND his teeth (which are beautiful btw look up an episode of Table Flip with him in it and wait for him to smile—–> I melt)
10) he’s just a really chill guy and when he’s being serious you can tell he’s got a bunch going on in his mind and that’s also intriguing
11) he always draws himself like,,,super ugly ?? like no ur not pls dont do tht