Bubble Tea & Sushi || Onew and Sunny

She awaited by the street light for an acquaintance of hers. It hasn’t been long since Sunny arrived at the cross section of two busy streets, cars roaming from all four directions. The lights glimmered across her skin as they changed, casting all kinds of colors on her skin and clothes.

She checked her watch; the glare was too much for Sunny’s light sensitive eyes, even at night. She squinted her eyes in hopes of at least reading the minute hand, but no luck. Sunny let out a soft sigh as she let down her wrist before noticing a familiar figure in the distance.

She squinted again. “A-ah… Jinki! Is that you?” she yelled from the other side of the street. She shouldn’t make out a face;  her astigmatism in both eyes was pretty bad for someone of her age. She watched the taller figure come closer to her, in hopes that it was Onew.